Haunted by the Past: 911 Calls That Will Stay With You Forever

When 911 calls from true crime cases are made public, they’re often terrifying, sad, and disturbing. But some 911 calls stick out to true crime fans long after they hear them.

Redditor u/xxreidrampagexx asked subreddit r/UnresolvedMysteries, “Do you guys have any 911 calls that stick with you?”

For them, it was Ruth Price. “I always hated how the call stuck with me,” they wrote. “Her screams and cries for help, I think they messed me up for a while. I believe I was around 11 or 12 when I stumbled across her 911 call.”

Other Redditors flooded the thread with their own suggestions of tragic 911 calls they will never forget.

1: Kyle Plush

For u/acarter8, it was the story of Kyle Plush. Plush was in a car accident and had to use Siri to call 911. “His 911 calls are so horrible, he tried so hard to get help,” they wrote.

2: A Tragic Car Accident

u/Jenilion answered, “There was an incident where these were kids throwing large stones off an overpass on to cars coming under it, one smashed through the windshield and hit a lady in the head.”

“It crushed her skull and while she did live she was left unable to care for herself. Her daughter was driving, her husband was in the backseat and was the one who made the 911 call. It’s incredibly sad.”

3: Peggy Klinke

u/Away_Proposal2615 responded, “Peggy Klinke’s call to 911 when her stalker ex was breaking into her apartment. She was obviously frantic … The whole story is tragic and terrible.”

4: Debra Stevens

u/cemeteryridgefilms said, “Debra Stevens,” who was stuck in rising water. “Horrible to listen to, and the 911 operator was absolutely awful.”

“I’ve read a lot of f***ed up s*** over the years and nothing affected me like this call did,” added u/elizadeadhead. “That woman died in such an awful and lonely way and I hope that 911 operator gets haunted forever.”

5: Josh Powell

If you’ve listened to the podcast, Cold, you’ve heard the 911 call placed when Josh Powell’s house exploded.

u/MandyHVZ shared, “The supervising social worker calling 911…Not necessarily scary, but infuriating on so many levels.”

6: Denise Amber Lee

u/ScaredFeedback8062 said, “Denise Amber Lee…she did so much right. I know some changes were made after it all happened but still. It hurts my heart.”

“Oh my God… that poor woman,” added u/trixen2020. “I just read about the case. The fact that there was a deputy stationed on the road where she was, and her 911 call wasn’t reported… I don’t know how anyone involves in this sleeps at night.”

7: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

u/lurkcatcher responded, “Not the response you’re looking for, but the last 911 call I ever took.”

“Hearing parents beg their child to breathe while you desperately give them CPR instructions over the phone is something I will never unhear. I quit a day later.”

8: The Spirit Family

u/dirtgirl420 said, “The Spirit family massacre 911 call is really nauseating. The father calls and it’s the intense hatred coming through his voice with every word that’s genuinely scary to hear.”

“He’s already annihilated his family and he’s still trying to hurt everyone he can, including the operator and the first responders. I remember he really punchy way he says he murdered a baby. Everything about it is so upsetting and evil.”

9: Hurricane Katrina

One of the worst 911 phone calls someone heard happened during Hurricane Katrina, which began battering the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005. Over the course of a few days, around 34,000 people were rescued from their homes and almost 2,000 people lost their lives.

u/OkBiscotti1140 shared, “A 911 call from an elderly woman trapped in her attic during Katrina. She had no way to get to the roof and was asking the dispatcher to please send help.”

“The dispatcher told her there was nobody who could come help her and the woman replied very calmly with something along the lines of ‘ok, thank you, then I guess I am going to die.’ ”

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