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AI Tools for YouTubers in 2023 – Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Grow on YouTube

#5-#6 Mubert or Soundraw

Both tools help provide AI powered audio that can be used copyright and royalty free on your videos and channels.

Mubert is an AI-powered music generator that creates unique background music for your videos. You can input your desired mood or genre, and the tool will generate music that fits your specifications.

Soundraw is another AI-powered music generator that can help YouTubers create custom background music for their videos. The tool offers a range of genres and moods to choose from, allowing YouTubers to find the perfect sound for their content.

Learn more at: and

#7 Gen 1

Created by the team that built RunwayML (more on that soon), Gen 1 allows users to turn text into videos. It’s AI art put into motion.

At the time of originally publishing (March 15th, 2023), this is still in beta and only available to a select few number of users. Of which, sadly, I am not.

I’ll be updating this post if it comes out to the public and I can access it.

Learn more at:
this crazy URL.

#8- #9 Play.HT or Descript

Play.HT and Descript both create “overdubs” or “deep fake” audio.

Deep fakes are audio bites that sound as if someone else said them when they really didn’t. When done correctly, these can be nearly indistinguishable from the person’s true voice.

Overdubs allow you to turn text into your own voice. For example, if I recorded a podcast episode and said “Tune in next Saturday for our live show,” and the show was actually going to be on Sunday, I could replace the word “Saturday” with “Sunday” and it will sound like I actually said it.

Descript does much more than that though, and is a full scale video editing program that many creators use exclusively, instead of other tools like Premier Pro, Screenflow and Camtasia.

Play.HT is focused solely on audio and offers more customization for the AI voices you use.

Learn more at: and

#10 RunwayML

RunwayML is an AI-powered tool that does, a lot or random but wildly useful tasks for image and video editing and creation.

It started as a tool for general editing and composition, but their specialized suite of “AI Magic Tools”  has become the reason that I keep coming back each day.

My favorites are these…

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