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How to Determine If Someone Is Trustworthy

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Think about why you trust some people and mistrust others. What is it about their behavior that makes you feel that way? How do you determine if someone is trustworthy?

25 Ways to Determine If Someone Is Trustworthy

Here are 25 ways to determine whether someone can be trusted. Do these thoughts cross your mind:

  1. “I can always count on him. He’d never let me down.”
  2. “She’s the same in public as she is in private.”
  3. “His promise is as good as a contract.”
  4. “She’s always willing to help others and rarely asks for anything in return.”
  5. “He tells me the truth — even when it hurts.”
  6. “She’d never say anything behind my back that she wouldn’t say directly to me.”
  7. “He treats everyone warmly — even if they can’t do anything for him.”
  8. “He spends more time telling me what he’s done than promising what he’ll do.”
  9. “I can confide in her. She can really keep a secret.”
  10. “She doesn’t spin the truth. She tells it like it is.”
  11. “He’s always on time. I can set my watch by him.”
  12. “She’s objective. She always presents both sides of an issue.”
  13. “He has strong convictions. He doesn’t blow in the wind.”
  14. “She’s respectful, even when she doesn’t agree with me.”
  15. “He’d never ask me to do anything that he wouldn’t do himself.”
  16. “When she makes a mistake, she admits it — and accepts responsibility.”
  17. “I always know where he stands. He’s anything but a ‘yes’ person.”
  18. “She a big believer in win-win relationships.”
  19. “He’s a team player, always willing to make sacrifices for the team.”
  20. “She’s a good friend. I can count on her in good times and bad.”
  21. “He’s very fair — open-minded, objective, and even-handed.”
  22. “She tries to do what’s right rather than what’s politically expedient.”
  23. “He’s not an envious person. He’s genuinely happy for my success.”
  24. “She’s the real deal — what you see is what you get.”
  25. “I never fear that he’s withholding information from me.”

Trust is not granted because you possess power, wealth, or status. Similarly, trust isn’t given because you demand or desire it. When someone places their trust in you, you’ve proven that you’re worthy of their trust and that you’ll work hard to preserve it. How do you determine whether someone is trustworthy?

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How Do You Determine If Someone Is Trustworthy?

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