Dr. Dominic Brandy Shares Secret Weapon He Used to Successfully Fight and Defeat Cancer

Facing cancer can be a challenging experience, especially for those who are newly diagnosed.

Doctors and researchers are constantly looking for new treatments to combat cancer. Sometimes, these potential solutions come in the form of innovative new drugs. Other times, they come in the form of unique approaches to surgery.

Even though fighting cancer is a long and exhausting battle, Dr. Dominic Brandy assures that it could be a winning one as long as a person equips themselves with an iron will and unconditional support from people around them.

“Even if you or someone you love is in the midst of their cancer journey, it’s possible to move forward with courage and resolve, knowing that there’s positive reinforcement for every step of the way,” says Dr. Brandy.

Dr. Brandy’s Cancer Diagnosis

And Dr. Brandy knows how much someone can struggle in this seemingly futile battle – he experienced it with his own diagnosis of multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer.

In 2017, the last thing Dr. Brandy was expecting to hear was “you have cancer” – no one ever wants to hear those three words. “We never believe that something bad could happen to us until it does,” says Dr. Brandy. “But cancer is something that doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter how old or seemingly healthy you are – anyone can be affected by this disease. And it happened to me five years ago.”

After a long and successful career as a cosmetic plastic surgeon and anti-aging practitioner, Dr. Brandy had give numerous patients the bad news about his newly diagnosed blood cancer. Still, nothing in the universe could prepare him for the shock when he was on the receiving end of his cancer diagnosis.

Despite being diagnosed with multiple myeloma, Dr. Brandy refused to let it stop him from living his life. With courage, strength, and hope, he had an unwavering belief that he could fight and win against this disease.

Although the odds weren’t in his favor – according to National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) data, the 5-year relative survival rate for multiple myeloma is 56% with 50% relapsing at 2.6 years.

But Dr. Brandy decided to take control of his health and face this ugly disease head-on.

Remission Secret Weapon

Five years later, to almost everyone’s surprise, Dr. Brandy is in complete remission – with no traces of cancer in his body and living a very full and energetic life. His secret weapon? He completely reinvented his habits and lifestyle!

We all know that a healthy lifestyle is vital for our overall well-being, but Dr. Brandy points out that living and eating healthy is the ultimate weapon that assists our bodies in the cancer battle. After his diagnosis, Dr. Brandy immersed himself in the peer-reviewed scientific literature to find every possible natural means of enhancing his life expectancy and quality of life.

With knowledge acquired through intense research, he started eating a whole food, plant-based diet, exercising daily, practicing stress reduction techniques, making certain to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night, doing time-restricted eating, and taking multiple well-researched, targeted supplements.

Soon, Dr. Brandy felt firsthand how these lifestyle changes improve the quality of life — increasing energy, reducing stress, and helping to avoid other ailments.

“By making simple adjustments like cutting out meat, dairy, and processed foods, exercising regularly, managing stress levels, getting adequate sleep, doing time-restricted eating, and taking several well-researched, targeted supplements – those with cancer have the opportunity to empower themselves in their fight against the disease,” he explains.

Helping Others

Another vital lesson Dr. Brandy learned during his fight with cancer is that we could all use someone in our corner when times are tough, and that’s precisely what he is doing for those battling cancer today. Since he got his own clean bill of health, Dr. Brandy makes it his mission to share his findings with the world in hopes of helping others fight cancer and improve their overall health.

With that in mind, he gathered an invaluable experience and knowledge database that he readily shares with fellow cancer patients on his Instagram, website, and with a book that can be purchased on his website or Amazon called Beat Back Cancer Naturally.

He offers one or 2-hour virtual consultations; 24/7 cancer lifestyle coaching through email and text; and provides extensive insurance-covered lab testing through your local Quest Diagnostics Lab Center, where he evaluates 50+ biomarkers of health and makes recommendations to improve those biomarkers when they are deficient.

A Proactive and Holistic Approach

Taking a proactive and holistic (modified conventional with natural) approach to fighting cancer is the prescription that Dr. Brandy would suggest to everyone fighting cancer – no matter the diagnosis and prognosis or when they received the bad news.

He believes that following a whole food, plant-based diet, engaging in daily exercise, practicing stress reduction techniques, getting 7-9 hours of nightly sleep, doing time-restricted eating, and taking targeted supplements are essential to combat this relentless disease. After all, it’s exactly how he defeated his cancer.

“Not only do these strategies help counteract existing cancer cells, but they also provide additional protection and preventative measures against new cell damage or mutations,” says Dr. Dominic Brandy.

“An individualized and integrated approach utilizing nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, adequate sleep, time-restricted eating, and targeted supplementation may be your best bet for beating cancer, bettering your health, and ultimately – living life to its fullest potential.”

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

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