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Hidden job market: How do you uncover it?

The hidden job market is a job market that exists outside of traditional channels, such as job postings or networking events. It’s essentially a collection of jobs that companies keep under wraps, usually because they’re not sure who to contact about them or they’re trying to fill them quickly. The hidden job market can be difficult to tap into, but it can be worth the effort if you’re looking for a job that’s not easy to find. Here are a few tips for finding jobs in the hidden job market.

What is the hidden job market?

The hidden job market is a term that refers to jobs that are not advertised online or offline.

Employers cannot advertise for various reasons. For example, they want to save on advertising costs or get candidates through the recommendation of current officials and employees.

This job market can be ‘secret.’ However, it is possible for you to find these jobs. Even more likely to get a job from a secret market than a regular channel. There is much more work to be found through networking than the conventional way of looking for a job.

According to a survey conducted by JobVite in 2019, most candidates applied for jobs on job sites, but 35 percent of them got jobs through posts on social media. About 50 percent of employment news comes from friends. And 36 percent said they learned about the job from a professional network.

Why do employers use the hidden job market?

Time and Cost-effective

Many employers use this hidden market of jobs Because they want to avoid the long duration and expensive process of applying online or offline. Accepting applications, selection, written tests, interviews, etc., is a vast process to select people through advertisement. The cost also is not very low.

Instead, they can easily select staff through reference to current officers-employees. There is no cost.

To hide information from competitors

Some organizations want to keep their people as quiet as possible. So they avoid advertising online or in print media. Suppose an organization opens a branch for them; it does not want to inform its competitors right now. In that case, they try to pick the employee from the source of the current officials.

To get good quality candidates

Generally, The company prefers to get good quality candidates from the presents. Both the owner and the officer of the organization understand well what kind of candidate is needed. Since the current officers have to work with them, they will find a relatively qualified person to get good results.

How to find this hidden job market information?

You can explore these market opportunities by expanding your network. First of all, set your professional goals and share them with everyone. Network with people in the relevant field. Find out as many ways as possible. Increase communication with professionals.

Here’s how to uncover hidden job markets using your network.

  • If you haven’t started networking yet, get started today.
  • Attend traditional networking activities, such as career fairs, job fairs, seminars, and various events of business organizations.
  • Connect with your university or college alumni, LinkedIn connections, etc.
  • Meet people in your industry and try to find out relevant information.
  • Message your friends or family about the job you’re looking for.

You can get job-related information through these conventional networking techniques.

Participate in networking events

Say yes to any networking event. Go for a walk with friends. Attend events like baby showers, weddings, and barbecue parties.

When you attend these events, be social. Introduce yourself to strangers.

Practice elevator speech

Practice your elevator speech. An elevator speech is a short talk about getting to know someone or making connections.

For example, what do you want from your career? What would you offer an employer? How is your dream job?

Don’t worry. I am not advising you to be a person who keeps the issue of a career in mind all the time. But stay tuned for opportunities. If someone raises the subject before you, do not hesitate to present yourself nicely.

Remember – as much as you need a job, the person you are hiring needs a qualified candidate. You are solving their problems as well as your issues.

Keep social media updated.

Keep your social media up to date. So that people can understand your new mission. However, if you are currently doing a job, update with a bit of understanding and caution.

Keep your latest skills and experiences up to date on the online network. Create your professional brand, and This may concern someone in your network.

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Different ways to enter the hidden job market

Networking is not the only way to enter the hidden job market. You can apply the following strategies to get jobs without advertising.

Contact employers

If you are interested in working in a particular organization, do not wait for their advertisement. Visit their office, make a courtesy call, or send a letter or email informing them of your interest.

Work as a volunteer in the desired organization

A better way to connect with a company is to work as a volunteer for that organization. If the organization recruits volunteers, join even if it is not in your desired field. This allows you to at least enter the preferred organization.

Now tell their people about your interest.

Do an internship at the desired institution

Various institutions offer freshers the opportunity to do internships. Apply for an internship in the field of the company you want to work for. Do this free if needed. Whenever possible, you should perform at your best level.

Through this, you will also get an opportunity to build a good relationship with the employees of that organization. There are even opportunities to present yourself as skilled. As a result, if the company hires people, you can get the chance.

Subscribe to News Alerts

Follow the LinkedIn account of the organization you want to work for. Subscribe to any news alert like Google Alert. Thus You can easily find out crucial information about their various services, opening new branches, etc. At such times you can get the desired job by contacting the organization.

In the end, I will say make yourself efficient. Connect with the desired organization. Create your brand through social media. Hopefully, you will get the job in the hidden market.

May your dream come true!


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