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Spike Your Adrenaline With These 6 Travel Destinations

Spike Your Adrenaline With These 6 Travel Destinations

Do you live to test your limits? If your day-to-day life is a study in humdrum normalcy, it’s exciting to shake things up a bit when you go on vacation. What are some reasonably safe adrenaline rush activities to try on your upcoming trip?

The right location helps you maximize your leisure time. What wild and crazy adventures do you crave the most? Here are some adrenaline rush travel activities and destinations to slake your wanderlust and need for danger.

8 Safe Adrenaline Rush Activities to Try on Your Vacation

What can you do to get your heart racing without risking life and limb? Consider the following safe adrenaline rush activities on your vacation.

1. Snowboarding

Snowboarding became an Olympic sport in 1998, but you don’t need pro moves to have a blast on the slopes. However, you will use your muscles in new ways, as you no longer have the benefit of two separate skis to keep you upright as you race downhill. This pastime is ideal for those with a serious need for speed.

2. Sailing

Sailing gives you a whole new level of appreciation for what the early explorers endured. This safe adrenaline rush activity can seem downright tame – until you hit stormy seas.

3. Mountain Climbing

How good are your strength and endurance? You’ll find no shortage of adrenaline-rush destinations where you can test your belaying skills while taking in some of the world’s most fabulous scenery.

4. Ziplining

Have you ever wanted to be a flying squirrel? You can recreate the sensation while ziplining through mountain peaks, taking in some spectacular vistas if you’re brave enough to keep your eyes open.

5. Parasailing

Some parasails fly so high that you can see the Earth’s curvature – how’s that for an adrenaline spike? You’ll also enjoy the sensation of soaring over the waves like a gull.

6. Swimming With Wild Creatures

Swimming with the dolphins is on many people’s bucket lists, but you want something with more danger. Why not climb into a real-life shark tank and brave the great whites?

7. Backwoods Exploration

A hike in the woods might not sound like the ideal recipe for spiking your adrenaline. However, you’ll need all your survival skills to navigate true wilderness areas where cellphone signals don’t reach.

8. Motor Sports

Quads, dirt bikes and dune buggies offer speed junkies the thrill they love while giving off-road adventurers the perfect way to take in more Mother Nature than they could visit on two feet.

6 Adrenaline Rush Travel Destinations

You have your vacation bucket list ready. Here’s your list of six adrenaline-rush travel destinations with options to fit nearly every budget.

1. Yuma, AZ

Here’s the place to go if you have a need for off-road speed. Yuma features the Imperial Sand Dunes, more commonly known as Glamis among the dirt bike and quad set. You’ll find no shortage of slopes to test your mettle.

The best part is that the city proper is more affordable than much of Arizona, meaning you can find dining and lodging for reasonable fares. If you have a passport, you can hop across the border into Mexico for authentic cuisine at rock-bottom prices.

2. Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Dolphins are cute and are also known to help their human cousins, making them the gentle lambs of the sea. Skip more peaceful waters and head to this adrenaline-rush travel destination, where you can submerge yourself in a shark tank. You can book a multi-day adventure where certified divers get several opportunities to see great whites up close and personal.

After your adventure, relax in style. Mexico’s Guadalupe Islands are rich in five-star restaurants and fine lodging that will swaddle you in comfort.

3. Interlaken, Switzerland

Do you want to soar over the mountains like an eagle? If so, get your passport stamped for Interlaken, Switzerland. You’ll find multiple zipline parks where you can buckle up and swing from treetop to treetop while crossing deep canyons with stunning views.

Are ziplines too close to the ground for your taste? This destination is also one of the world’s premier hotspots for the skydiving set – if you’re in the mood to jump out of a perfectly functional airplane.

4. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Maybe you prefer the water to the air. If so, set your sights on Zanzibar, located on the island of Tanzania off the southern Australian coast.

You don’t have to stay on the boat the entire time. This location offers some of the best scuba and snorkeling experiences anywhere. You’ll find dolphins galore to join you on your underwater adventures.

5. Mont Blanc, France

Mont Blanc is ideal for winter sports enthusiasts. You’ll find some of the best skiing and snowboarding anywhere.

This destination attracts snowboarders of all calibers, so there’s no need to feel shy if you’re a beginner. Take advantage of lessons and hit the slopes, feeling your adrenaline spike as your speed increases.

6. Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah, is a goldmine of outdoor activities at any time of year. During the warm season, hit the ziplines or get lost on a hiking adventure in nearby Arches National Park. Hit the Park City Alpine Coaster for a safe adrenaline rush activity that has you racing down a kilometer of scenic bends, twists and loops.

In the winter, hit the slopes for some of the best skiing and snowboarding anywhere. You’ll find 7,300 wilderness acres and 330+ trails for your cold-weather fun.

Visit These Travel Destinations for an Adrenaline Rush

Is your daily life a tedious study in routine? Head to one of these adrenaline-rush travel destinations to bring some needed excitement back to your life.

Try some of these activities and reignite your lust for life. A little exhilaration can leave you with a natural high.

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