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26 Best Movies That Teach Important Life Lessons

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Movies are not just for entertainment. They can also be a source of inspiration.

Movies with life lessons can change our perception of life and the world around us.

They are a marvelous tool for inspiring us to become better versions of ourselves and for making a difference in the lives of others and the world in which we live in.

The following movies will not only keep you entertained on movie night, but also have powerful life lessons to impart.


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This is the story of Peter Parker, an ordinary teenager who’s bitten by a radioactive spider. The bite imbues him with superpowers that he uses to fight injustice in New York City.

Uncle Ben’s quote, “With great power comes great responsibility,” is a reminder that people in positions of power hold a tremendous amount of influence on others.

One day, you may find yourself in a position of power or influence. It is important that you’re aware of the consequences of your decisions and actions.


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The Rocky series is a popular series of movies about an underdog who works his way to success. Rocky’s speech in the final installment of the series holds several life lessons about success.

This movie teaches us about the value of perseverance. Life will throw curveballs at you, but it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down—the important thing is that you are willing to get   up after each fall.

3.Peaceful Warrior

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This movie is based on the autobiography of Dan Millman called The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. It is an inspiring film about seeking enlightenment.

The key takeaway from this movie is that you are the master of yourself. You make the choices that will change your current circumstances.

4.The Bucket List

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This movie inspired many viewers to assess their lives and try to cross things off from their own bucket lists while time still permits.

Through this film, we are reminded that death comes for all of us. It is important to accomplish what you long to do before you kick the bucket.


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When was the last time you created relationship goals with your spouse or partner?

This movie shows the importance of not taking a relationship or marriage for granted.

It reminds viewers that it takes great effort to make a marriage last. Couples might need marriage counseling or to set goals that help grow their love.

If they’re committed to making the relationship work, they are going to make the effort to achieve that goal.

6.Pay It Forward

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Many people have lost faith in humanity, but here’s a movie that tells viewers not to give up hope just yet.

The key takeaway from this film is that a small act of kindness makes the world a better place.

7.The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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In this film (adapted from the classic fantasy novel of the same name), a young hobbit named Frodo Baggins must take on a seemingly impossible task of saving the world by bringing the One Ring to Mount Doom, where it must be destroyed.

This movie, the first in the trilogy, reminds us that we have a choice of what to do in our lives. Do we let life pass us by, living on autopilot—or are we going to make a difference and create positive change for the rest of the world?

8. Yes Man

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This hilarious film actually has a deep message to share with its viewers. It encourages us to say yes to life.


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Here at DGH, we believe in doing the hard work to reach success. It might not happen overnight, but we’re certain that good habits, done on a daily basis, stack up and eventually lead to good results.

The key takeaway from this movie is that there are no shortcuts to success.

10.Confessions of a Shopaholic

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In this movie, viewers are introduced to Rebecca, a young woman who loves to shop—so much so that she is neck-deep in debt.

This movie teaches viewers to spend their money wisely and learn to differentiate between a want and a need.

Need some pointers on how to spend money wisely? Check out this post for the best money habits to help you save, budget, and increase your income.

11.The Pursuit of Happyness

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The key takeaway from this movie is that your current circumstances in life do not determine how far you’ll go in the future. Believe in yourself and success will eventually be yours.

12.Forrest Gump

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It’s not just talent or educational background that helps people achieve success. Another important factor is your mindset.

This movie reminds us that a growth mindset can take you very far in life.

13.Finding Nemo

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In this movie, we meet Marlin, an overprotective clownfish who is searching the whole ocean for his son, Nemo, after Nemo was taken by human divers.

Along the way, Marlin learns some important lessons about trust, friendship, and love.

One of the key takeaways is that parents need to be ready to let go of their children to let them find their own way in life.


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This movie is set in the future, where only a single robot is left on planet Earth. Humans abandoned the planet 700 years before, when the environment became uninhabitable.

The movie has several takeaways. One of the most urgent lessons of this film is for us to take care of the planet, considering it’s the only home we’ve got.

15.Big Fish

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This movie is about a man who tries to discover and understand the true nature of his dying father. The film teaches us to live life as one great adventure.

16.Spirited Away

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This is the story of a young girl who discovers another world and learns to survive through her own wits and the friendships she establishes.

It is wonderful movie that teaches viewers about the importance of kindness and gentleness. It also shows how love overcomes all adversity.


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This endearing film has been a family favorite since it was first released in 2009. The movie is about an elderly man’s existence after his wife dies.

It teaches us to not get stuck in the past for too long. Staying too long in a state of regret prevents people from having new adventures.

18.Toy Story 4

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This is the last movie is the successful franchise featuring the toy Sheriff Woody and his friends. A road trip leads to an unexpected reunion with Woody’s long-lost and very dear friend Bo Peep.

Woody faces the prospect of a life-changing decision as the movie teaches viewers that change is inevitable.

19.Up in the Air

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In this film, viewers are introduced to Ryan Bingham, who makes a living by firing people from their jobs. He travels a lot, insisting that face-to-face interactions are important in his line of work.

This movie teaches us about the value of connecting with others.

20.Inside Out

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Here’s a backstage peek at how our emotions work. We see Anger, Disgust, Sadness, Fear, and Joy at work inside the head of a young girl called Riley.

This engaging film teaches us it’s important to acknowledge all our emotions.

21.Cinderella (Live Action)

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This movie is Disney’s live action take on the classic fairy tale. We get the fairy godmother, magical carriage, royal ball, and a pair of glass slippers.

The motto of Cinderella’s mother sums up a very important life lesson: “Have courage and be kind.


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In this Japanese film, we watch a man find new purpose in life after learning of his cancer diagnosis.

It teaches us to live life to the fullest. Do not wait for a death sentence to force you to appreciate what you have right now.

23.Fantastic Mr. Fox

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Mr. Fox goes on a thieving spree to feed his family. The three farmers he steals from get tired of Mr. Fox’s thievery and are determined to eradicate him and all those he loves.

Life lesson: It is in accepting who we are—our strengths and weaknesses—that we begin to see others involved in their own struggles and offer the same acceptance to them.

24.Grace Unplugged

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In this movie, we meet a young woman struggling to fulfill her dreams, despite her father’s wish that she devotes her talents to serving in the church.

This movie teaches viewers that while you’re the only one who can determine how to live your life, you must never sacrifice your principles.

25.500 Days of Summer

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In this movie, a hopeless romantic reflects on what went wrong in the relationship he had with the girl he thought was his soul mate.

The key takeaway from this movie is that your happiness shouldn’t be dependent on another person. [Check out some tips on How to Be Happy Alone and Life a Full Life.]

26.Groundhog Day

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This classic film is about a guy who gets trapped in a time loop. He is forced to live the same day over and over.

The movie teaches us that there is actually a formula for living: We need to appreciate life and try to be the best version of ourselves.

Final Thoughts About Movies with Life Lessons

There you have it—a collection of movies where you can learn a thing or two about life.

Is your favorite film among the ones listed here?

Hopefully this article sparks some interest in you to learn a bit more about life.

It can be a wonderful surprise to realize that a lighthearted film can be a source of profound reflections about life.

If you need more movie recommendations about certain topics, I invite you to check out the following:

26 Best Movies That Teach Important Life Lessons

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