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Your Way To A Life of Liberation, Success, and Contentment with Tony Child

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2023)

Tony Child is the Founder and Owner of Elevated Worldwide, which focuses on improving how executives, founders, and business owners see and think about life to create success on purpose. They have been enhancing their clients’ knowledge base, providing them with processes that will build up their professional and personal structures, and develop an environment where passion, purpose, and profit combine.

Tony has been a big fan of Superman since he was a child. He admired Superman’s alter ego – Clark Kent. He loved that Superman could save the world and do extraordinary things while still being able to live everyday life as Clark.

Tony then has embodied a Clark Kent attitude in personal development.

Tony has collaborated with famous authors like John Maxwell and Bob Proctor. He also became a mentor to executives, high-performing entrepreneurs, and Olympic athletes. In addition, his book entitled VisionShift: A 10-Week Program to Transforming Your Life, Company, and Industry So You Can Have, Do and Give More delves onto the concepts and tools for harnessing the power of your mind. His mission is to impact leaders and unlock their potential capacity through written and spoken words while remaining true to his core values.

People who we look up to as “successful” aren’t any different than us… they are just following the formula

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Where you can find Tony Child:

Some Talking points:

  • How does one go about building confidence
  • The Keys To Success & Fulfillment
  • Where does success begin


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