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10 Things Women Who Value Emotional Intelligence Do Differently In Relationships

Emotional intelligence is one of the cornerstones of a healthy relationship. In fact, a 15-year-long study even showed that emotional intelligence was a major predictor of relationship satisfaction and the length of a relationship.

Emotional intelligence matters, and some women understand this more than others. While emotional intelligence is important for all types of relationships, romantic and otherwise, this piece will focus on romantic relationships in particular.

And so, without further ado, here are 10 things women who value emotional intelligence do differently in relationships.

1. She communicates openly and honestly.

Basically, her communication skills are top-notch. She is open, honest, and direct when discussing important matters. She doesn’t avoid difficult subject matter and lets her partner know if something is bothering her or if she needs a shoulder to lean on. She doesn’t expect her partner to read her mind and always anticipate what she may need at a given moment. And so, she simply tells them.

As well, a woman who values emotional intelligence listens to her partner without just waiting for her turn to speak. She engages in active listening, asking questions and seeking to understand her partner’s perspective (even if she doesn’t always necessarily agree). She knows that communication is a two-way street and it’s about talking as much as it is listening.

2. She seeks out moments of solitude.

An emotionally intelligent woman embraces solitude and makes sure she makes time to be alone and enjoy her own company. This is because she knows spending time solo is imperative for not only reconnecting with herself, but also for recharging and creating her relationship with her partner stronger, too.

3. She isn’t afraid of the ebbs and flows.

In other words, a woman who values emotional intelligence understands that there will be ups and downs within the partnership. And she takes this fact in stride. She doesn’t panic when her relationship feels a little boring or if things aren’t clicking perfectly. This is because she knows that factors outside of the partnership, such as work and stress, can play a role. She lets everything run its course because she has faith in her partner, in herself, and in the relationship. She trusts that things will work themselves out because they always do.

4. She relies on herself.

This isn’t to say she won’t lean on her partner for support when she needs it or refuses to ask for help. This just means that a woman with high emotional intelligence knows that, in the end, only she is responsible for her emotions, her decisions, and her actions.

5. She practices gratitude.

Gratitude is an important part of emotional intelligence. She is aware of the good things in her life and makes sure she takes the time to appreciate them. She’s not constantly chasing the next best thing. She is present, she is secure, and she is grounded.

6. She has strong friendships.

She invests in her friendships and has strong, healthy relationships with those she holds closest. Her friends are deeply important to her and she treats each friend as the investment she sees them as.

7. She’s open to feedback.

She isn’t defensive when someone may have a piece of constructive criticism for her. Rather, she listens to what the other person has to say and considers their point of view. Of course, she knows that not all feedback is relative and she always considers the source. But she still hears others out because she is confident in herself, and she takes in the opinions of those who matter (and forgets the rest).

8. She has healthy boundaries.

She sets healthy boundaries with her partner and encourages them to enforce their own. She understands that boundaries will only bring herself and her partner closer, and ultimately make their bond that much stronger.

9. She embraces change.

She knows you can’t grow and expand without change. As such, she’s always seeking out new experiences, both to experience individually and with her partner.

10. She doesn’t expect a perfect partnership.

But she doesn’t want perfection anyway. She just wants the real thing.

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