7 Self-Care Subscription Boxes to Help Reduce Stress

It seems like there’s a subscription box for everything now. You can get wardrobe refreshes, new cosmetics or even pet treats sent to your mailbox every month.

Subscription boxes are all about convenience—purchases you don’t have to think about, remember to renew or even go farther than your front door to pick up. So, it makes sense that one of this market’s most popular niches is self-care. After all, the hustle economy has trained us to be on the go all the time, and when we get caught up in our busy routines, we often forget about ourselves.

A package on the doorstep with everything we need for a relaxing afternoon could be the reminder we need to stop and take some time for ourselves. Here are seven self-care subscription boxes to check out.

Self-care subscription boxes for the body and mind


Cost: $39.95/month for monthly subscription or $35.95/month if you prepay for six months

Incorporating a yoga practice into your routine can help reduce anxiety and depression, providing an overall mood boost. YogiSecret calls itself a “one of a kind self-love subscription box for a mindful lifestyle.” Boxes center around health, fitness and wellness and contain five to seven full-size products that could include skin care products, makeup and even snacks. All of the products are guaranteed to be all natural and cruelty free.


Cost: $34.99/month with a one-year prepay or $39.99 for a monthly subscription

Curated with the help of therapists, TheraBox products are meant to increase happiness and “nourish your mind, body, and soul.” Every box has a self-care theme, a research-inspired “Happiness Boosting Activity” that the TheraBox website states will help you “rewire [your] brain for more joy and positivity” and seven to eight unique wellness goodies meant to help with relaxation. These might include teas, serums, essential oils, bath products or even a satin pillowcase and eye mask set!

Silk and Sonder

Cost: $15.75/month with a one-year subscription or $24.95 for a monthly subscription

Journaling and other forms of writing have proven benefits such as assisting in the reduction of stress, boosting your mood and improving memory. In practice, it always sounds great, but it can be a challenge to keep up with on your own. Silk and Sonder sends wellness planners and journaling exercises with guided audio reflections, plus access to a community app and virtual workshops and classes. The nice thing about a monthly journal? Even if you forget to get into the habit the first month, the next package will remind you to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Self-care subscription boxes to flex your creativity

Pottery with a Purpose

Cost: $128-$138 for a six-month subscription for one to two people

Pottery is often described as being meditative. Plus, the tactile act of creating with clay can help you slow down and unwind. The founder’s own struggles with maintaining her emotional well-being in the fast-paced world of tech inspired her to start Pottery with a Purpose, which promises to deliver “the equivalent of a hands-on, tech-free ‘pause’ button straight to your doorstep.” The eco-friendly, plastic-free kits might encourage you to put your phone down for a while and pinch a pot.

Let’s Make Art

Cost: $38.25/month or a $45 one-time purchase

Painting can be a great way to unwind, but it can be hard to come up with inspiration sometimes. Let’s Make Art’s monthly boxes come with four watercolor projects, tutorial videos, paints, papers and other supplies. Because the projects are predesigned, it can be more motivating than sitting in front of a blank canvas. The boxes don’t include brushes, but you can purchase them separately. Let’s Make Art promises to help you “make room for what really matters when it comes to art: mindfulness, learning, community and having fun!”

Self-care subscription box to brighten your surroundings


Cost: $44.99/month for Bloomsy Original

There’s something about having fresh flowers around all the time. Studies have shown some support that exposure to plants and certain flower colors can boost your mood and reduce anxiety and depression. That means BloomsyBox’s monthly flower subscription might just brighten your mood as well as your home. Who wouldn’t want fresh flowers delivered all the time? The nice thing about this subscription is that the price doesn’t change based on the length of your commitment. Although you can prepay several months, it’s the same amount every month no matter how long you sign up for.

Self-care subscription box to fidget away stress 

Sensory Box

Cost: $79 every three months

The Sensory TheraPLAY Box was initially created by an occupational therapist as a monthly subscription of sensory toys for “autistic children and those with sensory processing needs” in response to frequent requests from parents for help choosing toys that were appropriate, engaging and therapeutic for their children. After starting the subscription service, teens and adults mentioned that they would love a similar subscription, so the box was redesigned. Boxes arrive once a quarter with goodies such as aromatherapy dough designed to manage anxiety or tactile items like fidgets and squishy balls. Although designed with neurodivergence in mind, the website states that the boxes “are perfect for anyone who benefits from a little extra sensory input throughout their day.”

Disclaimer: Although these products may be beneficial for stress reduction, it is also important to talk to your doctor or therapist if you are experiencing mental health issues.

This article originally appeared in the March/April 2023 issue of SUCCESS magazine. Photo by Ground Picture/Shutterstock

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