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Simple Steps for Decorating a Small House on a Budget

Simple Steps for Decorating a Small House on a Budget

Redecorating a house and then experiencing that sense of pure delight when you walk into that house is one of the best feelings ever! Contrary to popular belief, you can go easy on your wallet and yet experiment with many fresh looks for a small house. With just a little planning and some patience, this is not as challenging as it seems! And no, you need not skimp on style for that. Explore the following ideas to spruce up your small house without breaking the bank. These remodeling ideas are pretty easy to tackle and mostly comprise playing around with things you already have.

1. Hang some artwork: easy and affordable, this is a great idea to revamp a house. A collection of well-chosen, unique art pieces will lend a busy look to the walls, giving the house a brand-new vibe. You can also choose some vibrant family photos for this purpose. Or, simply visit the local craft store and get your hands on some canvas paintings or framed artwork to hang behind your sofa bed.

2. Rearrange the furniture: instead of buying new furniture, you can play around with your existing furniture. For example, moving the sofa to the opposite wall can create a new focal point. It will break the monotony and give a new look to the house. Don’t be in a rush to check out the local furniture stores if you have hand-me-downs or if you can rearrange your existing furniture.

3. Use mirrors for visual space: look for some sneaky mirror placement tricks that create the illusion of a larger space. Oversized mirrors often give the impression of a larger room, making it look more spacious than it actually is. Any small room will appear bigger if you manage to get this trick right.

4. Make use of a partition shelf: when it comes to storage ideas on a budget, a partition shelf can prove to be a savior. Both functional and stylish, it not only offers ample space to display your decor accessories or other treasured items but can also act as a room divider, thus giving the impression of a larger space.

5. Turn to paper lampshades: this is yet another low-priced option with which you can lend a cute look to your small house. No matter what your decor style is, it is sure to complement your existing lights. If you have an eye for minimalism, go for white paper lampshades. On the other hand, if you have a country-style house, brighter colors should be preferred.

6. Upgrade old fixtures: simply installing new doors and drawer pulls can revamp or cabinet or drawer. These days, a wide variety of door knobs, drawer pulls, or handles are available to spoil you for choice. You can also experiment with light switch plates to give your house a new look without burning a hole into your pocket.

7. Repurpose old items: think twice before throwing away old items, as you can repurpose them to enhance the decorative appeal of your house. For example, old light bulbs can be used as candles with some basic modifications. Likewise, an old picture frame that you no longer use can be repurposed as a serving tray.

8. Use candles and flowers: even a small bathroom can get a whole new look if you place some flower arrangements and aroma candles on the counter. With these simple and budget-friendly steps, your bathroom will get a spa-like atmosphere. You can also keep a small potted plant with a fragrant herb.

9. Give your TV area a makeover: if you have a space crunch in the living room, buying elaborate television furniture does not make much sense. It will only end up as a futile investment. On the contrary, you can consider buying a wall-mounted shelf. You can store the CDs and remotes in the drawers. The wall-mounted TV can be framed on a light panel board with some backlighting. It will neither occupy too much space nor will it interfere with your other furniture arrangements.

10. Buy from thrift stores: these days, much to the delight of budget-conscious buyers, several thrift furniture stores have come up, many of which specialize in home decor goods. These spoil you for choice when it comes to buying second-hand furniture or decor items. If you have a keen eye, you can bag some amazing bedside tables, sofa bed, coffee tables, chairs, etc., at irresistible prices.

So before indulging in impulsive purchases, or even getting started with your agenda for renovation, make sure you take the above-mentioned points into consideration. The first step is to prioritize what you need and want in terms of decorating the house. These ingenious tricks will help you give your house a new lease of life, even on a shoestring budget. After all, a well-decorated house should not need to scream out loud; it is also about subtlety. Go for items that make for a lovely sight and have been chosen with intention.

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