The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 16: The Finale Delivers

The Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 finale is here. This season has been an absolute roller coaster ride, although for the most part it was entertaining and exciting.

The previous episode has left everyone’s favorite misfit clones in peril, with seemingly no means of escape. Saw Gerrera came in and messed up their plans, while also leaving them to fend for themselves.

Will they be able to pivot and find their way to Crosshair in this twenty-five minute episode? Viewers will be on the edge of their seats hoping that they do, because it is about time we get that reunion.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 16 “Plan 99”

Right Into The Action

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 16 picks up exactly where we left off. Clone Force 99 is stuck high in the sky on a stopped railway train car. Not only are they dealing with the height they need to get down from, directly across from them is a car filled with Stormtroopers. Tech immediately gets to work on trying to fix the car so they can be on their way, and the rest of the Clones dodge shots from the Stromtroopers.

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By now, Tarkin has been informed of their location. He orders ships to come in and blast them away, completely aware that his own men could get caught in the crossfire. It should come as no surprise to viewers that he simply does not care.

At seemingly the last moment, Tech is able to get the train car online. Always at the last minute with these guys, isn’t it? That’s what makes for good TV, so it is understandable. The first continues though and even though they have the car online, Tech has a hard time getting back to it. He is knocked off as the car is blasted in half and remains hanging from the car on a line. As he tries to climb to safety, he keeps slipping.

A Great Loss

Wrecker attempts to get him, but Tech stops him, saying that any shift in weight will bring the whole thing down. Sad music is played as he tells Wrecker to sever the cars, which will leave Tech falling to the depths below and quite possibly will kill him. He says “Plan 99” and sighs before shooting the car half that he is hanging on to, causing it to fall. Omega is very distraught and they need to hold her back so she doesn’t jump after him.

The loss of the heavy train car half causes their half to propel forward at intense speeds. It crashes into a building and there is a huge wreck. Omega is seen stumbling around, calling for Tech, before she falls over. As she goes in and out of consciousness, she sees Hunter and Wrecker finding her, shooting at foes, and bringing her to the ship where it is heard they will take her to Ord Mantell because AZI can help her. This doesn’t seem like a wise choice, considering how they left things with Cid, but they don’t have a lot of options.

When Omega wakes up, Hunter tells her that Tech did not make it. She begs them to go back, but he explains that Tech put everyone ahead of himself. He made a sacrifice and they don’t want to waste it. Hunter and Wrecker had a discussion while Omega was unconscious and decided to put being soldiers behind them. They will go to Pabu and live there, in peace. Hunter asks Omega if that is what she wants, and she agrees.

A Betrayal

Cid offers Wrecker a drink on the house, but he says it won’t help. The two talk about how much they liked Tech, but it quickly becomes clear that something is up with Cid. It turns out she called the Empire on them. Just then Stormtroopers arrive. With Hunter and Wrecker injured, they still decide to take on the troopers. Hunter orders Omega to sneak out the back and find Echo. She starts to head that way but then decides that since she already lost Tech, she won’t lose another brother.

After Hunter sends Omega on her way, he rushes to join the fight. Wrecker has already been captured and Dr. Hemlock is there. Hemlock hands Cid a briefcase of credits and tells her that the Empire thanks her for her assistance. She seems to be distraught by her actions, but ultimately leaves the room with her reward.

Dr. Hemlock knows how to push buttons, as he brings up Tech’s death – going so far as to throw his broken goggles at Hunter, who is pointing a blaster at him. He threatens Wrecker’s life if Hunter doesn’t lower his weapon. Of course, Hunter does what he is asked.

An Exchange Proposal

Omega has been following Hemlock, Wrecker, Hunter, and the troopers. When Hemlock notices her, he tries to make a deal. He will let Hunter and Wrecker live if she goes with them. He reveals that Nala Se is still alive and that she needs Omega. Hemlock says she is well cared for and that Omega will be too if she goes with him. She refuses but it doesn’t matter. A trooper comes up behind her and knocks her out. At this point she has already sent AZI off to find Echo, who will surely come in and save the day at the last second.

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Dr. Hemlock orders his troops to find Echo and then sends the three clones to Eriadu because Tarkin wants to personally interrogate them. A distraction is made with an AT-ST Walker that causes the majority of the troopers to run after it. This leaves just a handful with Wrecker and Hunter, and they easily take them out. They assume the distraction to be Echo’s doing, but most fans watching will be holding their breath hoping that it is somehow Tech. Dreams are crushed when Echo climbs out of the Walker.

The boys all run to the Marauder, as they wish to go after Dr. Hemlock’s shuttle and save Omega. Unfortunately, there was no way to track his ship, and if you recall, they don’t know where his base is. Hunter says they will not stop searching until they get her back.

A Reunion

Hemlock and Omega return to his base. He speaks with Nala Se and reveals that her Prime Minister explained she had a connection to the young female clone. He returned her in hopes that she would reconsider working on the Emperor’s project. Her response? That what he seeks is not possible. Hemlock explains that if she fails, Omega will be the one to suffer, so she better make it possible.

Since Omega has injuries, she is sent to the infirmary area. It is here that she sees Crosshair strapped down and rushes to him. She cannot get him to wake, and it is then that the nurse comes in to explain that she warned him what would happen if he did not cooperate with the Doctor. Omega asks to see Nala Se, to which the nurse replies it is strange that she trusts her, but not her own sister. Yes, she is also a clone

Overall Thoughts

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 saved the best for last, as the final two episodes are by far the highlights of the season. They play together like a movie, and will send fans on a roller coaster of emotions.

There have been backstabbings and betrayals, realizations and sacrifices. Numerous times it seemed as if Clone Force 99 was on their way to a happy ending, only to have it ripped away from them.

Leaving things on such a massive cliffhanger must mean that Dave Filoni is confident in a season 3 coming, or one has been greenlit and we are just not aware of it yet. This is not at all how fans expected this season to end when it started, but it has proven that the stakes are high and there are consequences.

Every episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

Rating: 10/10 SPECS

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