Rihanna’s halftime show and intense Philly fans: The 8 best tweets of Super Bowl week

There’s no bigger sports week in the United States than the lead-up to, and ultimate arrival of, Super Bowl Sunday.

Not to sound like some politician, but in a country divided over most everything, the one thing we seem to be able to agree on is football. Seriously, of the top 25 most-watched television program last year, 22 were NFL(Opens in a new tab) games. The entire top 8 belonged to NFL games, with the Super Bowl far and away the most-watched program. Americans love football.

So yeah, the online discourse was pretty much focused on the Super Bowl this week. Sure, people are interested in the actual game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. But there’s also the wonderful snacks. And, of course, the highly anticipated halftime performance from Rihanna.

That in mind, we collected eight of the best tweets of the week ahead of Sunday’s big game.

1. I have no idea if this is actually true but spiritually it feels correct for how Philly gets when the Eagles are doing well.

2. Somehow yet another jury duty-related post about the Eagles.

3. As someone who grew up in the area and has to fight off the accent, I can hear it. I can just hear it. (It goes something like MawHoe-ms.)

4. The fact that you can tell exactly what this tweet is talking about proves how iconic Rihanna’s hits really are.

5. This is true. You can just eat good food.

6. After how Janet Jackson got treated(Opens in a new tab) after the infamous Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction,” this would be a great move.

7. She simply must play it, is the thing.

8. And finally, an idea that will now almost certainly happen.

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