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2023: My Year in Preview

I’m cheating a bit with this.


Because I’ve already started my 2023. In fact, I’m a full three months in as I write this.

You see,  I mirror my year with my kids’ school year. That means that I start in September and end it in August. And I typically slow down for July and August while my kids are off on summer break.

But I recognize I’m in the minority. That’s why putting together this Year in Preview is happening now.

Much like my Year in Review, I’m dividing this piece up into seasons, earmarking some of the highlights that I plan to make happen during each of them.

Winter 2023

Starting off 2023 with a new journalling habit: Morning pages added to the mix to go along with my Evening Examination. Really looking forward to seeing how this new handwritten journalling habit in the morning elevates things for me.

I’m also putting together the last portion of a workshop series on prioritization. I have a feeling it’s going to be converted into something that can be shared more widely later in 2023.

I’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign during this season. That’s as much as I’m willing to preview that right now. But stay tuned for updates.

Taking time for two trips with my son. One to Seattle and one out East (Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York City). Long overdue and going to be an excellent experience.

Raising my podcast game to a new level in 2023, beginning in early March.

Delivering a few speaking engagements as well. My plan is to do more of these throughout 2023 (and beyond).

Spring 2023

Taking the stage with David Allen – who I credit with getting me into the productivity and time management space — in late April at Running Remote in Lisbon. (Use the promo code productivityist20 for a 20% discount when you use that link.)

Doing another group retreat right before that… this time in California.

My daughter graduates high school this year. So there’s a big focus around that at this time of year.

Attending Craft and Commerce in Boise, Idaho in June. I’m looking forward to that learning opportunity very much.

Really focussing on writing and fostering TimeCrafting Trust during this time of year, especially as we head into the summer season.

Another focus will be partnerships during this portion of the year (and a couple of them are already in the works).

Summer 2023

Admittedly, not a lot planned professionally from July through August. It’s the last year that I know my daughter will be celebrating summer with us at home, so I want to make the most of it.

That said, that focus on community and crafting content will still be happening… just not a lot of public facing stuff. If anything, most of that work would’ve already happened in the previous two seasons.

As I mentioned earlier, I start my new year in September… and September falls into this season. I haven’t really mapped out what that will look like yet but I know that we will hit the ground running in September (as we always do).

Autumn 2023

The full deliverables of the Kickstarter campaign start to roll out no later than this season. I can’t hardly wait.

The culmination of my focus on taking my podcasting to the next level will take place during the season as well.

The first public edition of my virtual retreat process (The READY Retreat) will take place in the later portion of the season, and there’s a possibility of another one happening earlier than that for members of TimeCrafting Trust Premium.

I will be able to reflect back on the previous seasons and recognize how much I have moved ahead with partnerships and I’ll have spent a whole lot more time working on content. Video content, audio content, and written content.

I’m not exactly going to tally the amount of books I’m going to read in 2023, but I am going to commit to reading a lot more. I’ll be able to notice that once 2023 comes to a close.

And as I wrap up this Year in Preview I can see now that when I’m taking time to look back at 2023 that the word “productiveness” best embodies it.

I find this exercise is incredibly useful because it allows me to set the table for the months ahead. I can tell by looking at my wall calendar how much time and space I actually have and can put together a realistic preview of the calendar year because of that. (Want one of my wall calendars? Click here.)

I encourage you to take time to do something like this for yourself. Projecting what’s to come for you can intentionally project your attention in that direction.

Happy New Year.

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