Top 20 Profitable Skills to Learn in 2023

It is a new year with great expectations for those that really want to achieve a certain fit in their life.  A new year to them comes with it a new opportunity, new achievements and new skills to be learned.  What has been your plan for the year 2023?   Let’s make the year productive by learning a new profitable skill.  Personally, I have planned to learn a lot of skills this year to add to the ones I learned last year and the years before.   Read along as you discover the top 20 profitable skills to learn in 2023.

Top 20 Profitable Skills to Learn in 2023

Fashion Designing

If you are African and reside in any of the African countries, you will agree with me that fashion design in recent years has become a skill not only for housewives or the uneducated.  Everyone has become very interested in the skill because of the high demand for a fashion designer in recent years.  The high demand in recent years for African styles and fabrics has made it a lucrative business to venture into. As a fashion designer, you can venture into all or any of the following fields

  • Clothing design
  • Costume design
  • Accessory design
  • Footwear design

Additional skill a fashion designer is expected to have is creativity, good communication skills, interpersonal skills, attention to detail, dexterity, in-depth knowledge of fabrics, sewing and crafting, etc.

Programming and coding

Coding and programming are one of the top skills in high demand to learn in 2023.  This skill is in high demand and will be more competitive in the future. These skills help build software and hardware that can be incorporated into products and services.  If you learn programming as a skill, the skill can be used to make your dreams come alive, and build your software or app.  Did I forget to mention that it is a high-income skill?  Programming and coding are very high-income skills.

Cyber security

Cyber security is the protection of an organization and its data from cyber threats.  With the rise in cybercrime, hacking, and data breaches in recent years, the need for persons highly skilled in cyber security has increased tremendously. Also, Cyber security experts are in high demand and well paid because more businesses and people are embracing tech solutions in their personal lives and career.

Web design and development

Web design and development is a job that is growing faster than other jobs. Daily the demand is on the rise, public sector and private sectors look forward to hiring more and more web developers because they can work with new technologies and have the ability to solve complex problems. Web design and development skill is easy to learn and can be applied across several industries.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

SEO is a term used to describe the different tactics, strategies, and techniques used to make a website better by increasing traffic from sources like Google and Bing, etc SEO makes a website enjoy better rankings on Google and increase in visibility in search results pages. SEO skill is in high demand now and has the potential for growth.


Copywriting entails writing sales copy, web content, and marketing for companies.  This skill is in high- demand, it is valuable because copywriters help companies to write more persuasive and effective writings that sell out products and services.  It is a writing skill that can be used to create sales emails, or write blogs.

Public Speaking

This skill is very essential, especially for content writers.  Is a high-income skill and is in high demand always.  It is easy to learn but requires time and effort to improve.  Public speaking is needed in many places i.e. education, health care, law enforcement, business, and politics. To succeed as a public speaker, you should be able to make presentations or speeches on any given topic.

Digital Marketing

To be an expert digital marketer learn from experts and make sure you apply what you have learned often. You have to stay up-to-date with the most recent techniques to thrive in the field.  Digital marketers play several roles when hired, they create content that is entertaining, informative, and engaging to drive traffic and create awareness of the website.


Blogging is a high-demand skill, you learn from experts and improve with practice.  To increase your blogging skill read other people’s blogs and emulate their writing style. This skill can be used to earn income by writing on any niche, it is a skill that requires effort, creativity, and lots of time.


Photography skill is a skill that helps one produce better photography, its scope is very wide, it ranges from nature capturing, to portrait taking to shooting weddings. It is a very lucrative profession and interesting.  This skill is a good source of income for those already practicing and those who want to learn the skill.

Affiliate Marketing

This skill is a very lucrative business model and the demand has increased greatly in recent years. This is because is a medium through which brands reach new markets and audiences and an opportunity financially for content creators.  An affiliate marketer promotes products or services for a commission, it is a flexible way to earn money.  You can choose to work freelance, full-time or part-time, making extra cash on the go.


Podcasting is radio broadcasting distributed over the internet, in recent years it has been gaining popularity because it is a source of news, education, and entertainment.  The podcast is monetized by doing advertisements and by sponsorships

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring like every other skill mentioned above has recently become more popular, more and more students can now learn at their own pace and anywhere. This skill is easy to master and affords both the student and the tutoring opportunity to go for other activities. Did I forget to mention that it is in high demand and well paying?

Graphic Designing

Graphic design skill is high paying and the need for a graphic designer is on the rise.  Graphic designers create visual communication that brings the identity of a brand to life.  Graphic designers create logos, packaging for products and services, flyers and advertisements, etc.

Video Creation and Editing

The process of capturing, recording, or creating a moving image with a camera or computer software is video creation. These skills are in high  demand in recent years, these skill is essential to create captivating videos for clients and for one’s portfolio.  Learning the skill can be quite tough at the beginning but in the end, it is worth the effort.  Video editing is putting together several pieces of footage into a whole. To be an expert video editor learn the use of the following software Final cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Sales skill

Sales is a skill that has always been in high demand and high–paying.  Sales skills equip a person with specific knowledge to promote and make sales for industries like pharmaceutical sales, export sales, media, and advertising sales, IT sales, etc. There are lots of sales recruiters who pay commissions or salaries to salespersons i.e. Coca-Cola, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Bloomberg, etc. Companies are in constant need of salespeople making the skill in high demand always.

Foreign language

The world is a global community, and learning a new language can bring about a lot of opportunities.  You can work as a translator and transcriber with a new language skill.  Language skill is a very profitable skill to learn in 2023, some of the languages in high demand are – French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese.

Blockchain development

In recent years blockchain has become a highly relevant topic in the tech industry, several companies are devising new ways to use this technology making the skill more important as it can almost be applied to any industry. To succeed in blockchain development, basic programming knowledge have to be acquired and mastered.  Learning the skill will equip you with the ability to communicate efficiently with other developers and understand how it works.  Industries are ready to pay developers handsomely thereby making it a very lucrative skill to venture into in 2023.

FOREX (Foreign Currency Exchange Trading)

Forex trading is a very competitive venture and highly rewarding too.  It is one of the most profitable skills to learn in 2023, it may seem complicated at first.  Go master the skill, understand how the FOREX market works, learn to manage the risk involved, and the currencies you want to trade, and be up to date.  To acquire the skill and start making it big in 2023.

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AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine learning is not just profitable skills to learn in 2023, are one of the top three skills for the future. The ability to build a machine learning algorithm is a vital skill many companies want, making those with AI skills in high demand and at an advantage. This skill can be acquired online, though may be quite expensive but it is worth the effort.

Some of the ways you can develop profitable skills

If you desire to develop a skill, there are several ways you can do so:

  • Register for and take formal classes
  • Get a mentor
  • Register for free courses online
  • Apply for internship
  • Enroll for paid courses.
  • Study materials on the skills you wish to develop.

Final Thoughts

Acquiring a skill can be demanding at times, but rewarding in the end.  Take out time to enroll in a course, study, and improve your skills.  I have shared with you 20 profitable skills to learn in 2023. To get to a certain level or get your dream job you need experience and new skills, with the list I have given; you can venture into new fields, diversify your income and earn more cash.

Don’t forget to ask a question or drop a comment in the comment section.

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