Bastille Day Wishes Messages To Celebrate The Freedom

Gorgeous Bastille Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes are the best words to be shared on the occasion of French National Day.

French National Day is known as Bastille Day in all English-speaking nations. This day is observed every year on July 14th. On this anniversary, celebrations are planned throughout France.

The day is also known as La Fete Nationale. This day is celebrated in France with military parades and pyrotechnics to remember the spirit of the revolution. It commemorates the storming of the Bastille, a military stronghold and jail, on July 14, 1789, signalling the start of the French Revolution.

It is similar to Independence Day in the United States in that it marks the commencement of a new system of government.

The French celebrate Bastille Day to honour the spirit of revolution. Military parades, fireworks, balls, concerts, and other activities are among the festivities. Below mentioned are few of the activities that can be done to celebrate this day:

  • Enjoy Party – More than 50 localities in the United States have developed some type of formal Bastille Day commemoration. Some of the largest are in New York, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and New Orleans, all of which have significant French populations.
  • Watching a documentary – The storming of the Bastille put in motion a series of events that not only impacted French history but also had a significant influence on the types of governance that arose in the nineteenth century. Spend some time viewing a video on the battles, treaties, and shifting boundaries that occurred following the French Revolution.
  • Organize event or party – Can’t make it to any of America’s top Bastille Day celebrations? No issue. It’s simple to have a French-themed party. If you’re not into cliches and preconceptions, you may have a more real experience by providing what Parisians truly drink. Citron Pressé on a hot summer day, anyone.

We have gathered some lovely Bastille Day greetings for you to share on social media. You may use these wishes and quotations on your wish cards to send your best wishes to someone special. Take a look at the options below and select one to send to your loved ones on this French National Day. Make Happy Bastille Day 2022 unforgettable for your family and friends by exchanging the greatest greeting cards with gorgeous Bastille Day Wishes, Messages, and Quotes printed on them.

Bastille Day Wishes

“May our country continue to develop and progress. Happy French Independence Day!”

Happy Bastille Day Wishes

Happy Bastille Day Wishes

“Best wishes and congrats to all of my French friends on this lovely day! Quatorze Juillet!”

“Everyone should have a Happy France Day. Today, let us honour all of our country’s heroes.”

“Happy French National Day to everyone. May we all strive together to improve our country’s wealth and strength.”

“Even the most powerful oppressor may be brought down by a united front. Stay strong and unified. Quatorze Juillet!”

“The teachings of Bastille Day will live on in our hearts and thoughts. Happy National Day of France!”

Happy Bastille Day Quotes

Happy Bastille Day Quotes

“Everyone should wish France a happy Independence Day. May we all work together to safeguard our country’s worth.”

“On this wonderful day, congratulations and Happy French Independence Day. I wish you all a happy day.”

“Let us make France the finest country on the planet. Good luck with your national holiday.”

“Today, on this wonderful day, I want to congratulate and greet all French people. Happy French Independence Day!”

Happy Bastille Day Inspiring Quotes

“When we work together, we can accomplish the impossible. Happy National Day!”

Happy Bastille Day Messages

Happy Bastille Day Messages

  • “Everyone should wish France a happy Independence Day. Always remember our warriors’ sacrifices.”
  • “Today is proof that excellent deeds lead to bigger successes. I wish you a wonderful day.”
  • “Good luck with your national holiday. I wish you everyone a very happy Fourth of July. I wish you all a pleasant day.”
  • “Let us celebrate this magnificent day by remembering our forebears’ efforts in proudly inscribing our country’s name in history. The Fourth of July!”

“Bastille Day teaches us that triumph comes at a cost to those who are the most powerful. Have a wonderful France Day!”

Alluring Wishes For Bastille Day

Alluring Wishes For Bastille Day

  • “Let us show the rest of the world what we’re capable of as proud French! The Fourth of July!”
  • “On this historic day in France, I’d like to take this occasion to wish all of our citizens a Happy Independence Day! I wish you a good day.”
  • “Let us be proud of what our forebears did and sacrificed for this country today. Happy National Day of France!”
  • “On this historic day, remember to respect our country’s heroes and to defend the constitution, our culture, and our legacy. Happy National Day!”

Bastille Day Encouraging Messages

“Happy Bastille day to all of you. May we all work to enrich our country’s prosperity and strength.”

Inspiring Messages For Bastille Day

Inspiring Messages For Bastille Day

“Joyeux Quatorze Juillet! France is our pride and love. We are really proud to be French.”

“May our country continue to thrive and progress. Happy French Independence Day!”

“Happy France day everyone. Today Let’s pay our respect to all the heroes of our nation.”

“Unity can bring down the mightiest oppressor. Be united and be strong. Le Quatorze Juillet!”

“My heartiest wishes and congratulations to all of my french friends on this wonderful day! Le Quatorze Juillet!”

Sayngs For Happy Bastille Day

Sayngs For Happy Bastille Day

“This day reminds us every year that we are more than what we really think of ourselves. Joyeux 14 Juillet à tous!”

“Our hearts and minds will remember the lessons of Bastille Day. Happy French Independence Day!”

“Let’s fly the country’s flag up high and hold our heads higher to show the world how proud we are. La Fête du 14 Juliet!”

“Happy France independence day to all of you. May we all protect the value of our nation.”

Happy Bastille Day Sayings

“Congratulations and Happy Bastille Day on this joyous occasion. I wish you all a pleasant day.”

Bastille Day Saying Wording In English

Bastille Day Saying Wording In English

“Let’s make France the best nation on the world map. Bonne fête nationale.”

“Happy France independence day! Let’s enjoy this day to the fullest.”

“Today on this joyous day, as a proud French citizen I want to congratulate and wish all french people. Happy French Independence Day!”

“We can do the impossible when we are united, together. Bonne Fete Nationale!”

“Happy France independence day to everyone. Remember the sacrifices of our heroes always.”

Gorgeous Bastille Day Quotes Sayings

Gorgeous Bastille Day Quotes Sayings

“Great actions bring greater accomplishments and today is the proof of that. Wishing you a Happy Day.”

“Bonne fête nationale. Wishing you all a very happy independence day. I hope you all have a good day.”

“Let us rejoice on this lovely day and recall our forefathers’ sacrifices in proudly engraving our country’s name in history. Le Quatorze Juillet!”

“Today is French National Day, a day to honor the bravery of those who fought for the freedom we have today. Happy France Day to all!”

Happy Bastille Day Wishes, Quotes & Messages

“Bastille Day tells us that victory comes to those who are most strong, but at a cost. Wishing you a happy France Day!”

Gorgeous Bastille Day Inspirational Quotes Sayings

Gorgeous Bastille Day Inspirational Quotes Sayings

  1. “Dear, let’s take an oath to be united and strong forever on this Bastille day. Great things can be accomplished with unity. Bonne Fete Nationale!”
  2. “Let us prove our abilities to the rest of the world as a proud french! Le Quatorze Juillet!”
  3. “On this memorable day in France, I take this opportunity to wish all our people Happy Independence Day! Hope you have a wonderful day.”
  4. “Today let’s be proud of what our forefathers have accomplished and sacrificed for this nation. Happy French Independence Day!”
  5. “Pay honor to our country’s heroes on this historic day, and remember to protect the constitution, our tradition, and our legacy. Bonne Fete Nationale!”
  6. “Let our motherland be one of the best nations on the globe with your hard work and integrity. Happy French Independence Day!”
  7. “Celebrate this independence Day with pride in being a citizen of this magnificent nation and affection for it. Best wishes!”
  8. “Let’s celebrate the spirit of freedom on this memorable day of French independence!”
  9. “Warm wishes of French Independence day to all. May France live long!”

“Thanks to all the brave souls who stormed down Bastille many years ago to give us the taste of independence.”

Bastille Day Quotes Wishes Sayings

Bastille Day Quotes Wishes Sayings


Every day has something special to teach us, but Bastille Day teaches us about solidarity, sacrifice, and the taste of independence.

The elimination of unjust rulers occurred on July 14, 1789, paving the stage for France to become the powerful nation that it is today. And this piece is all about how to wish France a happy national holiday. Use these greetings and wishes to wish the globe a happy Bastille Day via email, social media post captions, cards, or SMS. Even if you are not in France or a French citizen, you may celebrate the essence of independence via words throughout the world.

Through these Bastille Day Wishes, Messages, and Quotes to celebrate the force of solidarity and the outcome of sacrifices made against injustice, and wish the world a happy Bastille Day.

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