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9 Printable Wheel of Life Templates & Worksheets

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Do you often find yourself juggling priorities at work and in your personal life?

Are you constantly short on time when it comes to doing things you love?

Does hearing the term “work-life balance” send you into a panic?

We know that life can get busy at times. You devote all of your attention to a particular situation and other areas of your life get neglected.

Stress creeps in and life feels unbalanced.

Situations like this call for you to pause for a moment and assess how you can restore balance in your life.

If you find that the imbalance is related to how you manage your daily schedule, a time audit can help improve your time-management skills.

Perhaps it’s also time to look more closely at the different areas of your life and see where the imbalance is happening. An assessment tool like a Wheel of Life template can also help you evaluate how fulfilling your life is in its current state.

The Wheel of Life—What’s That?

Paul J. Meyer, one of the pioneers of the personal development industry, is credited with coming up with the idea of the Wheel of Life and using it to help others reach their goals.

This tool is often drawn as resembling a wheel with spokes, with 4 to 10 segments. Each segment within the circle is labeled with the most important aspects of life, such as:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Home
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Personal growth
  • Community
  • Health
  • Spirituality

You give a score (usually from 1 to 10) for each of the areas, indicating the level of satisfaction or sense of fulfillment you have in that part of your life.

By giving each area a score, you can then pinpoint which areas in your life need improvement and make the necessary changes. This exercise also affirms the areas of your life that bring you happiness, reminding you to safeguard those areas no matter how busy life becomes.

For today’s post, we’ve rounded up a number of examples of templates that use the Wheel of Life Model. You can download these for free from the sources indicated, print them out, and use them to achieve a balanced life.

Read on to check out the templates.

1. Where Are You Channeling Your Energy?

The Wheel of Life is also sometimes called the Life Balance Wheel.

This template is helpful for determining the areas of your life where you spend most of your energy.

Assessing your life using this template can also help pinpoint the specific areas that need more attention, as well as writing your plan of action for creating balance in your life.

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2. Is Your Life in Balance?

Review how your life is going using this template with a predominantly peach color scheme. It lets you score your level of satisfaction in areas such as:

  • Personal growth
  • Play and leisure
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Partner
  • Friends and family

You can access the printable file of this template once you’ve signed up for the site’s newsletter.

3. Are You Thriving?

Using the Wheel of Life template for assessing your life tells you if you’re truly thriving or merely focused on survival.

This template comes in four different designs and lets you assess the quality of your experience in the several categories, including:

In the original post, scroll down to the section where you see the images of different template designs. Select the design/color you love and click on Download to access the PDF version of this template.

4. What Are Your Priorities?

Using the Wheel of Life allows for deeper reflection on how to balance all your priorities moving forward.

Once you see the results of your self-assessment, you can start planning how to improve the quality of your experience in those areas that need attention. This worksheet allows you to assess the state of your:

  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Friendships
  • Professional life
  • Personal growth
  • Health

Scroll down to the middle of the original post and click on the download image. You’ll be redirected to a downloadable PDF version of this worksheet.

5. Looking for a Reset Button?

Has life become so hectic that you wish there was a reset button somewhere so you could start over from scratch?

Here’s a template that provides concrete examples of how you can improve different aspects of your life, especially in relation to your well-being.

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6. How Do You Master Your Habits?

The different roles and responsibilities in life can create an imbalance, even in those who understand the importance of mindfulness.

A regular life assessment ensures that you’re always in balance as you accomplish your life goals. [Check out this post for awesome examples of life goals worth pursuing.]

Not only is this template an assessment tool, but it can also serve as your reminder to always be mindful that you don’t neglect any aspect of your life in pursuit of your goals.

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7. Do You Know Where You Are in Alignment?

This template is part of a resource workbook for setting your New Year’s vision, which was first distributed in 2021 by The Chopra Center.

You can use this template to check if your life is in alignment. If there is an imbalance, you can begin taking action to restore harmony.

Upon clicking the link, you will be redirected to a PDF version of the whole workbook. The template for the Wheel of Life is on page eight.

8. How Are Things Shaping Up Right Now?

Here’s a template designed primarily for students.

In this template you rate the different aspects of your life, which shows what areas give you inspiration and which ones create stress.

It shows how satisfied you are with the current state of things and which areas need to be improved for you to achieve a sense of fulfillment.

This template comes in .doc and PDF versions. In the original post, click the download link of the version you want to print out.

9. Ready for an Assessment?

This template helps you visually process the areas of your life that need your attention so that you can achieve balance. Some of the categories you’re asked to rate include:

  • Your job
  • Your significant other
  • Your health
  • Your hobbies and opportunities for travel

You can access the template by clicking on the “Download PDF Now” button.

Final Thoughts on Wheel of Life Templates

Doing a regular life audit is essential for your well-being.

Using assessment tools such as a Wheel of Life template can give you an overview of the state of your well-being.

If the results of the assessment show that changes are necessary to improve your life, you’ll be well-informed as to the specific areas you need to focus on to restore balance.

Hopefully, by using your favorite template featured today, you’ll discover that there are many areas in life that are bringing you satisfaction.

May you cherish those things that bring you happiness and be inspired to create bigger goals this year.

I hope that you find creating life goals an exciting undertaking and a rewarding experience.

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9 Printable Wheel of Life Templates & Worksheets

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