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How To Channel Main Character Energy Like ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’

Whether you’ve read Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Daisy Jones & The Six or you’re just excited about the show coming to Amazon Prime on March 3, 2023, you likely love the lead singer vibes of the titular Daisy and her The Six counterpart Billy Dunne. They’ve got that star quality that turns them into magnets. Everyone is pulled in by their unmistakable gravity. You don’t have to be belting out your greatest hits on a stage in front of thousands to have main character energy, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to channel these mega-watt lead singers.

1. Dress the part.

Daisy Jones’ fashion sense is killer. Just watching her spread her arms on stage with those flowy sleeves is enough to make you wish you were her. While I’m not suggesting replacing your wardrobe with ’70s-inspired clothing, you can still take a page from her book. Go for a cohesive closet that shows off your personality–the more interesting the better. Even just a couple pieces, like a colorful jacket or DIY crop tops made from old band tees, go a long way to giving you a memorable signature look.

2. Don’t take crap from anyone.

There’s a lot of confidence that goes into being a lead singer. Any bandmate needs to handle pressure, but the singers get it the most. You have to be very sure of yourself in order to handle it. So let all the criticism roll off. Just like bands have to weather bad reviews, you need to weather any of the less-than-stellar people out there who are set on ruining your day.

3. Feel a connection to your “lyrics.”

Okay, you might not actually be a lead singer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have something you need to believe in. Rather than feeling connected to literal lyrics like in Daisy Jones & The Six, you should feel a connection with the words you say and the things you do. Have passion in your life–don’t just go through the motions. Every time you say or do something, make it mean something.

4. Fight for your place in the world.

Despite having to deal with some 1970s-style sexism, Daisy Jones is great at clapping back against people who insist she can’t do something. Bring that strong presence and never back down when people tell you you can’t do something. True main characters don’t stumble into stardom, they claw their way past all the people who are actively trying to keep them down.

5. Don’t accept anything other than your dreams.

Main characters like Daisy and Billy get where they are because they don’t accept anything less. Imagine if either of them gave up. They’d just be another cog in the machine. No one would have ever heard their music. It might take years of work to get where you want to be. So what? It’s totally worth it.

6. Go with the flow when change comes your way.

The conflict of Daisy Jones & The Six starts when The Six are convinced to let fledgling singer Daisy Jones join in for a duet. It kickstarts a wild ride of fame, fortune, and heartache. Sometimes opportunities come your way that you might feel hesitant to embrace. Main characters will go with it because half of the fun in life is seeing what the adventure can bring.

Daisy Jones & The Six arrives on March 3, 2023 only on Amazon Prime Video.

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