New IMPOSSIBLE Gear is Here (End of Winter Drop)

New Impossible Gear is here. Our product schedule is ramping up as we start scaling up this year. I’ll have more and more announcements about what’s dropping in our apparel lineup and in our custom formulas (new announcements coming soon).

It’s been fun seeing our gear pop up in different corners of the internet. A few of the ones I’ve noticed recently (as always – when you rock Impossible gear while doing something impossible – send it in).

If you’re looking for some dope near gear – look no further – join your favorite youtuber and get on board. Anything currently in stock will ship immediately.

The Lineup

Here’s what we have this time through:

Impossible Hoodies (pre-order one week only)

For a variety of reasons, we haven’t run hoodies in a while the past few seasons.
Old favorites – we’re bringing them back. With a few brand new designs. These are not just only comfy, but heavy duty, so you can wear them in the midwest or east coast without fear.

Perfect for finishing out the winter season strong.

Impossible Blue

Military Green

Get The Hoodies Here While You Can.

(For those of you asking for zip-ups – you’re going to have to wait. These are it for now.).

Impossible Beanies

We have a short run of Impossible Beanies just in time for the end of winter. They’re ridiculously comfortable and perfect for helping you wind down the winter season.

Impossible Beanies

Impossible Shirt: Yellow Edition (available now)

We ran a special for some of our extreme impossible athletes and have some left over. If you’re in the wilderness, or just need to be sure you’re seen (or if you just like yellow). You can grab one of these. When they’re sold out – they’re sold out.

Impossible Shirt – Limited Yellow Edition

Important Notes

Hoodie pre-orders are only open for a week. If you miss out this time, you miss out.

Most of our standard Impossible Gear is still in stock. If you buy two of anything, I’ll throw in an impossible flag for free.

We got a bunch of new gear, new formulas and new impossible stuff. It’s going to be the best year of impossible yet.

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