How to Get Promoted Faster at Work and Get Paid More

If you’ve observed the careers of many successful people, they have invariably got promoted faster and get paid more. We all would like more authoritative positions and responsibility, all of which come along with promotion at work.

All this puts your career on a fast track, so that you are able to achieve within two years what it would normally take about ten or even more years. You’re wondering whether there are any guidelines that the most successful people follow. Well, the good news is that there are.

Whether you’re looking to be promoted within your present company or by moving elsewhere, here are the top strategies to put your career into fast track.

Ways to Get Promoted Faster at Work and Get Paid More

Ways to Get a Promotion Faster at Work and Get Paid More

#1. Fast Growth Industries

If you really want to get on that fast track to getting promoted faster, join companies that are known for offering top career opportunities . For instance, companies like CareerBuilder or Bain & Company have a high rating in this respect.

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They offer excellent training to new employees, so that they can hit the ground running. The peer group surrounding you is equally ambitious encourages you to step up your act, for getting paid more and promoted quicker.

Pick up entry-level jobs that offer excellent mentorship programs, positive work environments, so that you end up maximizing efficiency as well as productivity. Check out the average number of years before a promotion to get promoted faster.

#2. Your Attitude – Best Ways to Get Promoted Faster at Work

Your negative attitude will not get you anywhere. Take to positive thinking and leave your problems at home and make sure your mouth is not turned down, but up, at least in the work place.

Of course, life can be frustrating at times. You’ve probably faced a flat tire on your way to the workplace or a co-worker was promoted over you. You don’t like your cubicle size, the lunch available at the cafeteria irks you and so on. But try to remain positive and refrain from caustic comments to get promoted faster.

#3. Your Image – Awaken the Giant Within

Should you get a promotion? You sure should, but you need the perfect image for it as an important part of a career development plan. You might have the perfect attitude, but you do have to complement it with the best image as well. Dress for your future role, not your present one, especially if you have business plans for the future.

Your boss is sure to notice you, as you’ll be perfect for the company’s suave image, with a mind of your own and effective leadership qualities. Dressing well will also bridge the confidence gap in your personality and eliminate any fear of success.

Tip: Creased shirts and unpolished shoes are strictly off limits if you want to get promoted faster.

#4. Working Hard – Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career

How long does it take to get promoted? Well, getting a promotion depends on how much labor you put into your work. You may not be a morning person, but you’ve got to change that if you want that promotion. If you want to catch the worm, you’ve got to get up early. You can get a lot more done, the office is quieter and you’ll be well and ready when the boss arrives.

Someone is sure to notice you sooner or later, it could be your manager and he’s going to be impressed with your knack for getting things done, so that you get promoted faster.

#5. Volunteering to Get Paid More and Get Promoted Faster

Be a team player and volunteer for any new project in the office as part of a fast track promotion policy. Why not take up an awful task that others are obviously avoiding.

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For instance, you could offer to take the minutes for the next meeting or make arrangements for the upcoming social. Again, you can help a colleague. When your boss notices all this, you bet you’re next on the list for Team Leader and get promoted faster.

#6. Step Up – Ask for What You Want

Change your thinking change your life. Before joining, you’d do well to ask about the promotion tracks in the company, the time span for promotions, etc. Ask what is possible for you regarding promotions at work and make sure to have promotion discussions regularly with your boss.

Many workers feel that their boss will automatically hand them their promotion if they work hard and sincerely. But sadly, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes, the circumstances might be way out of your control. For instance, your boss could suddenly quit or the company could suddenly put a freeze on any raise. You get what you ask for!!!

Try Self-promotion to achieve career goals. If you’re saying ‘I want to move up in my company’ try this one. It’s a kind of ‘look at me’ strategy. Sure, modesty is a virtue, we all know that, but it doesn’t get you ahead in the work place.

If you have accomplished anything awesome, for instance created an award-winning program, just make sure everyone knows about your maximum achievement, especially your boss, who’s in charge of your promotion. Stop being a wallflower; it’s so not worth it especially during promotion time.

#7. Building Your Network

It is important to widen your network if you want a quick promotion in your job. Widen your circle; get to connect with more people in your niche. When more people are aware of your capabilities and your skills, they will realize that you are a value addition to any organization.

Your name is likely to be mentioned more often, whenever the chance for a promotion arises in your company.

Promotions are not always based on your merit or skills. There’s a lot of workplace politics that comes into play while promotions are considered. It is important that you make a proper analysis of your company and focus on building the proper network to improve your position and your pay scale.

#8. Earn a Reputation

Earn a reputation as a trustworthy and cooperative team builder. As mentioned earlier, you have to first look the part by dressing professionally as well as neatly.

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In addition, if you are doubtful about something, ask questions. Try to think out of the box and be imaginative and creative. Don’t keep complaining about others, even if things don’t exactly go the way you wish. Establish a name for yourself during conferences and speeches.

Try to solve problems. Come up with a unique solution whenever a challenging situation comes up. If you are a problem solver, there is every chance that you get promoted before others.

#9. Beat Targets

It’s fine to achieve targets, but you could try beating the targets as well. Perform much better than peers, or else it will be they who get the promotion. Work efficiently to produce results faster than others. Work smart not hard.

#10. Get a New Jo

If you find that you’ve been sweating it out for years and still not being handed that elusive promotion, it’s time you got yourself a new job. Sometimes, you’ll find that you can get a promotion faster at a new job than at an old one.

According to Vicki Salemi of Monster’s career, this happens more often, where candidates jump from $85000 at a job to a higher level at another workplace bringing them $120,000, merely because they chose to move.

When you make a wise move like this, you get a salary raise and also a bump in position. You get an additional bonus amount; more responsibilities and it might even come with a leadership title. So if you feel that you’re stuck in a rut and are not getting anywhere worthwhile in your present job, just chuck it and make a move.

 Last Word

If you really want to get promoted fast in your full time jobs, don’t just hang around for it to happen. According to a study, you are more likely to get promoted during your first two to five years on a job, so it makes sense to focus on promotions from an early stage, so that you can up your game.

Moving up the corporate ladder is not always straightforward. It’s a complex game and you need to move your coins right. This doesn’t mean that you have to suck up to your boss all the time or that you have to be playing these strategies all the time.

Focus on doing good work and also inculcate these steps in your career as naturally as you can, so that you come across as a sincere and trustworthy employee.  These are just some of the strategies that you could be making use of right way to further your career.

Ways to Get Promoted Faster at Work and Get Paid More

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