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You Bear Sole Responsibility for Your Circumstances

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Do you accept responsibility for your actions, learn from the experience, and move on? Or do you go into denial, sweep the problem under the rug, and find someone else to blame? The truth is that you bear sole responsibility for your circumstances.

You can’t take control of your life until you’re accountable for your behavior and the choices that you make. When you dodge responsibility, you spend more time inventing excuses than trying to right the ship. When actions don’t have consequences, there’s no reason to work hard; there’s no incentive to be determined; and there’s no motivation to up your game. That can cause you to get lazy, sloppy, and stale. Ouch!

Don’t Look to Others; Look to Yourself

Accept sole responsibility for your choices rather than relinquishing that responsibility to others. Determine who you want to be; set the direction you wish to take; and focus your efforts on your goals. When you own your life, you choose to:

Accept yourself and your circumstances rather than feeling powerless and helpless, unable to affect the outcome.

Abide by your beliefs and values rather than allowing yourself to be bullied by peer pressure and persuaded to follow the pack.

Pursue your inner peace rather than seeking acceptance from others.

Face challenges with courage and conviction rather than surrendering your dreams to fear.

Openly acknowledge mistakes rather than finding a scapegoat.

Control your thoughts and emotions rather than allowing anger, fear, guilt, or envy to get the better of you.

Live every day to the fullest rather than becoming trapped by reliving disappointments of the past.

Accept ownership of your health and emotional well-being rather than submitting to self-defeating behavior.

Follow your conscience rather than selling your soul to the highest bidder.

Believe in yourself rather than measuring your self-worth based on what others think of you.

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Do You Accept Sole Responsibility for Your Circumstances?

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