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The Top 9 Places To Live In Roswell

The Top 9 Places To Live In Roswell

If you’re thinking of moving to a new area, you might be looking into areas in Atlanta. Not only is the weather here pleasant, but you’ll also enjoy diverse cuisine, plenty of nature, vibrant neighborhoods, and so much more.

With that said, when choosing a city in Atlanta, Roswell is a top choice. Some top reasons people are moving to Roswell, GA are the excellent schools, popular retail options, and easy access to Atlanta. Roswell is also home to plenty of affordable property, and there are tons of things to do in this bustling city.

So, we’ve listed the top nine areas in Roswell to consider moving to.

Downtown Roswell

If you love the aesthetic of older homes, Downtown Roswell is the perfect neighborhood for you. This historic district is home to buildings that date back about two centuries.

But beyond architecture, Downtown Roswell is very walkable, retail malls are diverse, and there are tons of eateries.

Wildwood Springs

Wildwood Springs is ideal for those who want nature right on their doorsteps. This area is located beside Thompson Memorial Park, where residents can explore nature trails, enjoy the dog park, and spend time admiring the lake.

Martins Landing

Martins Landing is located east of Roswell, and this area is highly sought after due to private access to the Chattahoochee River. Various amenities add value for residents, like a community pool, playground, and tennis courts.

Hembree Park

Hembree Park is in North Roswell. This family-friendly neighborhood is home to top-rated schools, and there are tons of family-orientated amenities. Hembree Park is also exceptionally safe, which makes it a perfect destination for families.


This neighborhood is primarily made up of single-family homes that boast modern architectural designs and features. This neighborhood is also nearby high-performing schools and a country club.

Nesbit Lakes

This vibrant community is located North of Atlanta in Fulton County. This neighborhood is home to the Centennial High School District, which is well-known for its incredibly high standard of education.


You’ll find Woodfield in the South of Roswell. This fashionable neighborhood was established back in the late 1970s. The ranch-style properties and traditional homes here are upmarket, and homeowners associations host exciting events like decorating contests and picnics for residents.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is another popular neighborhood in Roswell. There are tons of spacious properties for larger families, and an 18-hole golf course along the river banks promotes an upscale housing market. Horseshoe Bend also boasts lakes, biking paths, nature trails, and a vibrant community.

Willow Springs

If you’re after resident-style living, Willow Springs is a great choice. This neighborhood emphasizes community, and residents are exceptionally welcoming. Willow Springs surrounds the Roswell Country Club and is home to a golf course.

Roswell is an exceptional choice for families due to its high-performing schools, community-oriented environment, and safe living. There are tons of great neighborhoods in Roswell to choose from, and if you aren’t sure which area is best, consulting a real estate agent is the best way to choose a neighborhood that suits your budget and expectations.

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