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How to Turn Negative Self-talk into Positive Self-talk

I am not worth anything. There’s no point in trying to do anything. I’ll never be good enough for that. I’m just an idiot, and I’ll always be one. What negative self-talk do you tell yourself? Are you aware that the negative things you say about yourself can be really damaging?

If you are not careful, these words will make you feel like nothing is ever going to work out for you or that your life isn’t worth living. Research shows that negative self-talk contributes largely to feelings of depression. It’s important to stop negative thoughts in their tracks before they get the best of us and affect our lives negatively.

If you want to change the way you think about yourself and your life, then Keep these negative phrases from ruining your life:

1. Negative Self-Talk: “I’m not good enough.”

What it means: If you tell yourself that you’re never going to be good enough, then chances are you won’t even try. It’s self-sabotaging and self-defeating.

How to fix it: the key word here is: ‘JUST DO IT,’ as Nike says! Even when we fail at first attempts or find ourselves making mistakes along the way – just keep pushing forward because everyone makes them… But most importantly—you should know how much power our own thoughts have over you.

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2. Negative Self-Talk: “I’ll never be successful.”

What it means: Phrases like this can lead to self-sabotage. You might sabotage your chances of doing well in school, landing an awesome job, or achieving success.

How to fix it: The self-talk words “never” and “always” are self-defeating. Instead of saying, “I’ll never be successful,” try thinking about positive outcomes by telling yourself to expect the best possible outcome. For example, you might say, “I will work hard and I know that I can achieve my goals.”

3. Negative Self-Talk: “I’m a loser.”

What it means: This self-talk phrase can lead to self-defeat. You might make self-sabotaging decisions.

How to fix it: When you call yourself names like “loser,” it hurts your self-esteem. When self-esteem is low, self-sabotaging actions become self-fulfilling prophecies. Instead of telling yourself that you’re a loser, try thinking about yourself in positive ways. For example, self-talk might sound like, “I am a valuable person and I have a lot to offer other people.”

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4. Negative Self-Talk: “I’ll never find love.”

What it means: If you make self-talk statements like, “I’ll never find love,” you might believe in self-sabotaging thoughts. You might sabotage your chances of finding love, whether it’s with friends or romance.

How to fix it: Instead of saying things that are self-defeating, turn self-sabotaging thoughts into self-fulfilling prophecies with words that’s self-supporting. For example, use words like, “I am a lovable person who deserves love.”

5. Negative Self-Talk: “I’m not enough.”

What it means: When you tell yourself negative self-talk phrases like “I’m not enough,” negative things might happen. Your negative self-talk could lead to negative body image issues or a negative work ethic.

How to fix it: It’s good to have a positive self-image. Rather than letting negative self-talk phrases like “I’m not enough,” ruin your self image, try a self-talk that is positive and proactive. Replace your negative self-talk from, “I’m not good enough” to positive self-talks like, “I can do it” or “I will do my best.”

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6. Negative Self-Talk: “Nothing ever goes my way.”

What it means: Words like, “Nothing ever goes my way,” can lead to a negative outlook on life.

How to fix it: Negative self-talk about things going your way can be harmful. This kind of self-talk is pessimistic and it’s defeating. Instead of saying, “Nothing ever goes my way,” try thinking about things going your way by speaking positive about them.

Practice positive self-talks like, “I’m doing the best that I can” or “I’ll ask for help if I need it.” This can change your negative outlook to positive.

7. Negative Self-Talk: “Something is wrong with me.”

What it means: Negative self-talk phrases like, “Something is wrong with me,” can lead to low self-esteem.

How to fix it: Talking constantly about something being wrong with you can be harmful. It can hurt your self-esteem and lead you to develop negative body image issues. Instead of saying, “Something is wrong with me,” try thinking about something being good or right with you.

Let your positive self-talk be more like, “I’m just as good as other people.”

8. “I’m a failure.”

What it means: Do you often say, “I’m a failure,”? Well this might lead you to giving up easily or feeling hopeless.

How to fix it: Instead of negative self-talk phrases like this, try thinking about yourself as a success until you believe it. Speak positively, try a positive self-talk phrases like, “I’m trying my best.”

9. “I can’t do anything right.”

What it means: The phrase, “I can’t do anything right,” can really hurt your confidence in yourself. You might end up thinking you’re not capable of anything or that you’re not able to succeed at anything.

How to fix it: try positive self-talk phrases like, “I’m getting better every day” and see the impact it has on your life.

10. “I’m ugly.”

What it means: words like these can lead to negative body-image issues, negative thinking, and even depression.

How to fix it: Instead of the negative self-talk phrases like “I’m ugly,” try thinking good about yourself as being beautiful. Speak words to yourself that’s positive and reinforcing.

For example, you could start thinking about yourself as being healthy, good looking and attractive.


Your words have power in them even when you don’t think they do. Negative self-talk can have a really damaging effect on how you feel about yourself.

  • It’s important for you to stop the negative thoughts in your mind before they get the best of you and affect your live negatively.
  • If you want to change the way you think about yourself and your life, then keep these negative phrases from ruining your life. Start speaking practicing positive self-talks and watch your life turn around.

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