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35 Fun Planner Ideas & Examples for 2023

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Bored with your old planner layout?

For today’s post, we’ve rounded up fun planner ideas that will hopefully inspire you to try something new for your planner setup.

The Uses and Benefits of Planners

Generally, planners are used to organize your schedule. Gone are the days when people used drab planners for recording appointments, without adding any excitement to their schedule.

These days, planners have become a means of expressing creativity and a form of self-care.

Decorations and embellishments on your planner increase its visual appeal. They make you want to look at your planner often, keeping you engaged not only with the décor, but also with your daily schedule.

This translates to better productivity.

How to Decorate Your Planner

If you’re wondering how to decorate your planner, you’ll notice when you check out the examples below that they often use planner stickers. These come in all colors, textures, and themes, with sizes that are perfect for all types of planners.

Other planner decorating supplies include:

  • Mildliner pens
  • Colored pencils and markers
  • Washi tape
  • Stencil
  • Watercolors
  • Glitter
  • Stamp kits
  • Scraps of decorative paper/fabric
  • Your choice of planner

Read on to check out what we’ve got for you.

35 Planner Ideas

1. Inspired to Plan

Looking for a planner setup done in pastel colors? Here’s an example that might interest you.

This layout is done on a vertical planner. Stickers are used to create the eye-catching design, which features a floral motif and inspirational quotes.

2. Organizing Your Day with Mini Notes

Sometimes, the planner you have doesn’t have the right spaces for your needs. You end up using multiple planners—each one dedicated to a specific category.

To avoid this problem, this planner owner used mini-note sheets in a single planner to keep track of everything in their daily schedule.

3. Avocado Green

If you love green, here’s a layout for you. Stickers featuring avocado beverages were used to add charm to this green planner.

The effect is a coordinated, elegant look that’s refreshing to the eyes.

4. Vintage-Inspired Planner

Feeling bold? You might want to try incorporating vintage design elements in your planner layout this month.

This example features vintage-themed stickers and washi tape in coordinating colors to give your planner an Old World feel.

5. Gold and Teal Horizontal Layout

This horizontal planner spread features gold and green as the main colors. Motivational quotes stickers added to the layout provide further visual interest and encouragement throughout the workweek.

6. Mar10

Love video games? Super Mario has become a meme associated with March 10th.

The date falls on this weekly spread, and one planner owner didn’t pass up the opportunity to commemorate this iconic game by using it as their theme.

7. Sticker Book Vertical Spread

As mentioned earlier, planners can be an outlet for expressing creativity.

For example, instead of merely jotting down a list of schedules for each day of the week, you can try writing using different colored pens, doodling, and experimenting with different styles of text in your planner.

8. Red Floral Spread

If you’re looking for a floral-themed decoration, check out this thin planner spread. A blank planner page comes to life with the addition of several flower stickers on the top and bottom borders.

9. Page Filler Idea

One of the benefits of using planner stickers is that you can use them as fillers for blank spaces. You can choose stickers that also perform a specific function, such as a to-do list, monthly calendar, or tracker.

10. Bright Yellow and Blue

You might want to try something like this example. It combines blue and yellow to create a vibrant planner spread.

11. Opulent Floral Spread

If you want something opulent for your planner design, here’s an example to consider. It features a number of different kinds of flowers (all stickers) strategically arranged to ensure that, although the design is opulent, the functionality of the planner isn’t compromised.

12. St. Patty’s Day

Looking for a holiday-themed layout? This example features a planner design for St. Patrick’s Day.

The design consists of vintage paper craft, stickers, and washi tape in coordinating colors and graphics that represent the holiday being celebrated.

13. Pixies

Sticker kits are useful if you want your planner layout to have an overall cohesive look.

If you’re looking for a fairy-themed layout, you might consider doing something similar to this example.

14. Galaxy

Washi tape is a staple for those who keep bullet journals and creative planners. It comes in different designs and sizes, making it ideal for embellishing your planner.

This example uses different kinds of washi tapes, as well as planner stickers in coordinating colors to create an ethereal theme.

15. Red

Stickers can save you time when decorating your planner. You no longer need to draw images or paint an entire page a certain color.

Want to try something bold for your planner? Here’s an eye-catching, fire-engine red layout that you might want to enjoy.

16. Clean Everything

This spread features stickers and washi tape in a coordinating color scheme. The overall design gives a clean, polished look to the entire planner layout.

17. Snakes Are Cool

Need ideas for a minimalist planner? Here’s a black-and-white layout that uses tiny stickers to add just a hint of cuteness to the spread.

18. Mandalorian Theme

If you’re looking for a Mandalorian-themed spread, check this example out. It also features stickers of Grogu, making this layout extra cute.

19. Get Your Irish On

Your planner can serve as a space to commemorate a holiday, as well as to celebrate your heritage. This example showcases a spread dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day and the planner owner’s Irish heritage.

You can use stickers or draw your designs by hand.

20. Planner Journal

Speaking of drawing by hand, here’s a planner spread decorated with hand-drawn illustrations. Drawing your designs by hand elevates your planner pages into works of art.

21. Daily Planner Sheet

Here’s a daily layout that includes a “might-do” list. The stickers chosen for this spread give a touch of sophistication to the entire planner page.

22. Minimalist

Need more examples of minimalist layouts? If you prefer a planner page design without stickers, here’s one that’s very simple to create.

23. Vertical Blackout

Here’s a stunning spread featuring hand-drawn/handwritten design elements on a black page. The effect is quite dramatic.

Would you consider this kind of design for your own planner spread?

24. Calm and Quiet Are the Best

This spread uses stickers with floral designs and miniature photos. Used this way, a planner becomes a memory-keeping tool.

25. The Peanuts Gang

If you’re a fan of Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts Gang, here’s something that you might want to try for your own planner spread. This planner features stickers and washi tapes with the gang in the designs.

26. Let Your Dreams Blossom

Sticker kits such as the ones used in this spread provide a convenient and eye-catching way to design your planner. This planner has a purple-and-pink theme that exudes a dreamlike quality all throughout the spread.

27. Washi All the Way

Here’s an example of how you can use washi tape for your planner spread. In this layout, washi tape is used for the top and bottom borders. Stickers are used for the middle part of the spread.

28. Villains

Love Disney villains? Here’s an example of a planner layout celebrating the bad guys.

You can also create a similar layout using your favorite heroes or other fictional characters you like.

29. Stenciled In

Here’s another example of a planner design that does not use stickers. Instead, you can use a stencil to create consistent designs and icons throughout your planner.

They’re cute and useful for marking important events and schedules.

30. The Evergreen Forest

Here’s another planner spread that uses a sticker kit. The theme this time is Evergreen Forest. It has color-coordinated quotes, key words, and images laid out in an eye-catching, seven-day vertical planner.

31. Love Notes

Here’s a unique idea that you might want to try with your own planner. This layout is intended for Valentine’s week and uses mini-envelopes designed like love notes.

Try it out for different holidays, using different types of paper and other embellishments.

32. Checkered Border

Here’s another example using washi tape in a yellow-and-black color scheme. Although the layout is very simple, it is still an eye-catching spread.

33. Lilac

If you love lilac or lavender, here’s a planner using this color scheme. The design on this planner was achieved by using a sticker kit and custom washi tape.

34. Bunilla

Show off your favorite cartoon/game character by incorporating them into your planner design. Who’s your favorite character?

35. Limited Color Palette

Here’s another example of a minimalist design for your planner. It was created using magazine cutouts in a very simple layout, with the dates on the planner written in crisp handwriting.

Final Thoughts on Planner Ideas

Planners not only help organize your life, they are also an outlet for creativity and self-expression.

More importantly, keeping a planner can be a form of self-care. It encourages you to be mindful of how your day goes and be reminded of the goals you’re working on.

Hopefully, the design examples featured today will give you fresh ideas to try out.

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