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Productivity For How You’re Wired w/ Ellen Faye

Want to be more productive, but just can’t figure out how?

There’s so much productivity advice out there that is great… for the person giving it. But is it the right strategy for you?

In this episode, Certified Productivity Leadership Coach Ellen Faye joins us to talk about finding your productivity style, and actionable tips for finding work/life harmony, choosing your priorities, and undoing your negative productivity scripts.


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  • What is Ellen’s background, and how did she begin writing her book? [2:49]
  • How did Ellen find the process of writing a book to be after she actually started? [5:46]
  • How does Ellen approach coaching? [8:11]
  • What does Ellen do when dealing with clients trying to integrate specific systems into their workflow? [11:04]
  • How does Ellen suggest clients with ADHD address their workflow? [15:21]
  • What does Ellen think can help with determining your productivity style? [19:25]
  • What are the work styles Ellen talks about in her book? [23:25]
  • What is Ellen’s advice for meshing with people with different structure preferences than yours? [26:57]
  • How does Ellen recommend approaching Work-Life Balance? [29:21]
  • How does Ellen help clients prioritize what they’re working on? [37:21]
  • How does Ellen advise people on dealing with conflicting requests from the workplace? [41:22]
  • How does Ellen deal with email? [44:55]
  • What does Ellen do to help clients with any fears of stepping up or advancing in their careers? [49:57]
  • What tips does Ellen have on setting up a successful workspace? [53:41]
  • Action Step [56:32]

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