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11 Top Indian Motivational Speakers for 2023

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When it comes to motivational speakers, there is no shortage in the Indian culture. When you first think of India, you may immediately think of the Dalai Lama… after all, he’s pretty inspirational.

Yet, there are so many more great speakers that India offers the world, which is why we are including eleven of the top ones here for you to discover. I’m certain you will find at least one speaker that speaks directly to your needs.

Whether you are searching for someone to help you break out of the ordinary in business to rise to the top, or someone who speaks of women’s empowerment or approaching life with a positive viewpoint, you will find that here. So, without future adieu… here we go!

Our Picks for the Top Indian Motivational Speaker for 2023

1. Jaggi Vasudev

You probably recognize this quick-witted speaker by the name Sadhguru. Jaggi Vasudev‘s infectious smile and sarcasm have captured the world’s attention and made him one of the most beloved Indian speakers. He has written over thirty books.

When he isn’t talking, he’s sharing his expert knowledge on snakes or writing poetry. He has made it his mission to help everyone claim their inner power. There is hardly a day you can scroll through Facebook or other social media and not find one of his short videos. He is loved by people of all ages.

Topics include:

  • Staying calm during chaos
  • Avoiding negative emotions
  • Becoming more productive
  • Being an observer rather than a participant in difficult situations

Take a listen to his talk about what to do when you are feeling down:

2. Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra was one of the forerunners of the alternative medicine movement. He has penned over 91 books, many of them topping the New York Times’s bestseller list. His books have been translated into 43 languages. He has a medical degree in internal medicine and has worked in endocrinology. \

He gave up his practice to follow his belief that we have all we need inside to achieve a pain-free, healthy body. At 76 years of age, he’s showing no signs of slowing down. It was Deepak Chopra that made meditation as well-known as it is today. 

His talks often center on:

  • Ayurveda
  • The placebo effect
  • The quantum mechanical body

Watch and listen to his talk about finding your true self and ending suffering:

3. Sajan Shah

Sajan Shah is extremely popular with younger audiences. He was once voted India’s youngest motivational speaker. He is a peace ambassador who focuses on teaching our youth to reach their highest potential.

He is an author, a humanitarian, and a mentor. He speaks of self-realization and finding the power within to achieve your greatest potential.

Topics he usually focuses on include:

Listen to him speak on a life without limits:

4. Dr. Vivek Bindra

The author of ten inspirational books, this monk-turned-leadership consultant has earned eight Guinness world records for the number of attendees at a seminar. Dr. Vivek Bindra was awarded an honorary Ph.D. and is one of the best-known leadership consultants in the world.

Dr. Bindra’s topics include:

  • Leadership development
  • Being unique to stand out in business

Here he talks about controlling your mind and emotions:

5. Sneh Desai

Sneh Desai started speaking on stage at the tender age of nine years old. Over the past 27 years, he’s given over 1000 free seminars and 220 workshops. He has also trained over 1000 others to conduct his training.

Not only does he conduct free seminars, but he has created a program that donates meals to hungry children. He travels extensively, but still finds time to enjoy his favorite sport, skydiving.

Sneh speaks mainly on:

  • Experiencing less stress
  • Changing thought patterns
  • Taking action to make real change

Here he speaks about what he calls the Real Law of Attraction:

6. T. S. Madaan

T. S. Madaan was born into a family that was well-versed in the business world. As he came of age, he used the knowledge he learned, along with his entrepreneurial personality, to launch his own businesses.

He is at heart a comedian that uses his special blend of English and Hindi (called Hinglish) to teach English lessons and to give inspirational speeches throughout India and the world.

Topics you can expect to hear include:

  • Positive thinking
  • Anger management
  • Time management
  • Life skills
  • Communication skills
  • Self-confidence

Take a listen to one of his speeches:

7. RamG. Vallath

RamG. Vallath has to be one of the most positive people in the world. His life has taken him to some of the most darkest places and he’s risen above it all to become a sought-after speaker who uses his experiences to inspire all who hear him.

His autobiography, “Ouch to Oops” gained a lot of attention and he’s now written a book for parents that helps them teach their kids to access their endless potential.

His talks center on:

Listen as he talks about active parenting:

8. Gul Panag

Even if Gul Panag wasn’t an active speaker, her life would serve as an inspiration. This actress is also an activist and fitness icon. She is an aviator and marksman. She lives a life of travel and adventure and can be said to be the model of living life to the fullest. When she does slow down for a time, she often reads three books at a time and loves spending time with her dogs and horses. She’s also both a producer and a student.

You can find Gul Panag speaking on a variety of subjects, including:

  • Socio-political accountability
  • Secularism
  • Gender equality
  • Environmental issues
  • Fundamental human rights

Her videos aren’t speeches, instead, she shares her passions. Here she shares an off-roading adventure:

9. Deeya Bajaj

Another adventurer makes our list of top Indian motivational speakers. Deeya Bajaj is not yet 30 yet she has completed climbing the Seven Summits this past year. She was only 17 when she became the youngest person, at that time, to complete a cross-country skiing expedition and she and her father became the first Indian father-daughter team to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

She has completed an advanced mountaineering course and is a certified rescue diver. She is also a black belt in Taekwondo and loves white water and ocean kayaking.

Deeya Bajaj’s speeches include talking about:

Watch her speech on leadership:

10. Naina Lal Kidwai

Naina Lal Kidwai comes from a family where business was prominent. She became the first Indian woman to graduate from Harvard with an MBA. Her firsts didn’t stop there.

She went on to become the first woman president of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the first woman to head a foreign bank in India. She doesn’t make talking her main activity, preferring to work with small groups in order to give greater depth and meaning to her teachings.

When venturing into the speech and interview arenas, she speaks about:

  • Women’s empowerment
  • Environmental issues
  • Providing clean, accessible water
  • Sanitation

Listen as she gives a talk on how to become successful:

11. Priya Kumar

Priya Kumar is currently considered India’s number-one speaker. She has worked with over 2000 corporations in 47 different countries in the 27 years she has been speaking. Her 15 inspirational books and novels have won her acclaim throughout the world.

Priya stands apart from other motivational speakers in that she is also India’s first certified fire walk instructor and has led more than 2,000 fire walks, not your typical corporate seminar.

For fun, she is a painter and loves delving into both astrology and tarot. To top it off, she is a filmmaker and owns her own book publisher and film company. She holds degrees in both Economics and Psychotherapy.

When you attend a talk by Priya Kumar, you are likely to hear her speak about:

  • Goal setting
  • Ending procrastination
  • The Personal Breakthrough
  • Breaking through self-doubt and inhibitions

Listen to Priya Kumar speak about protecting yourself from negative people:

Final Thoughts on Indian Motivational Speakers

India is the birthplace of many of our spiritual teachings and it has a long history of thought leaders who inspired the world. Today’s younger generation is staying true to this spirituality, while encouraging the world to take notice of the things that will be forefront in creating a more successful world.

These include subjects on the environment, as well as women’s empowerment. Every person on this list understands the impact we make today will most certainly affect the future. Aching for more inspiration? Be sure to check out our piece on the top inspirational speakers in the world.

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11 Top Indian Motivational Speakers for 2023

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