Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends To Include In 2023 Strategies

Publishing cute videos, paying for advertisements, buying blog sections, and getting engagement on Facebook was a good way to do Digital marketing once. Now the game has changed drastically. The platforms, integrated technology, users’ behavior, expectations, and business models as well have evolved with time. So, the way of marketing should evolve too.

In this article, we have forged a list of some upcoming digital marketing trends that will work in 2023. Some of them are new, some of them have evolved, and some of them are making a comeback.

Let’s get into the Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

1. Rise in Virtual Events

The pandemic brought a major change in the mode of events. Before Covid, live events were the main avenue for marketers to connect with customers — now, everything has shifted to online meetings. During the pandemic, businesses and agencies were forced to cancel live events, but now online seminars, virtual escape rooms, and remote conferences have become the new norm.

The shift altered the way of approaching potential customers by companies and event organizers. 71% OF event professionals in the USA are including a Q&A section, Chat, and other interactive features in the virtual events. 69% are conducting events in webinar format. Additionally, smart business cards became the new thing to hand out during virtual events. The popularity of virtual events remained the same even after the pandemic.

2. Omnichannel Marketing

The way of using digital media is different for everyone. Some consumers use it to read articles and news related to their field and interest, while others use it to play games and entertainment. But, there is something common among all the users. They use a common social media platform. If you can somehow manage to bump into their social media, you can convert them into customers.

You might lose information and flow if you limit your interaction with your customer via a single channel. You won’t be able to see what they are saying about you on another channel. They might appreciate your service on Instagram and tweet about your slow response; this will improve your customer service.

Instead of using multiple channels, shift to omnichannel to keep track of your customers.

3. Mobile First and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

77% of mobile searches take place at home and offices, while 17% of mobile searches happen on the go. 55% of conversions happen within the first hour of mobile search. There was a time when laptops were considered portable, now, considering their counterpart — smartphones are proven heavy and bulky.

Most users use smartphones to connect to the internet, as they are more portable, lighter, and have easy pocket fits. According to Google Analytics, users prefer apps over static and dynamic websites. Google rolled out mobile-first indexing on 1 July 2019. This means the websites will rank based on the performance on mobile devices. Progressive web apps are simply web pages designed to behave like Apps.

4. Rise in Voice Searches

China reported 51% of the total searches are coming from voice searches. The USA stands with 24% voice searches. According to a report by Cabalys in 2019, the global market of smart speakers touched the 20.7 million units mark in the first quarter. The most recent market research data shows that the market of voice search is going to rise in the future. Users are finding voice searches easy and getting accustomed to AI assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana.

Low numbers in the USA are the result of concerns of customers with voice searches. 42% of US consumers are concerned about their security, while 31% are concerned about ordering the wrong item. 26% showed their concern about ordering multiple duplicate orders.

Keep in mind if these customers are your target customer or not.

5. Augmented Reality Experience

Augmented reality enhances users’ experience by inserting digital objects in a real-time video. This tech not only provides the users with a cool experience, but you can leverage it as a marketing place by inserting your brand name. It’s a good digital marketing stunt to get customers to initiate and have a chat about your brand.

Marketers can use this immersive experience in the form of games. Pokemon go was one example among many. The game mixed gaming, movie, anime, and business model into one. This platform can be designed as an income-generating freemium model. First, bring customers to the platform and then introduce merchandise and in-app purchases.

6. Native Marketing

You must have encountered product placement in between videos and movies. These are called native ads. They moreover look like part of content than an ad. Traditional ads are annoying, and people hate them. They are intrusive and, most of the time, have nothing to do with the audience watching it. According to a report by Digital Information World, 47% of users worldwide use ad blockers.

While native ads are embedded seamlessly into the content, they don’t look annoying. Rather than they look part of the content marketing. We see luxury cars and watches in a chase scene of an action movie that may look the part of the scene — but in fact, they are product placement.

Native marketing isn’t new to the market, but companies need to learn how to use them better.

7. Rise in B2C Marketing

52% of companies write and maintain blogs on their website. 40% of them generate leads by sending email newsletters, and email marketing gives the best ROI.. 36% of companies organize live, in-person events, and 40% of them publish e-books and posts on social media. Why are all these happening? Because there is a rise in B2C marketing over B2B. Sellers and consumers are using the same platform and share the same transaction methods. B2C marketing has been easier and quicker than B2B.

Think of getting pasta sauce samples and ice cream samples and getting to experience them before purchasing the item. Similarly, in the Saas business and SaaS industry, brands are giving free trials for a certain period before purchasing a full version.

8. In-person Events

Augmented reality (AR) and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) give out positive results when done right. But, there is a world outside the digital media too. People love to interact in activities done in in-person events. Haagen-Dazs, an ice cream company once set up a gaming in-store. While having fun, they got the chance to familiarise the customer with their new flavors. For customers, this is an improvement in the quality of their life.

If you are registering and starting a business, instead of a big budget setup, organize an event that can work on your budget.

Along with augmented reality, augment your marketing and recruitment marketing activities in real life with in-person events and let your potential customer experience it.

9. Rise in Video Content

More than 80% of the content will be videos in 2022. Businesses spent a whopping $90 billion on video content in 2019 alone, and the market has grown tremendously after the pandemic. The rise in the video is backed by the search for just an idea. Sometimes, users just want an idea. They prefer a well-made video over reading a long article, e-book, or manual. Videos are more engaging than articles.

Marketers leverage video content sites like DailyMotion and YouTube to increase customer engagement and boost brand recognition. Video content comes in many forms, like how-to’s and reviews; you just need to divert your potential customer to your channel.

10. Rise in Podcast Content

The top podcasts in the world are The thing about Pam, 1619, Crime Junkies, Culpable, The Joe Rogan Experience, and similar channels are growing rapidly. They are an easy-to-consume format of content. Technical topics like auto insurance, medical conditions, and product reviews, are broken down into engaging and informative discussions.

Users consume them while working, gymming, commuting and doing household deeds. 70% of Americans are very much familiar with the term Podcast. 51% of the population has listened to the podcast, 22% of them are weekly listeners, and 6% are avid podcast fans.

80% of the listeners listen to the podcast entirely. 63% of the podcast listeners researched or bought the product or service they have listened to in the podcast.


Just keep doing what you’re good at; you need to involve in the current trends going to boost your marketing. Don’t forget to browse books, videos, and blogs; they give you a general idea of the evolving marketing world and ongoing and upcoming digital marketing trends. Also, don’t neglect podcasts.

As awesome as these new digital marketing trends are to take advantage of, if you think you can’t do all of these on your own, you can always hire marketing strategy professionals to make your job easier.

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