Bad Customers: 5 Signs You Must Ditch a Client Now

sales man dealing with bad customers

Not all customers are good clients. Bad clients and customers can eat up valuable resources—that is, your time, energy and money. So how do you know when it’s time to end the relationship between you and a client? D.I.T.C.H. them.

Characteristics of bad customers

1. Debtors

Debtors never pay on time and always owe money. They also make you waste your time and energy trying to track them down for payment. Don’t listen to repeat excuses from these bad customers, such as how their check is lost in the mail (again). You are running a business, and business has rules.

2. Integrity issues

Integrity is a must for business leaders—the same also goes for customers. Nothing good comes of conducting business with liars. Plus, they can damage your organization’s reputation.

3. Time eaters are bad customers

Running a business takes more than just the investment of your money; it requires an investment of your hours. Ditch the bad clients who continuously eat up your valuable time with ever-changing needs and the overly needy customers you can never seem to satisfy. You can better spend your days by acquiring new—and better—clients.

4. Cranky customers

Never tolerate abusive or disrespectful customers. These types of people cause scenes that ruin the experience of your other clients. Nobody has the right to disrespect you, your employees or other clients. Those who act uncivilized should be quickly shown the door.

5. Hustlers

Hustlers will quickly drain your time and profits. These bad customers always want things for free or deep discounts. Hustlers are not high-volume clients and hold no strategic long-term importance; therefore, providing deep discounts will not lead to an increase in business later.

This article originally appeared in the July 2015 issue of SUCCESS magazine and has been updated. Photo by Fractal Pictures/Shutterstock

Dan Travieso is an expert in organizational and individual performance at DT Squared Consulting Services.

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