Crooked Man Casts Adeline Rudolph & Jefferson White

Hellboy in NetherRealm's Injustice 2.

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After breaking the news earlier in the week that Jack Kesy was the new Hellboy for the upcoming film reboot The Crooked Man, Millennium Media has confirmed the addition of two more actors to the cast. Co-starring in the film alongside Kesy will be Jefferson White and Adeline Rudolph.

White, currently seen in Yellowstone, will be playing the role of Tom Ferrell. In the comics the Crooked Man film is based on, Tom serves as Hellboy’s human companion during the titular demon’s journey in 1950s rural Appalachia. Meanwhile Rudolph, who previously starred in Netflix’s Resident Evil and Riverdale, will portray Bobbie Jo Song, a character who doesn’t appear to have been in the comics proper.

Directed by Crank’s Brian Taylor, The Crooked Man will adapt the 2008 comic book arc of the same name by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and Richard Corben. This’ll be the first film in the series to be written by Mignola, along with frequent Hellboy collaborator Christopher Golden. Per the logline, Hellboy and Tom will discover a small community terrorized by a witch coven, and the witches are led by the titular Crooked Man, who has supposed ties to Hellboy’s demonic past.

In February shortly after the film’s announcement, Taylor talked about wanting to capture the “lean and mean, creepy folk horror vibe” of the original comics. “The appeal of this one to me, is to go back to that and do a real reset, and really give us that version of Hellboy, which I just don’t think we’ve seen yet,” he said. “This material, this original material is dark and scary and violent and adult. So in order to really embrace that, we just don’t wanna have any handcuffs on.”

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