New PLDT Home Fiber Plans now with 2x more speeds at the same price

What would you do if you have more speed to power your digital lifestyle? What if you could have the opportunity to experience up to twice the speed you’re getting now? That can be a reality now as PLDT Home rolls out the biggest speed upgrade with the newest Fiber Plans this February.

New PLDT Home Fiber Plans
New PLDT Home Fiber Plans

Faster Fiber Plans Yet

The new PLDT Home Fiber Unli Plans are double the previous speed offers and can now reach up to 600 Mbps for as low as P2699 monthly.

What’s more, all these new Home Fiber plans get faster speeds with the same price as previous plans. Now, that’s a treat, especially for the new subscribers. Meanwhile, existing subscribers will need not apply for any plan upgrade to get the same faster speeds as they will automatically get the new Fiber plan speeds starting this month.

Fiber Unli Plan Previous speed New speed
Plan 1699 100 Mbps 200 Mbps
Plan 2099 200 Mbps 400 Mbps
Plan 2699 400 Mbps 600 Mbps

What does it mean for PLDT Home Fiber customers?

Families at home with dynamic digital lifestyles will highly benefit from the faster internet speeds of the new PLDT Home Fiber plans:

  • For those who like to surf the Internet: Fiber Unli Plan 1699, 2099, and 2699 with the new speeds of 200, 400, and 600 Mbps respectively, allow users to load websites and pages within seconds, making browsing an even more enjoyable experience.
  • For those who love to stream their movies and TV series: Fiber Unli Plan 1699 with 200 Mbps makes streaming SD and HD content on a few devices smooth and seamless. Fiber Unli Plan 2099’s 400 Mbps allows smooth streaming of HD and Ultra HD content on more demanding devices like smart TVs and PCs. The full power of Fiber Unli Plan 2699’s 600 Mbps speed makes streaming up to 4K HD and even 8K on the latest smart TVs easier than ever.
  • For those who need to work online: The 200 Mbps from Fiber Unli Plan 1699 makes video conferencing easier with none of the dreaded lagging and dropping out, and users can also download all the files they need in minutes or even seconds. Fiber Unli Plan 2099’s 400 Mbps is there for bigger download demands, and for those who need to work with the largest files all the time, Fiber Unli Plan 2699 is the ideal setup.
  • For those who demand better gaming support: Fiber Unli Plan 1699’s 200 Mbps will give a lag-free gaming experience on one or two devices such as a PC and/or gaming console. For more devices at home, 400 Mbps from Fiber Unli Plan 2099 will maintain that low latency. For those with the biggest gaming setups at home with multiple devices, Fiber Unli Plan 2699’s 600 Mbps will easily power it all.
  • For those into content creation: Fiber Unli Plan 1699 allows for quick and easy content uploading to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more. For streamers on platforms like Twitch, Fiber Unli Plan 2099 and 2699 ensure a consistent live streaming experience at all times.

Whole-home coverage with Fiber Plus Plans

On top of the improved Fiber Unli Plans, PLDT Home has also upgraded its Fiber Plus Plans, which come with three Mesh WiFi devices to eliminate wi-fi dead spots in larger homes.

Fiber Plus Plan Previous speed New speed
Plan 2399 200 Mbps 400 Mbps
Plan 2999 400 Mbps 600 Mbps

Mesh WiFi creates a wider wi-fi coverage within the home, with devices only needing to connect to one network no matter where they are in the area.

The fastest fixed network in the Philippines

The launch of the new PLDT Home Fiber Plans plays a big role in PLDT Home’s status as the fastest broadband in the Philippines. PLDT Home has consistently received this recognition in global internet testing firm Ookla’s regular rankings.

Meanwhile, the Philippines has also steadily climbed up the Speedtest Global Index over the past year, jumping two places higher in the January 2023 edition with a median download speed of 88.13 Mbps. This rise is partly due to PLDT Home’s contributions to constantly improving the country’s network infrastructure.

Experience the possibilities of even faster fiber internet with PLDT Home’s upgraded Fiber Plans. Visit this link today to find out more.

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