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35 Funny Procrastination Memes About Putting Things Off

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Procrastinators often sabotage their own success and happiness.

Research shows that people who constantly put things off on purpose because they don’t look forward to completing a task or activity (or because they’ve found something else more pleasurable to do) often experience:

  • Higher stress levels
  • Increased anxiety
  • Increased fatigue
  • More depression
  • Reduced life satisfaction

Today, we’re sharing a collection of memes about procrastination to brighten your day if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by your to-do list.

We hope you find the perfect procrastination meme that will make you laugh and jumpstart your motivation to get things done as soon as possible.

1. Support Group for Procrastinators

Procrastinators need help and support to overcome their tendency to put things off. Setting up a support group is actually a good idea. If only someone would take the initiative to start organizing something.

2. Adjust Start Time Accordingly

When you’ve finally succeeded in making a procrastinator commit to a specific time for doing something, make sure to start promptly. Otherwise, this might happen.

3. Delete It Now (Maybe)

Procrastinators often operate under the false impression that they have unlimited time for getting something done. This is the reason why they keep postponing things they’re supposed to do.

Then they run out of time and start to panic. Funnily enough, they often still manage to make it before the deadline.

4. 1/100

After you’ve procrastinated for a while, accomplishing a single task can feel like a major feat. That definitely calls for a celebration.

5. Putting the “Pro” in It

Some procrastinators have been at it for such a long time that they ought to be considered professionals at what they do. However, there are ways to overcome procrastination.

Here are some strategies for overcoming procrastination, which can help you become a “pro” at getting things done instead.

6. The Four Horsemen of Procrastination

If you haven’t been introduced to them yet, the four horsemen of procrastination are:

  • Napping (my favorite)
  • Snacks (yum!)
  • Social media (scroll, scroll, scroll)
  • Minor chores (organizing the clothes in the closet by color)

7. The Excuses We Tell Ourselves

One of the reasons we procrastinate is that the tasks we’re supposed to do aren’t that interesting.

Our brains are wired to pay more attention to things that excite us.

When we are faced with a boring task, procrastination actually opens a portal that makes other activities seem more enticing. Say goodbye to productivity.

8. We Wonder Why, Too

Oftentimes, we keep putting things off because our brains have categorized them as unpleasant tasks. However, it often turns out otherwise, as this meme portrays.

9. It’s All About Good Timing

This sign is spot on. Procrastinators do have goals—they just haven’t gotten around to starting on them.

10. Only Legends Know

This meme is spot on too. In fact, you’ve probably done this yourself!

The most interesting thing is that many procrastinators often manage to pass their exams after cramming the day before. It must be some kind of superpower granted to those who constantly put things off.

11. A Blessing!

One thing that procrastinators are continually working against is time. Being granted a reprieve, such as a deadline extension, is a blessing, indeed!

12. Shouldn’t Lose Sleep Over It, IMO

Another strange thing about procrastinators is that they rarely show how anxious they are about looming deadlines. In fact, many of them manage to sleep soundly, even when they haven’t crossed an item off their to-do list.

13. A Real Gem

Procrastinators understand what it feels like to work under pressure—and extreme pressure is required to produce diamonds. Does this mean that there’s value to be found in procrastination?

14. Writers Are a Pro at This

Writers spend so much time gathering material for their work that it may seem like they’re constantly procrastinating. We’ll never know for sure.

However, this meme is a telling one.

15. It’s Time You Get Sta…

Procrastination can become a habit that you carry throughout your entire life. Don’t fall into this trap.

Fortunately, procrastination can be overcome with the right habits and mindset.

16. At Least Plan It Carefully

Goals should have plans, lest they become mere wishes. Here’s a meme about carefully planning how to procrastinate.

That’s still a win in my book.

17. The Perfect Description

Have you ever procrastinated by doing small chores instead of the actual thing you’re supposed to do?

This meme is spot on in describing the great lengths to which procrastinators go to avoid doing the task they’re meant to do.

18. Hate It When That Happens

As mentioned earlier, one of the negative effects of procrastination is higher stress levels.

This meme describes exactly how stressful it can be to discover that you’re completely unprepared for a task because you’ve been putting it off all week.

19. The Setup Is Perfect

Productivity often drops when you’ve got the wrong work setup. To prevent procrastination, make sure that you have a dedicated workspace that doesn’t entice you to take a nap.

20. Multi-Awarded

If they were giving out medals for procrastinators, do you think you’d receive any? If so, how many would you get?

21. Still Waiting

The impact of procrastination doesn’t only affect the procrastinator. It can ripple and affect others who are associated with the procrastinator, such as in a workplace setting.

One way to overcome procrastination is to consider who else will be affected if you put something off.

22. Oh, the Dilemma

Procrastination doesn’t bring relief from stress and anxiety.

If you’re supposed to be doing something and decide to do it later in favor of a more interesting activity, chances are you won’t enjoy the fun activity either because you’ll constantly be stressing about that necessary task.

23. Planning a Productive Day

Napping is one of the four horsemen of procrastination. Although napping is considered a healthy habit if done at the right time, taking multiple naps in a day prevents you from being productive.

24. Laundry Isn’t Supposed to Be Ignored

Nothing good will come from ignoring your household chores for an extended period of time. It can be costly, exhausting, and dangerous.

25. This Advice Made Us Cry, Too

Sorry, there isn’t any chant, spell, or secret formula to get things done.

When you constantly delay things on purpose, it only leads to stress and anxiety.

The way to stop the stress is to just start doing the task. Progress may be slow, but at least you’re inching your way forward.

26. Let’s Focus on the Positive

Does being called a procrastinator get you down?

Here’s a term to replace the time-worn description. Empowering, isn’t it?

27. Can’t Seem to Find an Image That Fits

Here’s what you get when you put procrastinators in charge of making signs.

28. The To-Do List

I still consider it a step forward if you’re recycling yesterday’s to-do list. It means you haven’t given up hope that you’ll eventually finish what you intend to do.

29. Here’s a Sobering Thought

Here’s the sad truth: Chronic procrastination has a negative impact on all areas of your life.

This meme reminds me of one of Aesop’s fables—the one about the ant and the grasshopper.

It’s all fun and games for the grasshopper during summertime, without any thought of gathering provisions for the cold months. Of course, winter finally arrives and the grasshopper has to face the consequences of his procrastination.

30. 4 Days of Day Off

What do you do during your days off? It’s tempting to just lie on the couch all day, binge-watching your favorite show while eating your favorite comfort foods.

However, if you’re like this meme creator who has four days of day off, would you have other plans?

31. Don’t Fall for the Temptation

Although this meme was created mainly for writers, it applies to all of us.

Social media addiction is one of the reasons people are constantly checking their phones. If you’re doing something that requires focus, such as writing a book, you might want to put away your phone to stay in the flow and get things done.

32. Wait and See

Well, at least the commitment is there. Let’s just wait how things go (and when they’ll start).

33. Rebranding

It could be that this person is still exhausted after completing some previous task. Perhaps they need enough time to recover before tackling the next item on their to-do list.

34. Perfectionist x Procrastinator

Do you know of anyone who’s a perfectionist, but also a procrastinator? This is an interesting personality combination.

Will they ever finish something they start? Will they ever even start a project if they have a great fear of failure?

35. Something Else Always Comes Up

Procrastinators don’t always plan put off things they’re supposed to do. The problem is, once they start, other things that demand their attention tend to come up.

They don’t worry about deadlines, though. Procrastinators have an ace up their sleeve. It’s called cramming.

Final Thoughts

There you have it—a collection of hilarious memes that perfectly portray procrastination.

Hopefully, you’ve found a favorite procrastination meme or two among the ones featured today.

Putting things off can be beneficial from time to time. But when procrastination happens on a regular basis, that puts your credibility and productivity at risk.

It’s better to begin working on a task right away, even if you only make slow progress. When you keep at it, you’ll eventually succeed.

Overcoming procrastination doesn’t happen overnight. But we assure you that it can be done.

There are anti-procrastination apps you can use, as well as mental models that help change your view about time management. Start making the change now.

Finally, if you want to level up your productivity and time management skills, then watch this free video about the 9 productivity habits you can build at work.

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35 Funny Procrastination Memes About Putting Things Off

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