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5 Best Stress Balls to Relax More [2023 Update]

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Feeling really stressed lately?

If so, one simple way to relieve it is to use stress balls!

Stress balls are tools used to relieve stress, anxiety, and other mood disorders. They are also used to exercise the muscles of the hands to alleviate the symptoms of muscle tension.

There are different kinds of stress balls, but the most common is the spherical, foam type from Australia. In the United States they usually come in the form of a “bean bag,” while in China they come in hard, solid form (not squeezable).

Some people refer to these tools as “toys.” But they are more than just fun. Stress balls help keep you relaxed by making you feel less tension in your body. They let you release energy, which induces rest and a feeling of refreshment.

In an article by HealthGuidance, it was mentioned that using stress balls is a form of me​​ditation. When you are using stress balls, you tend to think of happy thoughts instead of those that stress you out.

When life gets too stressful and challenging, stress balls can be your quick fix. It doesn’t hurt to allow yourself to become a little happier.

This post is a compilation of the five best stress balls available on the market today. They are categorized according to the health benefits and motivational urges they bring.

But before we introduce the top products, let us share with you a more detailed explanation of the benefits of stress balls, and what you should consider when buying one.

Don’t have time to read the entire review?

If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to read this entire review, we’ve simplified everything. Here’s a quick look at the best stress balls to decrease your anxiety and stress:

What are the Benefits of Stress Balls?

One of the best things about stress balls is their accessibility. They are inexpensive, so it isn’t too hard to get your hands on one. Also, the size of this tool is ideal for keeping in your desk drawer or in your bag.

Once you begin to use this tool, you will notice some helpful stress ball benefits. When you tighten your grip around a stress ball, your hand and wrist muscles constrict. Then, as you release your hand by relaxing your muscles, your whole body releases stress and tension.

Stress balls improve blood circulation and help in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. As you constrict and contract your finger and hand muscles, you improve the blood flow to your hands and wrists, which helps your muscles rid themselves of toxins, and improves function. The balls can also be used for regular exercise for your hands after a long day at work.

Stress balls may also serve as physical therapy when treating other illnesses such as arthritis, fractures, or sprains. By using a stress ball on a regular basis, you are able to strengthen the muscles in your fingers and hands.

Keeping these small muscles strong can prevent repetitive injuries. You can even get stress balls with gels of varying consistency to give you varying resistance while strengthening the muscles in and around your hands.

In addition to physical therapy, stress balls also contribute to your mental health. As you manipulate a stress ball, it can stimulate the nerves in your hands that are connected to the areas of the brain associated with emotions.

This stimulation may release endorphins that act as pain relievers and sedatives, which can improve your mood. This nerve stimulation also works in the same way as acupressure in the sense that the stimulation of one area can impact other parts of your body, which can help in relieving stress, anxiety, and other kinds of mood and mental disorders.

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Using a stress ball is a form of meditation. When using it you tend to think of happy thoughts instead of those that stress you out.

Because of these physical and mental benefits, stress balls can also enhance sleep quality. Decreasing the amount of stress and tension that you experience during the day can help you improve your life by promoting better sleep, staving off illness, and enhancing your overall feeling of well-being. When you get the right kind of sleep you need, you become more productive during the day.

Now that you know the benefits that you can get out of using a stress ball, let’s look at some of the things that you should keep in mind when you are looking for a product that is perfect for your needs.

What to Consider When Buying Stress Balls

Usability. Why do you need a stress ball? You must be able to answer this question before buying the right product for yourself. Are you going to use it as a therapy for your fractured or sprained hand?

The most commonly reported uses of a stress ball include muscle rehab, carpal tunnel treatment or management, exercise for muscle memory, recovery from a stroke, arthritis management, improving blood flow, building strength, and stress management. Whatever your reason is, check with your doctor before using one.

Comfort. Stress balls differ in terms of hardness, functionality, texture, and other factors. You will need to find the stress ball that makes you feel the most comfortable while you are using it for your specific physical condition.

If you are buying a stress ball to treat a particular kind of hand illness, you need to buy one that will exactly address your condition. For example, the most comfortable and effective type of stress ball to use when you are going through physical therapy would be a soft ball, gradually working your way up to a hard ball. You have to stick with what your muscles can handle.

Also, while anyone can use a stress ball, age can be a factor when you are shopping for one. If you are purchasing a stress ball for a child, you need to buy that one that is small and squishy enough to fit in the child’s hand. On the other hand, if you’re buying for yourself or an adult, you can look at items that are slightly harder and a bit larger.

Also, the design of your stress ball must be appropriate for the user. For instance, it has to be appealing and fun if it’s for a kid. Most stress balls are spherical and inexpensive, but they can be customized, if necessary.

Now let’s look at the five best products on the market today, so you know where to buy stress balls.

The 5 Best Stress Balls to Decrease Your Anxiety and Stress  

1. Best Overall: Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Balls

This is the best stress ball for anyone at any age. They are soft and easy to hold, even for people who have recently had surgery. This is a helpful tool for restless children (especially those with ADHD, anxiety, and anger issues) because it keeps their minds focused, as they are able to fidget with the stress ball.

These balls have an assortment of inspirational sayings on them to give the users a boost of stress relief. They come in six colors, making them a great gift for anyone on your list because you can customize your color choice around the gift recipient.

This product comes with three balls in the package that are soft and durable. The balls are each 2.5 inches in diameter, which is a perfect size to fit in hands ranging from those of children to adults. Because this is a durable product, you don’t need to worry about overusing it in a short amount of time.


  • Non-toxic and BPA-free.
  • Uplifting quotes are written on each ball.
  • Cost-friendly, yet durable.


  • The writing of the quotes wears off after some time.
  • Some users find that the foam is a bit thick, making it hard to squeeze.
  • These are not moldable like some users prefer.

2. Best stress ball for hand pain relief and therapy: Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Massage Balls

These are the best stress balls for hand pain relief and therapy. They come with an exercise guide to help the user get started, which is great for people who have recently had surgery or are trying to manage arthritis or other hand pain.

These stress balls help people keep the muscles in and around their hands strong while also helping enhance grip and release stress.

As your strength improves while using these stress balls, the stiffness and tension in your muscles will relax and your joint pain will diminish.

Each product comes with three color-coded stress balls that are two inches in diameter. The colors represent progressive densities of softness to the firmness that are explained further in the attached exercise guide. This allows you to customize your workout as necessary to improve your strength, increase your flexibility, and relieve your pain.


  • The exercise guide helps people get started by instructing users depending upon their needs.
  • It comes in three colors to represent each ball’s density.
  • Durable.


  • Some people think these balls feel rubbery and sticky.
  • These balls are too firm for some people.
  • Some users cannot distinguish between density levels.

3. Best stress ball for boosting positivity and productivity: Pick A Toy Motivational Stress Balls

This is the best stress ball for stress and anxiety relief, and it can also boost positivity and productivity.

Each stress ball has an inspirational quote written on it, helping people stay positive during times of stress, both in their personal and professional lives. Some examples of inspirational sayings on these balls include “Yes! I can do this!” “Focus. Listen. Breathe.” and “See It. Do It. Believe It.”

These unique stress balls work as a great fidget toy for people because they help boost focus and relieve anxieties that may be negatively impacting one’s performance. Each product comes with a pack of three stress balls with a unique quote on each. They are each 2.5 inches in diameter and made out of foam.


  • These stress toys make an excellent gift.
  • Users appreciate the positive messages.
  • They come in nice packaging.


  • Have a faint chemical smell.
  • Wording rubs off.
  • Not durable.

4. Best stress ball for kids: Neliblu Stress Balls for Kids

These funny stress balls are perfect for kids who need help with muscular relaxation. They are specially made to help kids with autism or ADHD be able to focus and manage any stress that they face during the day. Stress balls for kids are a great tool to use for self-regulation therapy for children who may need help managing their feelings or their focus on their work.

This product is backed by the company’s 100% money-back guarantee, as well as a manufacturer’s warranty. The variety of designs you receive is a surprise, so your child may look forward to collecting a lot of these! Some of the designs you may find on these stress balls include a caterpillar, emoji smiley faces, and sports balls.


  • Comfort children when they’re dealing with anxiety.
  • Help kids release tension in their muscles.
  • Come in fun shapes and designs.


  • Tend to have an odd smell.
  • Durability is an issue with some of the designs.
  • Some of the balls are too small.

5. Best stress ball for physical therapy: The Miracle Ball Method

This is the best stress ball for physical therapy. This product was designed by a dancer who experienced an extreme injury to her back and right leg. After using a lot of professional help to get some relief from her pain, she found that she was not making any progress.

She was able to heal herself through her own efforts using therapy and exercises based around two stress balls. Since then, she has been able to help thousands of people get over pain, stress, and injury.

This kit comes with two miracle balls that are about 4 1/2 to 4 1/4 inches in diameter, as well as an illustrated book that teaches you how to use the stress balls. The work is easy and will help relieve your body from muscle tension and pain. The book also teaches users how to properly breathe while doing exercises with the stress ball that will make the work even more effectively.


  • Great for people who are trying to heal an injury.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Clear instructions for use are included.


  • The chemicals on the balls may discolor wood.
  • Users report these balls to have an odd odor.
  • Some find the quality of this product has declined.

Final Thoughts on the Best Stress Balls

All of the stress balls we list above are top picks when it comes to quality, style, and design. To be frank, there is not much difference in these five choices. The choice of “best” stress ball from these 5 choices is a little bit arbitrary.

Today’s review winner, however, is Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Balls. Aside from relieving your stress and anxiety, these balls also motivate you to keep loving life with the inspirational quotes written on each one.

These stress balls make great gifts for co-workers or loved ones. Everyone experiences stress throughout the week, so giving someone a tool to help reduce those negative feelings and increase their quality of life is a thoughtful gift that anyone would appreciate receiving.

And if you’re looking for more ways to relieve stress, check out these blog posts:

Finally, one proven way to improve your happiness and life satisfaction is to focus on goals that truly matter. To get started, check out this FREE printable worksheet and a step-by-step process that will help you set effective SMART goals.

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