How To Get Rid Of Evil And Negative Spirits?

Do you want to cast negative entities for a healthier life? Learn about exorcism and how to protect yourself and reclaim your energy!

Aaaah, exorcism. That scary term immediately brings to mind horror movies, creepy sorcery, and dramatic Catholic rituals.

Some of us are skeptical, fascinated, or repulsed by the idea.

Yet, the concept of foreign entities, wicked spirits, and demons coming to tickle a person free of sin exists in most if not all cultures around the world. It is present in Tibetan Buddhism, South American Curanderismo, and Northern Inuit traditions.

So, is there any truth in it? Do we need to protect ourselves from evil? Or is it just paranoia from the sometimes overactive imagination of men? People who seek to project their own fears onto another instead of taking responsibility for themselves, and taking a good look in the mirror?

temple thai thailand photo of evil spirits

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How It All Started

In the beginning, there was Source. Oneness. Beyond understanding and human comprehension. Many say that it’s the Ultimate Truth. A place where our eternal Soul and Spirit reside, or even beyond, and where time and space mean something else entirely.

Because all is One there, there is no concept of “other”, no concept of separation. God, or Source, is in everything that exists, and everything that exists is in God. There, the concept of negative spirits, let alone “negative” would be obsolete, and an illusion.

And then, there’s this place: a dimension where everything is dual, with good and bad, black and white, and endless shades of gray in between. Here, the pain of separation is very real, and with it comes the feeling – and thereof the energy – of lack.

This feeling of lack distorts our energetic field which is, in its purest state, whole and self-sufficient. And our subtle bodies, which are all interconnected and ideally synchronized with each other perfectly, can become more or less twisted and come out of their natural alignment.

This state creates “holes” in our aura, or energy field. It is where is created what is called in some Eastern traditions the “hungry ghost” – that part of us which is never satiated.

holes in our aura

The Birth Of The Receptacle

Those energetic holes are void spaces that can have many origins. Common ones are abandonment, unresolved grief, sexual trauma, drug and emotional abuse, to name a few – all the goodies that we’re familiar with. In other terms, everything which is part of us and that we put aside so that we could survive in this world.

Of course, because of societal conditioning, we often don’t allow ourselves to express fully and healthily all the emotions that we label as negative. This is what leads to the disowning of our energy, instead of its mastery.

And it’s this disowning, which is really a coping mechanism, that will lead to part of our consciousness (and often Soul fragments, but that’s another story) to leave us in a way, and to bury itself into our unconscious. After all, it’s only humane and logical to block or ignore our pain, instead of continuing to purposelessly suffer.

lower astral plane

The Lower Astral Plane

Now, our energy bodies have a vibration that is higher than our physical body, which is the reason why most people can’t see them (yet). We have several energetic bodies, and they all vibrationally match different “dimensions”, including the one where we exist in our Original state, closest to Source.

The main dimension that interests us here is the one that is commonly referred to as the astral plane, especially the “lower astral”.

While it vibrates at a speed that is higher than what the common eye can perceive, it’s full of the emotions – and mental patterns – that we as humans have a tendency not to want to deal with, such as fear, jealousy, greed, hate,… basically everything that we disown from ourselves on a regular basis.

This plane is a dimension that has been and is still being formed by us collectively. And over there, any thought and emotion that is deemed as negative by our collective psyche have the potential to conglomerate into what is called a thought-form.

And when it’s sufficiently fed by humans (energetically speaking), it will become alive in some way.
But even higher concepts are not exempt from this: according to mystic Gigi Young, the astral plane contains within it all energy present on the planet.

So, the Truth that High Initiates such as Jesus Christ brought here is also present in the astral plane, though in what’s called the “higher astral”.

However, because that higher astral has been saturated with that energy that is closer to Source (throughout the collective human consciousness), it will automatically create a “false” version of itself that will exist in the lower astral. Thus it becomes its own kind of lower thought-form.

All of these thought-forms are the ones that, by the Law of Attraction – which is frequency matching – will be attracted to the void places in one’s energy field.

Energetically speaking, no void can stay empty. So it will be “filled” with one or more of these thought-forms that match the energy that has been disowned by that person, and that are commonly called bad spirits, or negative entities.

Demonic entities attached to chakras
Demonic entities attached to chakras

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The True Nature Of Evil Spirits – Dark Entities Attached To Humans

Although some of these entities (and some of them are extremely old) that connect themselves to humans are not always the friendliest, not all of them originate from the lower astral plane, and not all of them are demonic, either.

Some of them, while residing in the lower astral, come from other, parallel and underworlds. Some of them have been summoned here and have stayed trapped ever since.

Some of them have gotten lost. But the most important thing to remember is that no matter where they may come from, they can perceive us – and the other way around – only because there’s something within us that resonates at the same frequency as them.

In fact, they act as an exact mirror of what psychoanalyst Carl Jung calls “the Shadow Self”. They often try to spook us in order to feed off of our fear of them, but should we take a closer look, we would find only something that we have buried deep down within ourselves.

With that being said, some entities – in fact seemingly quite a lot these days – are part of what is called the “false Light” (just like the “fake Jesus” mentioned before). They’re shape shifters that can disguise themselves as something they’re not, and try to manipulate and trick humans into accepting them as part of their energetic system – which we may do out of lack of discernment.

Those types of entities, while representing a part of our collective psyche, don’t have our best interests in mind. It’s our job to draw clear boundaries with them, though never out
of fear, but through knowing ourselves and what our true essence feels like.

entities attached to me

Demonic Possession: Do I Have Entities Attached To Me?

Whether you feel that you might have some entity attachments, at this point in time, most human beings alive do have energetic connections to a few of them. So there’s no need to freak out – it’s a very normal thing.

Some of them we may even carry karmically through lifetimes in some way or another. If we made a contract with them once for example, even if that was – technically speaking – thousands of years ago, that “contract” or alliance still needs to be broken so that both sides are freed from it.

In shamanic traditions, an ill person (whether we’re talking about physically sick or otherwise) is seen as having an entity attached to them. This goes even for something as minor as an eye inflammation, or the common cold.

In fact, when you look at some more ancient techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you might notice that they’re used (sometimes even ritualistically) to cast spirits out of the body. There are even acupuncture points that are known as “gates” for an evil spirit, also called “Wind” (which we might consider as a simple flu today), to enter the body if it isn’t as strong as it should be.

Interestingly enough, the Hebrew word to designate a spirit is ruach, which also means wind. So as you can see, it’s more common than not to have at least a couple of these guys hanging around, even if we don’t notice it having any effect on our life.

Although sometimes, it can also be clear as day that somebody has “odd” energy or that “something isn’t right” with them, which can also indicate entity attachment.

How can we know if we are affected though? Well, the clearer we can sense how our own energy feels like to us, the clearer our boundaries are. And the clearer our energetic boundaries are, the more we can perceive what belongs to us and what doesn’t. We learn more and more how to transform ourselves into our purest version.


Exorcisms: Negative Entity Attachment Healing

Having covered all this so far, exorcisms still do have their place in our world. I would go as far as saying that from time to time, it’s good to do them as part of our energetic hygiene.

Especially if we have had a rougher period in our life, when we’ve been feeling off, or out of our center – as it’s during those moments that energetic voids can be created.

But doing an exorcism doesn’t necessarily mean going to the priest and getting some Holy Water dripped on your forehead, while the flames of Hell scream your name as you go into a fully possessed Annabelle mode.

Actually, there are many ways to deal with exorcisms; some are unpleasant, some extremely unpleasant. I myself have been through and done some which, while today I laugh about it, back then did I not laugh at all!

And, there are also ways of doing exorcisms that are so easy, so effortless, and so graceful, that one could barely call them that. And yet, they work equally well – they just don’t include the drama which is usually portrayed in most depictions.

However, a very important thing to understand is that, no matter how many exorcisms one will go through, if the root cause of the issue hasn’t been unveiled, dealt with, and integrated, the void places that attracted the entity in the first place will still exist – at least to some degree.

This means leaving these “empty” spaces for another entity to occupy again over time, until they’re reclaimed by their rightful owner. Or in other words, making the unconscious conscious.

Priest performing exorcism to rid of negative entities attached to the person
Priest getting rid of negative entities attached to the person

How Do I Get Rid Of Demonic Entity Attachment?

So, how do we stay clear of entity attachments? Well, we start by understanding what truly belongs to us and what doesn’t. Through the discernment of knowing ourselves better and better over time, we learn how our authentic energy feels to us.

Whether we like it or not, it is Universal Law that we attract what we are. That includes all that needs to be integrated from within our own subconscious. So either through meditation, psychology, shamanic journeys, or Vipassana, the most important thing is that we recognize those forces for what they are: mirrors of ourselves, one way or the other.

Perhaps even more importantly, and this is crucial: none of these entities are to be feared, as it is fear itself that gives them power over us. This literally means that they only have the power that we give them.

Remember the tale of Siddhartha Gautama – the Buddha – inviting Mara, the King of Demons, for a cuppa tea? Like a final test, Mara taunted him in all ways possible, though Siddhartha remained undisturbed. He transcended the darkest aspects of his unconscious and made them conscious, thus reaching Enlightenment.

Moral of the story? Invite your demons for tea, although don’t identify with them, or with what they tell you – or what you may tell yourself. Not through ignoring them, but truly seeing them. Those beings or spirits always have something to teach us about ourselves, about who we are and who we aren’t. And we always have some kind of Soul agreement with them, even if we’re not aware of it – otherwise they wouldn’t be able to interact with us and our energy.

Oh and also: blame, shame, and other potential self-judging stories about why we have attracted entities into our field don’t need to have a place here. They only lead to more suffering, not to mention that these yummy energies are also what they feed off. It happens to all of us, and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything about you, so better to simply drop it. The true key to owning all our energy back is found in our Heart. Sounds cliché? Well, it’s still true, and we better all accept it, for our own sake.

on the lighter side

On The Lighter Side

The greatest treasures are often found in unexpected and dark places. They’re buried deep under the earth or beneath the oceans, and are discovered after many adventures and perils – at least that’s how the tales are told.

It’s the same thing here, and if we look deeper and remove the scary masks, we often find a little child – ourselves – who is desperately crying out to get our attention by all means possible.

That small child is in reality the guardian of our Heart. If we’re capable of listening to him or her, of playing with them, and caring for them, we find that more of our potential unlocks itself. The past merges with the present, and darkness turns into light.

We have to remember that it’s all a game of mirrors and that the more we know ourselves, the more we can hold ourselves energetically. In other words, the more present and grounded we are, the more our boundaries are clear, the more what doesn’t really belong to us naturally fades away.

All this is key when it comes to our self-development, and it’s why it’s so important to turn it into a steady practice – whatever this means to you.

At the end of the day, when we look at things from a higher perspective, we are sovereign Beings of incredible Light. We have the power to render ourselves whole, by facing our inner shadows that those entities have come to reflect within us. When we do this, we take responsibility for our emotions, our energy, and our light.

When this happens – and at some point in our evolution it naturally does – our vibration rises to a point where no unwanted entity can enter our field. There’s no more energy leakage from us and they can’t sense us.

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Have you ever experienced a demonic entity attachment? How did you overcome it? Share your story in the comments below.

Written by: Masha Erlich
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