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Hema, a 20-years-old native of the charming city of Vishakhapatnam, is on her way to becoming an engineer. This young lady, who is currently in her fourth year of Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras has a diverse range of interests, that includes reading, dancing, playing badminton, and even painting.

Hema grew up in a close-knit household. She received extra love and care from every member of her family, and the best part is she never had to deal with her parents’ intense pressure to perform well. Whether it was education or anything else, learning was always more important for her family.

But Hema made sure she did well in whatever she attempted. She began to push herself so hard that at one point, she was the one forcing unhealthy pressure on herself. This eventually led to overthinking and anxiety as she became fixated on making sure she managed to succeed in everything she did. 

“People around me never noticed that something was wrong. But I was able to feel the constant stress and anxiety. I never understood what was happening and that made it worse.”

When we are aware that we are in pain but cannot find the reason behind it, we bear a kind of misery. Yet, as they say, when we are unable to provide a why we should look for a how. What should I do to break free?

Hema felt that her peers would not understand and would dismiss her situation if she shared what she was going through with them.

“Even if I had disclosed what I was going through to anyone, I would have been told that millions of people around the world experience the same thing. However, I genuinely believe that while many people do experience anxiety and overthinking, what matters is the intensity, and no one can compare that.”

Hema decided to seek therapy after learning that her college had a partnership with YourDOST. She took the first step to free herself from everything that had been holding her back.

“I used to only attend a session when I was feeling low. However, one of the therapists I encountered during these brief sessions advised that I pursue long-term therapy. I figured I had nothing to lose so why not give it a shot.”

This is when Hema met Ms. Kashish Sharma through YourDOST and was finally able to make sense of what was going wrong. 

“Ms. Kashish was extremely patient and calm throughout all our sessions. She listened to my story without interrupting, despite the fact that I kept repeating myself. She helped me interpret my thoughts and also supported me throughout my healing process. She was incredibly kind.”

Hema’s therapist asked her to start putting her thoughts on paper. Be it planning her day or sharing her thoughts whenever she felt she was overthinking, she started journaling it all. She was also suggested to practise certain breathing exercises as well as mindfulness.

Hema and Ms. Kashish met almost every 10 days and discussed Hema’s progress. Soon she started noticing positive changes in her and couldn’t be happier for the same.

“I feel more at peace. I noticed a lot of changes in myself, one of which was how I acted around my friends. I think I was a little bit obsessed with what I wanted to do most of the time, but I learned to appreciate other people.”

Hema struggled to concentrate on numerous things. She also had trouble reading because she wasn’t mindful. But she believes YourDOST helped her in getting her life back on track and she is grateful to Ms. Kashish who helped her understand where her mind is.

“I still have a lot to figure out and fathom. Even though I am in a much better state, I still have things to work on. I now understand how to deal with a crisis.”

Hema believes she has a long way to go and rates herself 3.5 out of 5 in terms of getting better. She still has many dreams and ambitions but now she knows the right way of pursuing them.

Hema’s Warrior Tips:
1. It is okay to not to be okay.
2. Even if people tell you that your issue is a minor inconvenience, believe your heart and seek help without labelling what you are facing. Nobody can understand what you are going through and it is not their fault. Only you can understand what you feel.

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