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What is Infopreneur? What does an infopreneur do?

Decades ago, self-employment in the information industry was quite tricky. Starting a publication was difficult and expensive. There was no blogging; no one even dreamed of podcasts. Most entrepreneurs or professionals did not have any medium to share the knowledge of their profession. In the age of excellence in information technology, it is now within everyone’s reach with the help of websites. Now you can be an infopreneur if you want.

What is Infopreneur?

The word “infopreneur” is derived from the words “information” and “entrepreneur.” An infopreneur is a professional who gathers information from multiple sources to create a unique package for consumers in the light of personal experience.

Although the Internet has dramatically simplified that process, the term was used by a writer long before the current digital age. Harold “Skip” Weitzen coined the time in the 1980s in his book “Infopreneurs: Data Into Dollars” to explain what it means to be an infopreneur.

In the 20th century, information entrepreneurs began sharing valuable information and advice through mediums such as self-published books, audio cassettes, and CD-ROMs. After establishing a personal brand, an information entrepreneur builds sustainable self-employment by regularly selling his experience, skills, and products through passive income.

Today’s rapidly expanding media, the advent of the Internet and social media, and the advancement of technology have all made it easier to emerge as an infopreneur.

Anyone can share information on blogs, YouTube, and Facebook and distribute it for free in seconds. At the same time, you can create self-employment by displaying various ads, including Google Adsense and Facebook ads.

However, web publishing or distributing this information cannot guarantee your success as an infopreneur. To become a successful information entrepreneur, you need to put in a lot of effort and practice techniques. You have to find a way to create your unique position in the crowd of thousands of people and sell your products or services through new strategies.

Definition of Infopreneur

Infopreneurship is the practice of developing and selling information. Infopreneurship is a type of venture that specifically converts your knowledge and skills into financial value. Infopreneurship requires no formal training or experience – anyone can become an info-entrepreneur with the right tools.

Wikipedia says An Infopreneur is a person who is “in business to gather and disseminate electronic information.”

Thinkific says Infopreneurship is the practice of developing and selling information. Infopreneurship is a form of entrepreneurship specifically focused on monetizing your knowledge and expertise. Infopreneurship doesn’t require any formal training or experience – anyone can become an infopreneur with the right tools.

What does an infopreneur do?

An infopreneur has to do different types of work. That is, an infopreneur collects information and sells and markets it in an organized manner. He has to be quite efficient in this whole process.

The tasks that an infopreneur has to include the following-

  • Writing or illustrating educational content
  • Always create content based on audience needs
  • Preparation of educational resources such as templates, workbooks, and quizzes
  • Create marketing content as well as post for social media and email marketing campaigns 
  • Talking to customers on the phone
  • Administrative duties; Eg- course admission, content upload
  • Website design and management
  • Organize workshops
  • Guest blogging, podcasts, and live events

What an infopreneur will do depends on his niche, business shape, and nature. As an entrepreneur, you, too, have to play various roles in the growth and expansion of the business.

Why be an infopreneur?

Like any other self-employment, there are many benefits for an infopreneur. You can decide where and how to apply yourself. You have a genuine interest and can involve yourself in work. There is less risk in this case than in other ventures.

Building a career as an infopreneur is not too difficult. The easiest way to establish yourself as an information entrepreneur is to start a blog or YouTube channel. Open a YouTube channel for free. And if you want to start a blog, you need a domain and hosting, which is very easy. Besides, only time will be required to create the ebook. Selling self-published books and magazines online is also very easy. It can be done at a meager cost on various platforms like Amazon.

You can work with several organizations like Amazon. They will do the selling for you.

The information entrepreneur does not have to invest much money like other startups. Instead, an infopreneur can recoup his investment through revenue within a short period.

Can you succeed as an infopreneur?

Suppose you believe you have the knowledge, experience, and determination to establish yourself as a reliable source of information on a particular subject. In that case, you can think about self-employment as an infopreneur or information entrepreneur.

Since you have internet access, you can publish your information virtually at no additional cost. In this case, you have nothing to lose. Instead, there is much to gain.

To taste success, you must come up with something distinctive or unique. Every month, bloggers make about 73.9 million posts on WordPress alone, And They are selling millions of ebooks on Amazon. Bangladesh also has thousands of book authors. If you want to stand out from them, you need to do market research and create your supply channel to get your products to customers.

The road to success for infopreneurs or information entrepreneurs is not easy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it.

Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, and Infopreneurs


Businessman-Entrepreneur-Infopreneur: What are the differences?

In the first step of the film, a trader (Trader) buys bananas for one and a half dollars, sells them for two dollars, and makes a profit of half a dollar per banana. In this process, it can be seen that the trader is extracting small gains in a short time, shortly.

Here he has the risk of profit or loss or the threat of product integrity or safety. It can also be seen that in this process, even though he has his income source, employment has not been created for others.

In the second step, an entrepreneur buys bananas for one and a half dollars and uses his talent and labor to make banana juice and sell it for five dollars. In this process, the amount of income is higher, but production, marketing, and security risks have increased.

An entrepreneur creates a source of income and employment or a market for many others, which can play a significant role in the economic progress of a country.

The third stage of the picture shows the case of an infopreneur who can disseminate the banana juice technology and marketing strategy to more people through an institution as a trainer and consultant, organized with proper research knowledge.

In this process, business risk is reduced, the use of talent rather than physical labor is increased, and the profit margin is also significantly increased. It is merit-based employment or business. The most significant thing is that through this process, there is an opportunity to create jobs.

By creating diversified markets for products, it creates employment for the unemployed and income for financial institutions. For example, an unemployed person learns the technology and business strategy of making juice from bananas under a proper organization. Through that organization, he can connect with various banks and NGOs, create employment, and take care of his family.

On the other hand, hundreds of trained youth or unemployed can expand their market by investing in business ventures. Along with the machinery used in this process, the demand for shopkeepers also grows.

So at this stage, We can clearly understand that the business risk in infopreneurship is low, the profit is high, and the role in the country’s economic development is also very high.

With infopreneurship, you will start educating people, and people will never mind paying you for proper and adequate education – this is a proven fact. That is why it can be seen that even among thousands of advertisements, people ignore them and sit in silence in reputed institutions. Because one satisfied consumer or customer is more effective than millions of ads, that’s why any artificiality, rigor, or fake activity cannot survive in the infopreneurship market. It can be said that this sector is reserved for those with great foresight, creativity, and talent.




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