Lifehack: Top 10 Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lights are predicted to last 25 times longer than the average lightbulb. That’s only one of the benefits of LED lighting. Curious to learn about the other facts that might save you time and money?

Everyone has a need for decent lighting and a low electric bill. If you’re looking for an option that frees you from the grasp of most energy companies, read on for all you need to know about this exciting device.

#10. Energy Efficiency

LED benefits include using 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Moreover, LED lights cost you less month to month due to their energy efficiency. If you want to measure energy efficacy, this great resource can help you out.

Luminous efficacy defines how much
visible light something creates. Incandescent bulbs only produce between 13-18
lumens per watt. LED lights now use 100 lumens per watt. That means LEDs make
more visible light per watt than other lighting options.

#9. Brightness

Compared to CFLs and incandescent
bulbs, LED’s are much brighter. Not only do LEDs reach have a higher lumen
count, but they also maintain their brightness for longer than other lighting

In fact, the brightest LED bulb
produces over 5500 lumens. For context, a single birthday candle is equivalent
to one lumen. Modern LED lights are equivalent to thousands of candles
centralized in a single light.

#8. Lifespan

The average LED life expectancy is
between 25,000-50,000 hours. An incandescent bulb runs you about 1,250 hours on
average. The next step, a CFL light, gives you around 8,000 hours.

Two reasons why this is the case.

  1. LEDs use less total energy than other lights.
  2. LEDs require a buyer to use them less. They provide a baseline brightness and efficiency that overcomes their use.

You can expect a standard LED light
to last you many years. There are 8,760 hours in a year. On a low-average, if
you left your LED light on continuously for 25,000 hours, you’d get around 3
years of total use.

#7. Quick Lightup

LED lights are known as
“instant on”. That means when you turn on your LED source they
quickly reach their warm-up time. In other words, LEDs have virtually no warmup

Furthermore, the “instant on” feature of LEDs means you get full light capacity at the flip of a switch. In case that isn’t cool enough, here’s an additional benefit: LED lights don’t attract bugs.

Most light-attracted bugs respond to
ultra-violet light. In almost all cases, LEDs use anything but. For a quick life hack,
try hooking up an LED light in bug-ridden areas.

#6. Temperature Resistant

Some LED bulb benefits include
temperature resistance. As opposed to incandescent bulbs and CFLs, LED lights
can withstand both frigid and scalding hot temperatures.

Historically, light sources relied
on combustion. Cold temperatures made it so lights would lose their brightness
or go out completely.

LEDs are fully electronic. Since all
LEDs have electronic drivers, freezing temperatures can’t change the state of
the bulb.

#5. Savings

The US Department of Energy reported saving close to $675 million dollars thanks to LED light installations.

On a more domestic scale, reports show that LED’s save average consumers around 15-25,000 hours on their bulb life. That comes to around $100-$200 saved per bulb – in comparison to incandescent options.

Here are the main reasons why you
save with LEDs:

  • As opposed to other options, you won’t have to put down
    the cost of replacing your LED for several years.
  • The overall wasted energy expenditure goes way down.
    Incandescent bulbs use most of their energy generating heat, not light.
  • LEDs are less expensive than upon release.

If you’re buying LED lights for the
first time, weigh the LED advantages versus other lighting options before
purchase. That is, some LED options might still evade your budget if you have a
whole house to illuminate.

#4. Green Friendly

The conventional lightbulb pollutes
the world in many ways.

  1. Normal lightbulbs die faster, resulting in more physical waste.
  2. Non-LED options are often powered by propane and other ozone-depleting gases.
  3. Conventional lightbulbs waste energy, hurting homeowners and the environment.

No LED products contain mercury.
That means, upon disposal, no LEDs will leave behind concentrations of
mercurial poison.

#3. Adjustable

You can buy adjustable LEDs far
easier than previous conventional bulbs. If you’re worried about your
children’s sleep patterns, you can adjust certain options to include warm and
relaxing light.

Not only that, but you can program certain LED lights for office parties, concerts, and more. Adjustable lighting includes dimming. You can utilize dimming to cut the cost of electric bills as well.

#2. Safety Features

LED lights generate only a small
amount of heat. Most of the energy powering an LED lamp is emitted as light,
the rest is dissipated.

This results in a much safer light.
For instance, if you have children in close reach of a lamp, they won’t burn
their hands.

The surface temperature of an
average incandescent bulb is between 150 and 250 degrees. That’s enough to
cause serious skin damage.

#1. Versatile Bulb

LEDs work for a variety of
applications including, but not limited to:

  • Warehouses
  • Entertainment and Events
  • Photography
  • High-Performance Industries

With the help of an LED, you can
light up almost any room, without wasting energy or overheating a space.

The Countless Benefits of LED Lighting

The benefits of LED lighting go
without saying. Old conventional bulbs, halogen lights, and even CFL’s all
waste energy and pollute the environment.

A normal functioning LED is perfect
if you’re interested in great deals for you. Now
that you’ve learned about the biggest advantages
of an LED
, why not get one for yourself?

Your next step is to find the best ways to reduce your monthly expenses. You want money, but you don’t want to think about it endlessly. That’s why you’re encouraged to spot options like the LED light.

Don’t stop there. There are all kinds of ways to make money online, increase your savings, and so much more. Your new path begins at doing the research. What are you waiting for? Find ways to save and make more cash today!

Top 10 Benefits of LED Lighting

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