88 Congratulations Messages For Engagement To Feel Moment

Engagement – A day when two different persons sign their first step to enter into each other’s life. This day is one of the most wonderful days for a couple.

On such a wonderful day, we must give congratulatory messages to those couples to make them happy in our own way, in which case a congratulatory message for engagement will help a lot.

This is not just a program of wearing rings to each other, in this a very beautiful and attractive feeling of love is hidden between the couple. Now this couple has to maintain this feeling throughout their life.

How to Congratulate the Happy Couple For Engagement 

The excitement and joy in the life of an engaged couple are difficult to describe in words, this feeling is very special and unique. In this joyous celebration, send the best messages to the couple to make their moment more special. Either way, your congratulations will make her smile shine brighter, bringing more joy to her special moment. This is a very beautiful definition of love.

Such moments do not come every day in the life of every human being, so it is our responsibility to be with our loved ones in these moments.

Best Congratulation Messages For Engagement

“Many best wishes to you to move forward in life, may you get happiness throughout your life.” 

Unique Congratulation Messages For Engagement

Unique Congratulation Messages For Engagement

“Many congratulations on moving forward at an important stage in life.”

“Many congratulations on your engagement, from heart to heart.”

“Hearty congratulations to you on your engagement. May you be with each other in life..”

“On the auspicious occasion of your engagement, God bless you with a good married life. prayed for.”

“May you be happy throughout your life, and may your married life be prosperous.”

“Getting engaged is the beginning of a happy married life, many congratulations to you.”

Latest Congratulation Messages On Engagement

Latest Congratulation Messages On Engagement

“Many congratulations to you for the meeting of two hearts, may your worldly life be spent happily.”

“Marriage and engagement are the unions of two souls with two hearts. Best wishes to you on this auspicious occasion.”

“As much as I have observed life, I have found that there must be a partner to live such a big life.”

“Till yesterday I saw you playing How much you have grown today that you are getting engaged Really time passes very quickly.”

“Till yesterday we used to see you going to school, and today it is a great pleasure to see you in the dress of a bride. May your life ahead be full of happiness.”

“We bless you for your happy married life, stay blessed.”

“It is the wish of every parent to see their son/daughter in a wedding dress.”

“I am very excited to hear about your engagement, I will come soon and attend your engagement.”

Sweet Congratulation Messages For Engagement 

“As you begin this new journey, I wish you good luck and lots of happy moments together.”

Latest Sweet Congratulation Messages For Engagement 

Latest Sweet Congratulation Messages For Engagement

  • “Always keep holding on to each other, and it is going to be a beautiful life ahead. Congratulations.”
  • “Congratulations to the most amazing couple I have ever known. May you have a blessed life together.”
  • “May you two find happiness, trust, and respect in each other? Congratulations on your engagement.”
  • “It is the first step towards starting a new life together. Congratulations to my dear friends.”

“May you two are showered with joy and happiness. Happy engagement to you.”

Beautiful Sweet Congratulation Messages For Engagement 

Beautiful Sweet Congratulation Messages For Engagement

  • “Congratulations! I wish that the smiles on your face and love in your hearts stay the same forever.”
  • “I hope you keep falling in love with each other, time and again. Congratulations.”
  • “I wish you a journey full of adventure, happiness, and lots of beautiful moments together.”
  • “When I see you two together, my trust in God gets stronger. I wish you both a happy engagement.”
  • “To the most adorable couple, I wish a happy and blessed life together.”

Alluring Messages About Engagement 

“Let love be the force that always keeps you both together—heartfelt congratulations to my friends.”

Graceful Alluring Messages On Engagement 

Graceful Alluring Messages On Engagement

“Always keep loving each other, and rest all will fall in place. Congratulations.”

“Wishing you togetherness, happiness, and lots of love as you start a new life.”

“Wishing all the happiness to my dearest sister as she starts a new phase of life with the man she loves.”

“Congratulations to both of you. Never give up on each other, and stay blessed.”

Alluring Messages About Engagement 

Alluring Messages About Engagement

“Always give each other attention, love, and importance. Congratulations.”

“Sending warm wishes to my dearest friends. May you have a life filled with love and smiles.”

“May you both walk miles holding each other’s hands. Congratulations!”

“Your love story is like a fairytale. I wish you both live happily ever after.”

“May the colors of your love deepen with each passing day.”

“Congratulations to you as you get ready to be man and wife.”

Congratulation Sayings About Engagement 

“Wishing you smiles at each step of your life. Heartfelt congratulations to you.”

Lovely Congratulation Sayings About Engagement 

Lovely Congratulation Sayings About Engagement

“May each day of your life with each other be a blessed one. Congratulations!”

“I wish that a new life, full of joys, unfolds for you as you enter a new phase, my dearest friends.”

“May your love always shine bright and beautiful? Congratulations to the new couple.”

“I wish that you make the best companions for life.”

“Congratulations to my friends. May you are showered with the choicest blessings of God.”

Congratulation Sayings About Engagement 

Congratulation Sayings About Engagement

“I wish all the happiness and smiles to the soon-to-be-wed couple.”

“I pray to God to always keep you bonded with love, understanding, and faith.”

“May the happiness in hearts never fade. Congratulations to you on your special day.”

“It seems like yesterday when we were children, and now you are engaged. Congratulations to my sister.”

“May you walk hand in hand with the love of your life. Sending warm wishes on your engagement.”

Top 10 Congratulation Messages For Engagement 

“God has made someone or the other for everyone, today you’re to have found your life partner.”

Grateful Top Congratulation Messages For Engagement 

Grateful Top Congratulation Messages For Engagement

  1. “Many congratulations to you on your engagement and stay blessed.”
  2. “Whoever our heart is attached to, God always gives us many congratulations for getting your life partner.”
  3. “I pray to God that your couple remains happy for the rest of their lives.”
  4. “May your life ahead be always full of happiness, with this wish, many congratulations to you on the occasion of your engagement?”
  5. “May your life partner love you very much, the house you go to after getting married should be filled with happiness?”
  6. “I pray from the bottom of my heart that just like you have done your duty for your family, similarly you should do your duty for your in-laws too.”
  7. “Many congratulations to you on the auspicious occasion of your engagement. Have a happy married life.”
  8. “Congratulations, my dear friend, on your engagement. I am excited to see you in the wedding dress.”
  9. “Seeing my sister become a bride is undoubtedly the most beautiful day of my life. Congratulations to you.”
  10. “I wish you eternal happiness and joy in your married life—lots of love and blessings to you.”
  11. “May you are showered with lots of love and pampering by your husband? Congratulations.”

“May good luck always accompany you and your life partner and move ahead happily in your married life.”

Top 10 Congratulation Messages For Engagement 

Top 10 Congratulation Messages For Engagement


Congratulating a new couple on their engagement is a special moment, and you should celebrate these moments well. The best medium to make yourself special for your loved one who is engaged by sending messages that you can do,

That’s why we have brought you a congratulatory message for engagement, with the help of which you can send a congratulatory message to your loved one and you can also show your emotional attachment to them.

Taking inspiration from the best congratulatory messages given by us, you can send congratulatory messages to your loved ones. If you liked this article of ours, then share it further. Thank you.

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