Buffalo Wild Wings Responds to Chicken Lawsuit Controversy

A disgruntled customer is suing Buffalo Wild Wings for fowl play after alleging that the chain has been misleading customers about its boneless buffalo wings.

The class-action lawsuit, filed by Chicago resident Aimen Halim, is accusing the popular chicken chain of “false advertising,” alleging that the chain’s popular boneless wings aren’t, in fact, made of chicken wings, but are “more akin, in composition, to a chicken nugget” — simply chicken breasts that are deep-fried to appear like wings.

“Consumers should be able to rely on the plain meaning of a product’s name and receive what they are promised,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit claims that if Halim and other consumers knew that the boneless wings were not wings, they “would have paid less for them, or would not have purchased them at all.”

Naturally, Buffalo Wild Wings chimed in.

In a Tweet that’s been viewed over 46,700 times, without directly mentioning the lawsuit, the chain decided to cheekily clear the air on all of its products and the misleading information some of its menu items might entail.

“Love yall for this,” one Twitter user replied. “What a doofus that person is.”

“Are you telling me the Caribbean jerk sauce doesn’t really have a jerk in it,” another joked.

Meanwhile, Halim’s team did not specify how much money the plaintiff is seeking as a result but specified that he is seeking “damages, injunctive relief, restitution and declaratory relief” for being pretty clucking upset about the nature of the boneless wings.

“If Buffalo Wild Wings was being transparent with its customers, it could readily change the name of the Products to ‘boneless chicken’ or disclose on its menu that the Products are actually made of chicken breast meat,” the suit reads. “Buffalo Wild Wings is well aware of this issue, but has refused to change its practices.”

As of March 6, Buffalo Wild Wings was operating 1,234 locations in the U.S., with Texas seeing the highest number of restaurants at around roughly 115 locations.

Buffalo Wild Wings is owned and franchised by Inspire Brands, Inc., which also oversees popular fast food chains like Arby’s and Jimmy John’s.

Inspire Brands is a privately held company.

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