Body Language Signs a Man Is Secretly in Love with You

The body language of a man falling in love can be as conspicuous as a neon Vegas billboard.  

So if you’re trying to determine if he’s interested or in love with you, pay attention to his body and facial tics.

Unsure what to look for?

Pour something cold and pull up a screen — because that’s what we’re talking about today: the body language signs he’s secretly in love with you.

Why Non-Verbal Signs of Falling in Love Are So Powerful

Body language is an all-encompassing term for non-verbal communication performed through conscious and subconscious gestures, postures, and psycho-physiological instincts.

Arguably, body language reveals more about our true thoughts and emotions than verbal conversations, making it an essential aspect of the human experience.

Body language:

  • Provides Social Cues: How we gesture and move when speaking lets others know if we’re engaged, interested, disgusted, or annoyed. 
  • Reveals Our Thoughts: As much as we like to think we’re in perfect control of our thoughts and actions, the opposite is true. We’re not nearly as slick at hiding our feelings as we imagine. Expressions, postures, and biological reactions belie polite silence and insincere bromides. 
  • Is the Most Prevalent Form of Communication: Culturally speaking, we place tremendous emphasis and importance on language. And fair enough. It’s a vital part of interpersonal relationships. But in reality, only 7% of all communication among humans is verbal.
  • Helps Us Regulate Stress: Whether we’re aware or not, body language aids self-expression, which, ultimately, supports positive mental health indicators. In other words: Physical expression — both grand and barely perceptible — helps keep stress levels and depression at bay.  

Body Language of a Man Secretly in Love with You

What is his body language saying about his feelings for you? What are the physical signs someone is in love with you?

We’ve curated a list of 17 signs. If the guy in question is exhibiting a handful of these, there’s a better-than-average chance he feels strongly attracted to you, either physically or emotionally.

1. He Rubs His Chin and Neck

Have you ever noticed how in movies, shows, and book covers, “smitten” men are often depicted with their hands on the back of their necks — usually with a slightly down-turned head? 

That’s not just stylistic. There’s science behind it.

Rubbing the neck releases pheromones. So when a guy finds himself attracted to someone, he’ll instinctually engage in the act to signal that he’s interested. Think of the hormone release as an invitation to flirt.

Chin rubbing works in much the same way. 

2. He’s Always Searching for You

Is the guy in question a human periscope locked into your location? Does he know where you are in the room at any given moment? If so, he’s into you. 

sweet couple sharing a blanket body language of a man secretly in love with you

If you want to play it cool — (which is almost always the best way to play it) — pretend like you don’t notice. 

3. He’s Stuck on You

You sit on the couch, and he sits right next to you. Thighs touching. You’re standing in line, and he chooses to stand as close as humanly possible.

His goal is always to be up close and personal. This level of attachment can read as clingy — but only if you’re not as into them as they are you.

4. He Mirrors You Physically

You take a sip; he takes a sip. You scratch your head, and he follows suit.

This behavior is called mirroring, it’s usually subconscious, and people instinctively do it to gain acceptance.

So if the guy you’re seeing starts to mimic your mannerisms, it’s a sign that he’s into you.

5. He Mirrors You Linguistically

Physical mirroring signals attraction. So does linguistic mirroring. Have you noticed that your guy is starting to use your slang and phrases? He may even have adopted your accent or speech cadence. 

Be careful of ne’er-do-wells who manipulate this technique for evil. If someone starts doing this on the first date, it’s likely fake.

6. He Physically Protects You

You’re strolling down the street, and he moves between you and the traffic. You hear a loud noise, and he immediately jumps to your protection. In the face of potential danger, he puffs up and slings on a superhero’s cap.

This is a definite sign that someone has it bad for you. After all, if someone is willing to put themselves in harm’s way to protect you, love is swirling in the air. 

Interestingly, the more testosterone someone has, the more likely they are to exhibit this body language clue, as the hormone makes people feel more protective over others.

7. He Reverts Into “Everyday Hero” Mode

Recent love-and-mating studies suggest that men tend to wind up with partners who make them feel like “everyday heroes.” In some research results, it proved to be a better indicator of matching than physical attraction. 

The theory states that men want to feel needed consistently, and people who trigger their “hero instinct” make them feel great about themselves. As such, they’ll want to spend more time with them. Plus, those individuals trigger the “love hormones,” resulting in deeper bonds.

couple sitting in the porch body language of a man secretly in love with you

So if your man is auditioning to be Prince Gallant, he’s signaling that he has strong feelings for you and wants you to appreciate his protective instincts.

8. He Smiles a Lot

Smiles brighten days — no matter whom they’re coming from. When our bodies are coursing with dopamine and norepinephrine, we feel better and tend to smile more.

So when the guy you’re seeing is always a giggly, goofy puppy dog in your presence, rest assured that he’s very into you. 

9. You Always Catch Him Looking

No matter where you are, he’s always looking at you — and you always catch him!

Intense eye contact is a significant part of developing a romantic bond. It signals interest, attention, and trustworthiness. If there’s no attraction, someone constantly gazing into your eyes is the height of discomfort.

But chemistry changes everything, and eye contact between mutually attracted people can be a powerful form of intimacy. 

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10. His Pupils Dilate

The next time you’re hanging out, check out his eyes — specifically, the pupils. Are they big and dilated? If so, that’s a strong sign of attraction.

Interestingly, pupil dilation triggered by emotions is a relatively new discovery, and scientists still aren’t positive why it happens. They just know that it does. The leading theory is that enlargement is linked to a rush of oxytocin and dopamine, but the mechanics are still debatable. 

But be careful. Light also affects pupils; they get larger in darker atmospheres. In other words, a candlelit dinner may cause pupil dilation regardless of attraction levels. 

11. Lingering Touches

When a guy likes you, he’ll steal every opportunity to touch you lightly on your arm or the small of your back. He’ll let those touches linger when he’s falling madly in love with you. Sometimes, he’ll give a quick massage. 

This type of prolonged contact is a form of intimacy that gets the blood boiling. 

Always remember, though, that you have complete autonomy over your body. Nobody has a right to touch your body without your consent. 

12. He’s Always Facing You

We close ourselves off from people we don’t like. The opposite is also true: we turn toward folks to whom we’re attracted.

Specifically, if a guy’s torso and belly always point directly at you, it’s a sign of attraction. Does he lean in when talking to you? That’s another sign.

He’s open to you because he doesn’t want to close you off. Instead, he’s inviting you into his space.

13. He Sweats Around You

Baring glandular abnormalities, if buckets of sweat fall down a man’s face when he’s in your presence, he’s likely got it bad for you. His body is physically trying to cool down his body’s thermostat! 

Sweat also contains pheromones. So its release also points to an instinctual amorous reaction.  

14. He’s A Preening Machine

Is he always futzing with his clothes? Messing with his hair? What’s his relationship with his own reflection? Is he constantly checking it out?

While these are all signs that someone may be a bit too self-involved, they also signal attraction. When someone likes you, they want to look their best around you. Put their best foot forward. Couple that with a dash of nervous energy, and you get a whole lot of preening and grooming.

The topic of conversation is a good way to distinguish between a nervous preener and a narcissistic one.

If it’s all about him, you may have a pathologically self-centered dud on your hands. A guy who genuinely likes you will ask you questions about yourself. 

15. His Lips Are Slightly Apart When He Looks at You

When he sets his eyes on you, do his lips sometimes separate, as if to say: You take my breath away!? This often involuntary gesture indicates extreme attraction — either physically or emotionally. So the next time you meet up, watch his mouth. 

man and woman having coffee body language of a man secretly in love with you

But friends! Learn the difference between “sexy mouth” and “dumb mouth.” The latter is more gaping.   

16. He Flares His Nostrils Around You

Our nostrils flare when we take in more oxygen, which usually happens during moments of arousal, both pugilistic and romantic.

So if you’re hanging out in a threat-free environment and his nostrils enlarge, take it as a sign that he’s into you. 

If, however, his nostrils flare when you’re teasing him, be careful. That could be a sign of annoyance. 

17. He Plays With His Drink

If it’s early days and you notice that he’s always playing with his drink when you’re together, take it as a positive. It means he’s trying to keep his hands occupied since he can’t touch you. 

Now, it could also mean that he’s nervous. But that’s also a good sign because nervousness indicates attraction.

body language of a man who's secretly in love with you

How to Respond to These Body Language Clues That He’s Falling in Love

All his body language signals are coming up roses. Based on how he’s moving, acting, and reacting around you, it’s a safe bet that he’s into you. 

So now what? What should you do?

It all depends on how you feel about him. If you’re not into it, send the appropriate signals. Be kind but firm. If you’re feeling what he’s throwing down, here are a few tips to clarify your interest.

  • Mirror Him: As mentioned above, mirroring is one of the most telling body language cues. So if you want to signal your attraction, get in on the reflecting game! Try not to make it too obvious, though. It may come off creepy instead of sweet.
  • Smile at Him: A kind smile goes a long way — so long as it’s natural and sincere. Show your affection by showering him with smiles. But again, avoid going overboard. You don’t want to come across like a Stepford wife.
  • Flirt With Him: Flirting is fun! And it’s a straightforward way to signal your attraction. So if his body language is screaming “YES!,” respond with a little seductive toying of your own.
  • Be Positive Around Him: Positivity is attractive, and guys tend to prefer partners that see the glass half full. We’re not suggesting faking it or adopting a toxic mindset that requires being perpetually upbeat. But making an effort to spread a little sunshine in his direction (when you have the mental wherewithal) will let him know you think he’s special.

Final Thoughts

Learning about body language is excellent. Keen analysis can provide many clues into the thoughts of others; plus, wielding it well can improve overall communication skills. 

But remember that body language isn’t an exact science. It’s not the end-all-be-all. Moreover, it’s not universal. Gestures, postures, and involuntary tics mean different things in different cultures and subcultures. 

So have fun, be flexible, and cherish the hopeful, positive energy of finding someone you like and falling in love. It’s true what they say: The journey is often the best part.

Is there a certain body language of a man secretly in love with you? Find out the answer in this post and see if he has feelings for you.

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