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CEO Coach Matt Mochary — Live Coaching with Tim, Why Fear and Anger Give Bad Advice, How to Perform Personal Energy Audits, The Power of Accountability Partners, Delegation Tips, Strategies for Hiring the Right People, and More (#658)

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“Fear and anger give bad advice.”

— Matt Mochary

Matt Mochary (@mattmochary) coaches the heads of top Silicon Valley tech investment firms and companies on how to be the best leaders and build the best organizations possible.  His philosophy and method are captured in both the Mochary Coaching Methodology (which is available as a free Google Doc) and in his book The Great CEO Within, which is available on Amazon and online (also as a free Google Doc).

As a former founder, CEO, and investor, Matt knows firsthand the challenges of those roles as well as solutions to the most commonly encountered problems. His coaching is not questions-only; there is real guidance. Matt specializes in helping CEOs and their companies (or investment firms) transition from freewheeling startups to dominant enterprises.

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#658: CEO Coach Matt Mochary — Live Coaching with Tim, Why Fear and Anger Give Bad Advice, How to Perform Personal Energy Audits, The Power of Accountability Partners, Delegation Tips, Strategies for Hiring the Right People, and More

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Editor’s Note: Timestamps will be added shortly.

  • Fear and anger give bad advice.
  • Dispelling dating dread.
  • The power of prediction.
  • Next actions.
  • Turning conversations into action items.
  • Accountability for introverts and extroverts.
  • What is Focusmate?
  • Separating decision from implementation.
  • Firing well.
  • Effective and efficient recruiting.
  • Getting honest feedback from past managers.
  • The energy audit.
  • Running effective and efficient meetings.
  • Reducing and removing energy-depleting obligations from the calendar.
  • Assistance with assistants.
  • Why did Matt stop making documentaries?
  • Why Matt’s building a startup.
  • Rules, guide rails, and exit protocols.
  • Downregulating anger and feeling the pain.
  • Parting thoughts.


“Fear and anger give bad advice.”
— Matt Mochary

“When I coach someone, I become their manager, period, end of story. And if by the third meeting they feel more successful, more engaged, more empowered, then they know the system works. And it’s all written out, so they can just copy, paste, use with their team members, and then it works with their team members as well.”
— Matt Mochary

“In any organization, there’s a human that you are prioritizing. So if it’s a company, you’re probably prioritizing the customer. If it’s an investment firm, you’re probably prioritizing your LPs. If it’s your own personal life, you need to be prioritizing you.”
— Matt Mochary

“I find that generally, humans are not incompetent … they’re uninterested. But if you can find a place where they’re interested, suddenly they become very competent.”
— Matt Mochary

“I would say the most valuable thing about recruiting is first, learn how to fire well. And if you can do that, now the pressure is off, and you can take a little bit more chance on people you have intuition about that you really like, but maybe they’re inexperienced, maybe they’re young. And I find those people are often insanely good performers.”
— Matt Mochary

“Allow yourself to feel pain.”
— Matt Mochary


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