10 Must-Have Capabilities in a Business Push-To-Talk App

The widespread adoption of smartphones and associated connectivity–Wi-Fi among business users is leading organizations to adopt push-to-talk (PTT) technology. Instead of an employee using multiple devices–walkie-talkie or LMR device–companies are considering using PTT to provide voice and data communication on a single mobile device.

However, PTT offerings in the market today remain fragmented, with mainly simple apps for consumers that want a walkie-talkie experience. Such consumer-grade apps lack the security and reliability that professionals need to carry out uninterrupted work.

Businesses should look for professional Push-to-Talk apps that are platform agnostic and easily integrate with older LMR systems. Before companies decide to adopt PTT for professional situations, here’s a list of must-have features to check to get an app that delivers the employees’ needs.

What to check for in a professional Push-to-Talk app

A professional push-to-talk app (nuovoteam dotcom) does much more than consumer-grade walkie-talkie apps. Keep in mind the following features and capabilities that meet professional requirements.

  1. Immediate Call Initiation: High-performance Push-to-Talk apps can deliver sub-second call set-up and latency to ensure instantaneous communication. With PTT apps, users can select a user or a group and press the PTT button to speak. Once the speaker releases the button, their voice message gets delivered instantly and broadcast on the receiver’s smartphone.
  2. Queuing: PTT allows speaking to be one-to-one or one-to-many and is almost immediate (no need to wait for a dial tone or connect to a call). The conversation is like a walkie-talkie – only one person talks at a time, but professional PTT apps have a queuing feature that lets users easily queue for a turn to speak. There can be an option where a hierarchy of speakers in critical control positions can override a conversation.
  3. Multimedia communication: A push-to-talk app has to do more than allow users to talk instantly. A professional PTT app allows users to easily and securely send text and documents, rich media like videos, and data-heavy information in real-time and at the push of a button.
  4. Management dashboard: Administrators need to control every aspect of hundreds of devices, including security, updates, governance, reporting, etc. A PTT app should offer companies a management console that enables administrators to manage devices, including tracking devices and preventative maintenance.
  5. SOS alert: In many industries, PTT is not implemented to make a financial return on investment or enhanced productivity, which frequently underpins the demand for PTT apps. In certain industries, such as mining, oil, and gas, PTT is often aimed at mission-critical environments where the safety of the employees is paramount. A professional PTT app, such as Nuovoteam, provides emergency alerts for emergencies. Users can initiate a 10-second PTT call followed by a pinpoint of the user’s location.
  6. Support current radio communication: Companies are unlikely to stop using LMR (Local Mobile Radio) systems anytime soon. They are beneficial both as primary and secondary options for emergency communication. Plus, businesses may have invested too much in putting it on the shelf. Enterprise-grade PTT apps should be able to let smartphone devices communicate with radio communications.
  7. Location tracking: The PTT app should include geolocation tracking of multiple mobile devices with navigation capabilities. For instance, in mining operations, the teams working on-site can be enabled with location tracking so that individuals working on the field can be kept safe in the field and don’t accidentally walk or drive into danger.
  8. End-to-end encryption: Radio communications can be frequently monitored by third parties via scanners but often present poor encryption. With a strong PTT app, all communication, voice or data, can be encrypted to the highest standards. To keep PTT communications private, NuovoTeam’s 128-bit encrypted communication delivers secure information exchange.
  9. Work with existing radios: A practical PPT app allows people carrying smartphones to communicate with radio-carrying teams. Smartphones with a PTT app can support connection with established LMR groups for easy, yet controlled communication.
  10. Corporate directory integration: Looking for contact details of employees belonging to diverse verticals can be a time-consuming affair. PTT app can access the organization’s corporate directory, and sync the phonebook and contact list so that workers don’t have to waste time looking for relevant contact information.

Push-to-talk App Benefits

  • No infrastructure is needed. Companies don’t need to purchase, operate, and maintain any infrastructure. This removes all the day-to-day responsibilities of owning and maintaining infrastructure, thereby reducing operating costs.
  • Cost control. A smartphone equipped with an enterprise-grade PTT app can easily replace expensive and single-purpose walkie-talkies. Organizations can realize real cost savings by investing in readily available consumer-based smartphones instead of obtaining dedicated Land Mobile Radios (LMRs)
  • Global coverage. PTT apps integrated with smartphones use 4G cellular or Wi-Fi broadband connectivity, which walkie-talkies cannot offer. Internet connectivity does not deteriorate the quality of voice messages or restrict any additional feature of the PTT app that can limit its capability.
  • Streamlined communication. Administrators can consolidate all employees into the PTT and create separate groups specific to departments or locations to avoid miscommunication. In addition to secure communication, PTT apps allow any number of virtual channels and as many groups as required, including the ability to create dynamic call groups.

Wrapping Up

Uninterrupted and instant communication is important in time-sensitive situations that occur in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, and public safety. Instant feedback is crucial. Devices that can go beyond simple walkie-talkie communication enable businesses to drive security and safety for their employees.

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Vinayak Singh

Product Specialist

I work as a product specialist at NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk (PTT). I help organizations choose and execute the best solutions for their necessities, and I likewise offer support to clients once they’re up and running. I have a great deal of involvement working with both small and large organizations, so I know how to fit my suggestions to fit each organization’s exceptional needs.

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