What Should I Do Today? 99 Unique, Fun, And Unexpected Ideas 

Are you bored? 

Or maybe you’re a “never-lounger” searching for new things to try. 

Whichever the case, you’ve likely landed here looking for something to do today.

And that’s what we’re serving up!

We’ve created the ultimate list of unique and fun things to do today. 

Pick something and go!

What to Consider When Looking for Something to Do Today 

Before diving into our “what to do now” list, let’s look at the three pillars of consideration when choosing the right activity for your exact situation.

  • Weather: First and foremost, consider the weather. Outside ventures aren’t the best idea if it’s thundering and lightning. Conversely, you probably don’t want to waste a beautiful day cooped inside.  
  • Your Health: How do you feel? Are you sick or getting over a cold or flu? If so, pick something that will keep you isolated from other people. It’ll prevent the spread of whatever you have. Besides, do you enjoy being around other folks when you’re feeling under the weather? Also, do a mental health check. Our minds are equally as important as our bodies.
  • Your Soul: Have you gotten stuck in a mundane, soul-sucking, boring routine? Daily schedules are beneficial and go a long way regarding goal setting and achievement. But it’s also important to switch things up occasionally to keep things fresh and moving forward. So think about further nourishing your soul and mind by stepping outside your comfort box.

What Should I Do Today? 99 Unique, Fun, And Unexpected Ideas 

It’s time to unpack some ideas! Not every option will be for everybody, but we hope you find a few that tickle your fancy.

Also, remember to apply the three considerations — weather, health, soul — when picking ideas for your day. 

New Things to Try

Is today a day where you spread your wings and try something new? 

1. Kayaking or Canoeing

Have you ever tried your hand at kayaking or canoeing? Look for a place that rents equipment. Maybe even sign up for a lesson.

2. Curling

Don’t assume there’s nowhere to curl if you live in a warm area. Even Florida has several clubs! So cool off by spending a day at the rink, learning to curl. It’s fun for all ages and athletic abilities. 

3. Go-Karting

Go-karting brings out your inner child! Even if you don’t want to race, be part of the crowd and cheer on your favorite drivers.

person playing gokart what should i do today

4. Golfing

Golfing isn’t just for the hoi polloi! Thousands of public golf courses are scattered throughout the country. Find one that rents clubs and give it a go. Give the driving range a shot if you don’t want to suffer through 18 holes.

5. Fishing

Fishing is one of the most relaxing activities around. Don’t have poles? You can rent some or borrow them. Then call up a friend you haven’t seen in a while and catch up over a lazy day at the lake or river. 

6. Do Nothing

There’s nothing wrong with spending an entire day doing absolutely nothing — especially if you’re someone who is constantly on the go. Your brain and body will thank you for a day of rest.

7. Make Window Treatments

You needn’t be Governess Maria from The Sound of Music and whip up wardrobes out of your old curtains, but why not make a new set of drapes by hand? It will spruce up the room, and sewing can relieve stress. 

8. Make Glass Art

Glass blowing isn’t the only type of glass art. Why not try making a mosaic out of old glass jars? Safely break up the glass into tiny pieces, paint them, and then arrange them into an artistic work.

9. Painting Old Furniture

Don’t discount your old furniture! You can give it a new life by painting it. Just make sure you pick the correct type of paint. And don’t forget to clean and prep it first for the best results.

10. Redecorate Your Room

How long has your room been in the same configuration? If it’s been a while, it may be fun to switch things up. If you have the budget, consider buying new decorations or a bedspread. 

11. Make Your Pet Something

Have you been threatening to make a dog house or cat wall? Make today the day you actually start the project. Your four-paw pal will love you for it.

12. Go on a Photography Walk

Camera phones are powerful. So even if you don’t have a fancy digital camera, set out on a walk armed with your pocket phone. You may be surprised at the amazing shots you get. Don’t be afraid to be a little artsy!

13. Racquetball

Tennis and pickleball are popular these days, but have you ever tried racquetball? It’s a bit old-school, but many people enjoy it. Plus, it’s an indoor game if the weather isn’t cooperating. 

14. Go to a Public Bath

If you live in a city, there’s a good chance there is a public bath where you can lounge like ancient Romans. Granted, you may not get as clean as you want, but it’s an experience.

15. Pottery

Start the day off watching the classic film Ghost. Then, channel Demi Moore and take yourself to a pottery place. But plan in advance as you’ll likely need to reserve a lesson slot.

16. Go to a Planetarium or Science Museum

When was the last time you went to an interactive museum or planetarium? If you’re like most folks, it’s probably been since elementary school. Capture the wonder of the cosmos by taking a guided tour of the constellations.

17. Try Some New Podcasts

Is your podcast queue getting stale? Spend the day trying out new options. Get recommendations from friends or search the offerings from something that whets your whistle.

18. Listen to a New Album

Musical stagnation is common. We settle into what we like and don’t try anything new. So why not pop on something you’ve never listened to before and let the album play? You may find a new favorite.

19. Make a Collection of Quotes

Are you looking for a bit of motivation or a soothing word? Perhaps you’re a literary type who loves pouring over clever sayings. Either way, consider making a quote collection you can pull out when needed.

20. Press or Dry Flowers

Your great-aunt may be into it, but you’ve never tried pressing or drying flowers. Give it a go today and see how it turns out.

Fun Things to Do Today

What do you want to do today? If you’re like most folks, something fun probably sounds good. Check out the following ideas.

1. Go Swimming 

Head to a nearby lake or ocean for a dip in one of Mother Nature’s watering holes. If that’s not possible, find the closest community pool.

2. Paint

You don’t need to buy expensive materials to paint. Head to the dollar store instead! They usually have craft aisles. And if it becomes a beloved hobby, you can get the “good stuff.”

3. Jog / Walk on a New Route

Are you a walker, jogger, or runner? If so, try out a new route today. Just make sure it’s safe, and you have the right shoes!

4. Drink Mimosas With Friends

A mimosa brunch with good friends is one of life’s great pleasures. So call up the crew and see if anyone is game.

5. Garden or Landscape

Gardening and landscaping have so many benefits. It’s good exercise, grounding, and makes your place look great. Fresh vegetables are also a money-saving treat.

6. Go Shopping

They call it retail therapy for a reason! So break out the card and put it to work. Just make sure not to overextend yourself. Window shopping is also an option.

7. Dine Outside With a Love Interest

If you and the person you’re seeing are in a good place, why not reach out and ask if they want to grab a meal at a restaurant with al fresco dining? Who knows, they may also be bored.

8. Find a Patio With Friends

Sometimes, day drinking hits the spot — especially when surrounded by loved ones. Just don’t overdo it, and make sure there’s a designated driver.

9. Plan an Impromptu Potluck

Get-togethers don’t always need to be planned days in advance. Send a group text and see who’s up for an impromptu potluck.

woman in the kitchen smiling wide what should i do today

10. Go to an Arcade

Access your inner kid and head to the arcade. Kick it old-school, or pick a place like Dave & Buster’s for something more “grown.”

11. Go to the Park

Are you in saving mode? Going to the park for a few hours costs nothing, and it’s one of the best ways to fill your soul and connect with nature. 

12. Find a Nearby Water Park

Is it sweltering? Instead of locking yourself up with the AC, head to a water park to cool down. You’ll get a nice tan and have fun. But remember the sunscreen!

13. Go for a Bike Ride / Rollerblade

Is it one of those perfect, sunny, balmy days? Grab a bike and get peddling. If you don’t own one, rent. Or try rollerblading. Either way, wear a helmet.

14. Host a PowerPoint Party

Ask friends to make 5-minute PowerPoint presentations on something they’re passionate about, like a hobby, a cultural topic, or even a historical event. Then get together and share. Don’t forget the wine and cheese! 

15. Have a Picnic and Go Camping in Your Yard

If you’re a lucky duck with a yard, transform it into a personal park. Make a picnic or go camping on your lawn.

Be sure to pick up some marshmallows for roasting if you choose the latter.

16. Watch a Few TED Talks

TED Talks may be the butt of many jokes — but that doesn’t mean they’re not interesting. Find a topic that fascinates you and start watching.

17. Visit a Tourist Attraction

So many people never go to the tourist attractions in their town. Break the mold and go!

18. Ride the Ferry or Take the Train

A train or ferry ride in and of itself can be a fun day of scenery and people-watching. So buy a roundtrip ticket and head out.

19. Watch a Sporting Event

If you don’t have the funds for a professional game, check your area’s local listings for high school sports games. Or try a minor-league game.

20. Talk to a Good Friend

Call up a good friend and have a long talk. To make it more intimate, do a video call. You may be surprised at how quickly the hours pass.

Unexpected Things You Can Do Now

Sometimes, doing something simple — or a little out of the ordinary — can turn a “meh” day into a spectacular one.

1. Do a Jigsaw Puzzle

Grab a cheap puzzle from the good-old dollar store, or order a nicer one online. Digital options are also available on

2. Start Reading War and Peace

War and Peace is considered one of the best books ever written. Conveniently, there are 361 chapters, each of which is only between three to ten pages.

Grab a 99-cent copy on Kindle and get started. If you tackle one chapter a day, this time next year, you’ll be someone who has read the whole thing.

3. Go to the Library

Libraries are an excellent public resource. So why not check out the one closest to you? Find some books and other media to enjoy for the rest of the day.

4. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

When did you last enjoy a sunset or sunrise and soak in Mother Nature’s beauty? 

5. Journal Outside or Inside

Journaling is great for maintaining good mental health. Grab your book and pen and pour your feelings out on the page.

6. Wash Your Car

Could you car use a little love? Don’t forget about the inside!

7. Go Bowling or to the Batting Cages

Bowling and batting cages are a great way to waste a few hours. Plus, both give your muscles a bit of a workout.

8. Bake Cookies for Your Neighbors

Spread some joy by making cookies for your neighbors. Just make sure they know what’s in them in case of allergies.

9. Go for a Hike

Hiking is great exercise and an excellent way to get in touch with nature. Stay on the beaten path and bring the right equipment. And if the sun is blazing, bring a hat and lather yourself with sunblock.

10. Play Brain Teasers

Doing brain teasers is a great way to waste a day. People who do them regularly are less likely to have severe brain deterioration as they age, plus it keeps your cognitive function sharp in the present.

11. Drop in On Someone You Know Who Could Use the Company

Do you have an elderly neighbor who doesn’t get out much? Or maybe it’s a family member or friend. Give them a call and see if they wouldn’t mind some company.

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12. Go to a Flea Market

Instead of going to a big box store, head to the local flea market. You may find some gems, and the prices are usually incredible!

13. Go to the Gym

Exercising triggers endorphins, the body’s feel-good hormones. Motivating yourself to go may be challenging, but you’ll be thrilled you did.

14. Play a Lawn Game

Break out the lawn darts, hacky sacks, or croquet mallets, and head outside! Go it alone or invite some friends. 

15. Do Your Makeup

No rule says you can’t “put on a full face” if you have nowhere to go. Experiment!

16. Give Yourself a Massage

Yes, you can give yourself a massage. Hit up Google to find out how then give it a try.

17. Teach Yourself Three New Phrases in Another Language

You may not become a polyglot overnight, but you can teach yourself a few phrases. Who knows, you may end up becoming fluent down the line.

18. Start a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journaling is a mindfulness practice that can help keep you balanced and sane. So why not start one today?

19. Make Your Own Chocolate Bar

Are you a chocolate fan? Have you ever tried to make your own bar? Buy baking chocolate, infusion oils, and other ingredients. Then experiment! If you don’t have molds, make some out of aluminum foil and no-stick spray. 

20. Write Someone a Handwritten Letter

When was the last time you got or wrote a handwritten letter? It’s a lovely gesture that could brighten someone’s day.

Indoor Things To Do Today

Some of these ideas don’t require you to leave the house. Others may involve a short car ride. But they’re all indoors for those yucky weather days.

1. Organize

Organizing may be hectic while you’re in the process, but the result will fill you with a sense of accomplishment. Plus, it adds a bit of order to your life, which is never a bad thing. 

2. Try Yoga

Studies show that yoga is beneficial for both the body and mind. It may seem intimidating initially, but if you start slowly, it’s a snap.

3. Do an At-Home Exercise Class

You don’t have to schlep to the gym to take a class. Just pop on YouTube and find one that matches your activity level.

4. Wash Your Carpets / Rugs

When was the last time you had your carpets and rugs cleaned? You can usually rent a deep cleaner from your local supermarket, and the results could revive your space.

5. Clean Your Shelves and Cupboards

A thorough cleaning may be just what your home or apartment needs. Plus, you’ll enjoy a sparkling space when you’re done!

6. Vacuum Your Sofa / Blinds

You may always vacuum your floor, but what about your sofa and blinds? Why not tackle the chore today? 

7. Clean Your Computer

Get a can of compressed air and some screen-safe whips and pamper your computer. Don’t forget to turn off the machine before you begin. 

8. Sign Up for Online Classes

In our digital age, there are many ways to engage in remote learning. Find a platform that offers online classes that match your interests and hobbies.

woman playing by the lake what should i do today

9. Go to a Yoga or Meditation Class

Taking a yoga or meditation class can give you a sense of community. So if you’re into that, check out a local class. 

10. Tend to Your Plants

Could your plants use a little pruning? Maybe a repotting? Why not spend the day tending to them? Some say talking to plants is great for them, so don’t be afraid to chat it up! 

11. Rewatch Your Favorite Series

How long has it been since you rewatched a favorite show from the past? Diving into oldies but goodies can be revealing. You’ll probably notice things you didn’t the first — or 17th — time around.

12. Try a New Supermarket

Are you stuck in a supermarket rut? Why not check out a new place? Who knows, you may like it better.

13. Go Rollerskating

Rollerskating may not be as popular as it was in the 70s and 80s, but it’s still a blast! Just make sure you bring socks.

14. Make a Scrapbook

Do you have a bunch of pictures lying around in disarray? Or maybe they’re neatly stacked in a box. Whatever the case, consider stretching your craft gene and making a scrapbook or memorabilia. 

15. Read

Cuddling up with a good book is a great way to pass 10 minutes or 10 hours. Pick something that isn’t triggering if you’re feeling blue.

16. Write

Have you been threatening to write a book for years? Stop promising and start writing. Today’s the day!

17. Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

Art fills the soul. So why not pick yourself up and stroll through an art-filled place?

18. Day Dream About a Dream Vacation

Daydreaming in excess can be problematic. But it’s fine — even healthy — to do once in a while. It may even get you back on your goal path if you’ve been lax lately. 

19. Go to a Trampoline Park

If screaming children don’t drive you insane, check out a trampoline park — no matter your age. 

20. Give Yourself an At-Home Facial

Your pantry is probably filled with the ingredients needed to make an at-home facial. So why not whip something up to soothe your skin?

Fun Things to Do Tonight

The sun may have set, but there’s still fun to be had!

1. Plan a Mini Film Festival

With so many streaming services available, curating an at-home film festival is a snap!

2. Try a New Recipe

If your meal plan is on a conveyor belt lately, mix things up with a new recipe.

3. Order In From Your Favorite Restaurant

Don’t feel like cooking tonight? It’s okay to give yourself a break from the kitchen and order something scrumptious from your favorite restaurant.

4. Plan a Watch Party

Most streaming services have a watch party feature. So plan a group viewing with friends and family.

5. Break Out a Board Game

Turn off your screens and break out a board game. It’s fun and gives your devices a rest — which is great for your brain and eyes.

6. Do a Bake-Off Challenge

You needn’t be “under the tents” to do a bake-off! Challenge your roommates or live-in partner. Just make sure you have a neutral party to judge.

7. Make Homemade Ice Cream

Making homemade ice cream is easier than many people think. Look up a recipe and give it a shot.

8. Go Mini Golfing

So what if you have a sky-high handicap? Mini golf is all about the fun themes and laughing at how bad you are at it! 

9. Go Dancing

Find a spot to go dancing or hold a disco at home. Either way, shake your butt! It’s a great exercise that gets the feel-good hormones racing.

10. Go to a Sports Bar

Throw on a pair of jeans and a cute top, and head to a fun sports bar. But prepare yourself for a high noise level. 

11. Check out Local Theatre

Broadway isn’t the only option when it comes to live theater. See what’s on tap at the community playhouse.

12. Go Out for Dessert

Instead of going out for an entire meal, pick someplace with great desserts and skip the rest.

13. Plan a Romantic Night

Put on some lingerie, light candles, and set the mood with romantic music. Make sure you have massage oils on hand, too.

14. Make Homemade Pasta

Making pasta takes time, but it’s easy and tastes great. The extra effort can elevate a meal from “meh” to “WOW!”

15. Go Listen to Live Music

Many bars have live music some nights. Find something that fits your taste — or check out something new. 

16. Go Out to Dinner

Going out to dinner may be run of the mill, but it rarely gets old if you mix things up and try new places.

17. Cozy Up With Adult Coloring

Research shows that adult coloring is a sensational stress reliever. You can print out designs online or get an adult coloring book delivered.

18. Go on a Haunted Walk

Do you have a haunted house in your neighborhood (that’s not occupied)? If you’re feeling bold, gather some friends, grab some flashlights, and go for a haunted walk. Just make sure you’re not trespassing. 

19. Go Stargazing

The night sky is an amazing sight! Yet too many people take it for granted. Don’t be one of those people. Instead, grab a blanket, dress appropriately, and pick a comfy spot to stare up at the constellations for an hour or two.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re staying in or getting out, we hope you have a spectacular day filled with fun and laughs, relaxation and quiet, productivity and movement — whichever the doctor ordered. Enjoy!

Have you ever wondered, "what should I do today?" Well, worry no more, as we have this list of things you should do when you're out of things to do.

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