How to Buy and Setup Starlink Hardware in Nigeria

Starlink, a satellite-based internet service provider, has finally arrived in Nigeria, offering high-speed internet access to remote and underserved areas in the country. This technology promises to deliver reliable, low-latency and fast internet connectivity, making it possible to connect to the world from the comfort of your own home or office. In this article, we will look at how to buy and setup Starlink hardware in Nigeria.

How to Buy and Setup Starlink Hardware in Nigeria

With the widespread availability of Starlink in Nigeria, it’s essential to know how to buy and set up the hardware to start enjoying this service. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of buying and setting up Starlink hardware in Nigeria. Before delving into how to buy and setup Starlink hardware in Nigeria, let’s establish some background information

What is Starlink?

How to Buy and Setup Starlink Hardware in Nigeria

Starlink is a satellite Internet service provider (ISP) that’s available to customers in Nigeria. It uses artificial satellite technology to provide low latency and high-speed internet access that’s reliable and affordable.

Through the Starlink app, you can set up a gateway device to connect your internet modem to the satellite network. Once connected, you have high-speed internet access for a monthly subscription price of just $43 ( approximately ₦32,000) per month.

Starlink provides high throughput at very low latencies (at least 20 ms round-trip latency), making it possible to use high-bandwidth applications like online gaming, HD video streaming, and remote control of devices. Starlink is a great option for businesses and individuals who live in rural or remote areas of Nigeria where traditional internet services are poor or not available. The Starlink system offers high-speed, low-latency connectivity, making it easy to set up remote offices and connect your business to the outside world.

Benefits of using Starlink

Benefits of using Starlink

With Starlink, you can enjoy the many benefits of having high-speed internet access in your home or office, but here are some major advantages of using this satellite network service:

Low-latency connections

Low-latency connections like those offered by Starlink deliver an almost lag-free experience, even while streaming high-quality HD videos. Many internet providers can only offer low-latency connections during off-peak times, making them useless for both work and pleasure during bad weather conditions or high peak period.

High-speed connections

A great internet connection is crucial for online gaming and online business activities, especially if you’re planning to stream HD video and download large files. Starlink offers high-speed connections with low latency, making it easy to stream and download large files, like PC and console games, HD videos, and large documents.

Security and privacy

The underlying technology that enables Starlink is encryption, which ensures your connection is secure and prevents your internet usage from being monitored by third parties.

Less damaging to the environment

With less harmful effects on the environment, compared to fiber networks, Starlink has the potential to be implemented in more remote and environmentally sensitive areas in Nigeria without causing more environmental hazards or harm.

No Government interference

In contrast to wireless and fiber networks that have been heavily influenced by government policies, such as Twitter, when the Nigerian government demanded that all network providers restrict usage on their service, Starklink has demonstrated to be more independent and less subject to foreign control.

How to purchase Starlink hardware in Nigeria

To purchase the hardware needed to access Starlink, you will need a fully funded dollar card that you can make online payments with. Some good options are the Chipper dollar card, Payoneer dollar MasterCard, Eversend dollar card, and my favorite, the Payday dollar MasterCard.

It’s important that you note that all the above-mentioned cards are virtual. With that said, let’s walk through the process together.

Step 1: Visit the company’s website to get started.

How to Buy and Setup Starlink Hardware in Nigeria

Step 2: Insert your state and country in the “Service address” space and click “Order now” to proceed.

How to Order Starlink

Step 3: Next, after clicking “Order now” you will be navigated to a new page where you are to insert your bio data.

How to Order Starlink in Nigeria

Step 4: After inputting your contact information, you will scroll down to the section where you’re to input your shipping address (that is, the house address you want your kit delivered to), zip code, dollar card details, and finally your NIN (National Identification Number).

How to Buy and Setup Starlink Hardware in Nigeria

Step 5: Next, you will scroll down further, where you will see your service and hardware, as well as your shipping and handling fee. Then you click the “Place Order” icon to make your order.

It’s important you note that you’ll be charged in dollars ($), and the current price shown in the image below was pre-estimated with the Nigerian FX rate instead of the parallel market rate, which you will be using in making your purchase, so you should expect to spend around $643 for this purchase, which according to today’s black market is around ₦ 480,000.

Starlink in Nigeria

After successfully placing your order, you can relax and expect your Starlink kits in a few days.

Unboxing and setting up Starlink hardware

When you receive your Starlink kit, it should include;

  • The Dish/Antenna
  • A Wireless router
  • Mounting base (like mine shown earlier on),
  • Power supply mount,
  • and some cables

With these items being received, let’s move on to the setting up of your Starlink.

Step 1: Visit the Play Store or your Apple App Store, depending on the device you’re using, and install the “Starlink” app. The app is what you will use in setting up, using, and configuring your Starlink after installation.

Step 2: After installing the app, use it to observe the area where you intend to mount your Starlink dish to determine if it’s suitable or if you’d need to adjust it. The Starlink app has all the in-built features to help you carry out these tasks.

Note: Your Starlink dish must face the sky clearly. The app should be able to guide you on this.

Step 3: Follow the simple instructions on your Starlink app to assemble and mount your dish and connect the other items in your kit.

Step 4: Use your Starlink app to connect to the Starlink network and manage your Starlink’s statistics, visibility, and speed settings.

Congratulations, as you have now configured and set up your Starlink. If you run into any issues while configuring your Starlink, I recommend visiting the support section on the app.

Understanding the Starlink app

The Starlink app is available for both Android and iOS. You will need to download the app to manage your account and access the internet service.

The app lets you purchase internet packages, manage your internet usage, and manage your device. It also lets you set up internet access, manage your connection, and internet usage.

The Starlink app also has all the necessary tutorials that will guide you through the app and familiarizes you with the service.

Comparing Starlink to other internet service providers in Nigeria

Now that you know how to buy and set up Starlink hardware in Nigeria, it’s time to compare Starlink to other internet service providers in the country.

Before we do that, let’s take a look at what Starlink offers and see if it’s the right option for your internet needs.

Internet speed

With a minimum to maximum speed of around 10–250 Mbps, Starlink is one of the fastest internet providers in the country, and it’s significantly faster than other internet providers, like MTN and Airtel, with a minimum to maximum speed of around 3–130 Mbps for their new 5G network and way lower for their 3G and 4G.


Another benefit of Starlink is that it is designed to provide high reliability and low latency of service, making it a great option for remote and underserved areas unlike local network providers.


With Starlink, it will cost you around $43 (₦32,000) monthly to subscribe to their unlimited service, which may be a little more expensive compared to local network providers that allow for ₦1,000, ₦2,000 or even ₦10,000 subscription packages depending on your buoyancy.

The upside is that the access is unlimited and reliable, even in bad weather conditions, compared to local network providers.

Wrapping up

So, overall, Starlink comes out as the best internet provider in Nigeria. It provides fast download speeds, is reliable, and has low latency. If you want to experience reliable and consistent internet connection, Starlink is your best bet.

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