Satisfy Your Coffee Cravings With 50% Off International Pods From Atlas Coffee Club

Coffee is an essential morning ritual for many of us, and if you like to brew your own cup of joe at home, you can skip the shopping trip or your local barista by getting coffee pods from around the world delivered right to your door. Coffee clubs have been gaining steam for a while now, and if you’ve considered trying one out, now is a great time to pull the trigger. 

Atlas Coffee Club is offering CNET readers an exclusive 50% discount on your single-serve coffee pod order, bringing the price of a 24-cup batch to $15, 48 cups to $20 or a whopping 72 cups down to just $25. You’ll also get free shipping. Just follow the link below and you’ll find the discount has been automatically applied. If you run into any issues, try code CNET23 at checkout.

Atlas Coffee Club is a great subscription service for a global variety of coffee flavors. It even earned a spot on our list of best coffee clubs and subscriptions for 2023. And when you sign up for a membership with a coffee club, you’ll be able to taste a multitude of options — making it a great pick for those with an adventurous palate. The coffee pods are roasted and delivered fresh and the company says it uses 20% more coffee per pod than competitors. Plus, Atlas Coffee Club will allow you to choose light-to-medium roast or medium-to-dark roast deliveries — or grab a mixture of both.

The deliveries also come with a postcard from the country of origin your coffee came from, along with tasting notes and brewing tips, and you can choose whether you get a fresh shipment every two weeks or every four weeks. You can cancel your subscription anytime. 

Three bags of coffee, three postcards and a cup of coffee are displayed against a green background.

Atlas Coffee Club/CNET

If you’re not big on single-serve coffee pods, Atlas has other options available at 50% off as well. During sign-up at the link above, you can select ground or whole bean instead of pods, so you can brew your coffee how you like it. You can even choose from seven different grind types for whichever brewing method you prefer if you go that route. 

And if you want to snag a $10 discount, you can give gift subscriptions to friends and family by clicking the “GIFTS” button at the link above. There are one-, three-, six- and 12-month options available. 

If you or a loved one enjoys coffee and wants to try new flavors, this is a solid deal worth checking out.   

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