Beach House Ventures Puts New Face on Beauty Brand-Building

Today marks the launch of Beach House Ventures, and by looking at the photo of its founders Shaun Neff and PJ Brice, you can clearly see that this will be far from a traditional venture capital firm.

“At Beach House Ventures, we are trying to find brands at very nascent stages that we feel could have massive potential,” Neff told Entrepreneur. And rather than simply cutting a check and seeing what happens, Beach House Ventures will offer new entrepreneurs the brand-building expertise of its founders, plus the global retail relationships they’ve created through their Beach House Group incubator.

Neff and Brice’s Beach House Group incubator is responsible for high-profile beauty and lifestyle brands like Tracee Ellis Ross‘ Pattern, Kendall Jenner and Odell Beckham Jr.’s Moon Oral Care, and Millie Bobby Brown’s Florence by Mills. Now with BHV, they aim to give other visionary founders the funding and connections they need to go global.

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“Just as important as the brands we’re looking at are the founders behind them,” Neff says. “Some of the most important qualities we’re looking for in a founder is that feeling of energy and conviction that this brand is special and can scale. These founders will be our partners, so we want to get to know them on a personal level and get good energy going. We are in it for the long run.”

Neff and Brice have a long history of working with huge names in entertainment and sports, and Neff tells Entrepreneur that despite the diversity of arenas these stars play in, there is a through-line that connects them all: “The common traits that I have seen in talent who have had epic success are undeniable work ethic, incredible passion and the ability to be very selective in choosing the right projects to work on and the many projects to say no to.”

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The co-founders believe that Beach House Ventures will bring a new frontier to beauty and lifestyle funding and brand-building. If you believe that you are leading the next mega-brand just waiting to explode, Neff and Brice encourage you to reach out directly via the inquiry form at Beach House Ventures. “We’ve harnessed our individual and shared experience to start BHV, and now we’re ready to find and work with the next generation of entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level,” Brice says.

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