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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to the SelectTV Streaming App(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for £84.17, saving you 79% on list price.

If you haven’t heard, Netflix is planning to start cracking down on password and account sharing. At best, the new restrictions may be an inconvenience because the account owner would constantly have to send verification codes, and at worst it means it may be time to start looking for some Netflix alternatives. There are plenty of options out there, but you may not want to bounce between them all when you’re just trying to find something to watch. You need a hub.

That’s where SelectTV comes in. SelectTV is a streaming app of its own with lots of shows and movies, and it also helps you manage all your other streaming services so you can browse from one central hub, and a lifetime subscription is only £84.17. 

Consolidate all your streaming services under one umbrella that manages over two million video links every day. Feel like watching something from Prime Video? Or maybe you’re feeling Apple TV, HBO Max, Peacock, Crackle, or Paramount+. SelectTV puts it all at your fingertips, kind of like an old-school TV guide channel, and it comes with its own selection of over 500,000 shows and movies. You still have to get those channels on your own, but SelectTV helps you put them in one hub. If you still can’t find something to watch, check out the 150 live channels or find great deals on pay-per-view movies. There’s even a selection of all Spanish channels.

If you’re frustrated about Netflix’s upcoming account-sharing restrictions, don’t worry. You can access SelectTV across an unlimited number of devices, so you can enjoy your favorite shows on your laptop, tablet, or phone wherever you go. This offer is only available to new users, and it includes free updates for life.

You don’t have to wander between streaming services while looking for something to watch. Put it all in one place and get a lifetime subscription to SelectTV(Opens in a new tab) while it’s on sale for £84.17.

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