Guess The Weight Of Dog Cat And Rabbit In 30 Seconds: Fun Quiz

Are you up for a fun animal puzzle? Here’s a math challenge: Can you guess the weight of three animals; a cat, a rat, and a dog? You have 30 seconds to solve it! Hurry up, the clock is ticking!

This puzzle may seem simple, but it requires some knowledge of mathematics and logical reasoning. Let’s begin this challenge by activating your cognitive abilities as we delve into a mental exercise that will test your problem-solving skills.

In this particular version of the puzzle, we have asked viewers to guess the weight of dog cat and rabbit.

This puzzle is not only a fun way to challenge your mind but also helps improve your problem-solving and logical thinking skills. So, get ready and play this guess the weight game!

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Brain Teaser To Test Your IQ: Guess The Weight – The Viral Cat Rat Dog Puzzle

Are you ready to play this guess the weight riddle and identify the weight of the cat, dog, and mouse in the given image?

Guess The Weight Of Dog Cat And Rabbit internal
Play this dog cat rat weight puzzle

The image depicts four weighing scales, each displaying the combined weight of two animals in various combinations.

Your task is to determine the individual and combined weight of the animals on the fourth weighing scale. Pay close attention to the image to avoid getting tricked. As a hint, the answer to this puzzle is provided below, so be careful not to scroll down too far!

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To make the game more challenging, we have just provided collection weights of certain animals and no additional information about the size of the animal. You will have to rely solely on your knowledge and intuition to make an educated guess.

After you have submitted your guess, we will reveal the correct weight and let you know how close or far off your guess was.

Play this dog cat and rat weight puzzle with your group of friends or family so that you can earn points for every correct guess you make. At the conclusion of the game, the participant who has the most points will be announced as the winner.

Test your weight guessing skills? Let’s begin!

To solve this brain teaser, careful observation of the image is required. The image displays four weighing scales, each showing the combined weight of two animals in different combinations.

The first weighing scale reveals that the combined weight of the cat and mouse is 10 Kg, while the second scale shows the combined weight of the dog and mouse to be 20 Kg.

The third scale displays the combined weight of the cat and dog to be 24 Kg.

Now, to determine the individual weight of the cat, dog, and mouse, we can use a bit of mathematical reasoning.

We know that Cat + Mouse = 10 Kg, and Dog + Mouse = 20 Kg.
Therefore, Cat = 10 Kg – Mouse and Dog = 20 Kg – Mouse.

By substituting these values into the third weighing scale, we get:

20 Kg – Mouse + 10 Kg – Mouse = 24 Kg

Simplifying this equation, we get:

30 Kg – 2 Mouse = 24 Kg

Thus, we can conclude that the weight of the mouse is 3 Kg. Substituting this value into our earlier equations, we can calculate that the weight of the cat is 7 Kg and the weight of the dog is 17 Kg.

Guess The Weight Of Dog Cat And Rabbit answer

Therefore, the individual weights of the cat, dog, and mouse are 7 Kg, 17 Kg, and 3 Kg, respectively. And the combined weight of all three animals is 27 Kg.

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So, were you able to guess the weight of the animals correctly? Share your result and thoughts about this fun brain trainer in the comments below!

Animal Scale Challenge: Can You Guess the Weight Of The Dog, Cat, And Rabbit In 30 Seconds?
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