YugabyteDB Managed adds managed command line interface

Yugabyte on Monday said that it was adding a new managed command line interface along with other features to the managed version of its open source distributed SQL database, dubbed YugabyteDB Managed.

The new Managed Command Line Interface (CLI), according to the company, allows developers to benefit from the advantages of automation while writing code without needing to learn new skills.

“Developers of all levels can easily create and manage clusters from their terminal or Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and make use of the most advanced set of tools available for optimizing database performance and driving the business forward,” Karthik Ranganathan, CTO and co-founder, Yugabyte, said in a statement.

This means that developers can create and manage clusters hosted in YugabyteDB Managed from their IDE or terminal without requiring REST API or Terraform skills, added Ranganathan.

In addition, the new Managed CLI can automate repetitive tasks and has an auto-completion feature that makes it easy for developers, database administrators, and DevOps engineers to discover new features, the company said.

The new CLI also comes with support for multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows and Linux, the company added. The Windows version can be downloaded from GitHub.

The latest update to YugabyteDB Managed also features enhanced observability features with the company adding over 125 new SQL and storage layer metrics.

“With these new metrics, enterprises will gain even deeper insights into their database’s performance, making it easier to identify and resolve performance issues quickly,” the company wrote in a blog post.

The cloud-based user interface for observability inside YugabyteDB Managed includes new visualization options to reorder metrics for a custom dashboard and new synchronized tooltips in charts for easier troubleshooting, the company added.

Further, the company has added support for AWS PrivateLink, a service that provides private connectivity between virtual private clouds, supported AWS services, and on-premises networks.

“This feature, now in private preview, is available for dedicated clusters created in YugabyteDB Managed on AWS, as an alternative to VPC peering, for secure access to your databases over a private network,” the company said.

The support for AWS PrivateLink also provides more secure access to an enterprise’s databases, it added.

Enterprises that already are a user of YugabyteDB can get access to a free trial of YugbyteDB Managed with all features on request.

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