12 Signs of Spiritual Awakening to Know About

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

The spiritual path we walk can often leave us feeling as though we are on an emotional roller coaster. For many, this time of huge spiritual growth can be exciting and invigorating, as they uncover a deeper understanding of the person they are.

But this time of spiritual enlightenment can also leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed, as your world seemingly tips upside down, and you begin to question your life as you have known it.

Spiritual awakenings occur usually just at the right time, perhaps when we feel lost or are needing change the most in our lives.

There are many reasons why a spiritual awakening will happen, and the spiritual awakening process will look different for everyone.

Shared experiences can help to provide you with reassurance, so it can be useful to connect with people who are going through the same things.

Books and podcasts can be a great way to open yourself up to spirituality, and support your own awakening process. Check out the Practical Spirituality Podcast, which has a helpful episode about spiritual awakening.

Many people ask, how long does a spiritual awakening take? Each person’s spiritual journey will be unique to them, so it’s hard to put a timescale on this transformative experience.

A huge part of spiritual awakening is acceptance and surrender, as you open up to a new world of possibilities.

12 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

If some of the above resonates and you’re wondering whether you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening, here are 12 spiritual awakening symptoms that might be familiar to you:

1. You Feel Detached

One of the first signs of a spiritual awakening is a sense of feeling distant or detached from your life. Life can suddenly feel very different, and you may begin to question everything that you once saw as truth.

2. Your Awareness Is Heightened

You are noticing things that you might not have been aware of before.

This could be within yourself, in other people, or your environment. This awareness will bring you closer to your spiritual self.

3. Your Dreams Are More Vivid

Vivid dreams are a common occurrence for those who are experiencing a spiritual shift. All of a sudden, you have become more alert both in your waking and dream state, causing a change in dream patterns.

4. You Are Experiencing Synchronicities

Synchronicities, such as repeating numbers, unexplained occurrences, and other patterns, are all awakening signs.

Spirit is often trying to catch our attention, so if you’ve noticed synchronicities popping up in your life, pay attention to them and tune into the messages they may have for you.

5. You Are Becoming More Sensitive

As your spiritual side awakens, you will find yourself becoming more aware of the energy around you and others, plus your likes and dislikes. This could include food and tolerance for other things within your environment.

6. You Feel Closer to Your Intuitive Side

All of us have an intuition – that gut feeling inside that just knows the answers.

Feeling closer to spirit and more connected to your intuition are both signs of being spiritually awakened. Nurture this by tuning in and listening to the messages they bring.

7. You Feel an Inner Connection

You are beginning to understand yourself more deeply and feel more grounded and connected.

You may find yourself more frequently living in the moment, rather than being clouded by worries that keep your attention in the past or future.

8. You Feel Open to New Ways of Being

Another of the signs of spiritual awakening is noticing an openness within yourself. You may have become curious about the possibilities out there for you, and ready to seek out new ways of being.

9. You Are Becoming More Compassionate

You may be beginning to feel differently towards others, and might be noticing a deeper sense of love and compassion coming from within. This is a great opportunity to practice self love, as well as compassion towards others.

10. You Are Understanding Your Values

A spiritual awakening brings you closer to your purpose in life. You will begin to feel more connected to yourself and understand your values, and choose how to uphold them as you move forwards.

11. You Are Letting Go

This time of awakening will lead you to reevaluate many different areas.

You will begin to let go of things that are no longer serving you on your new path. This may involve distancing yourself from people in your life, letting go of toxic people, and surrendering old ways of being.

12. You Feel More Peaceful

You are drawn towards having more peaceful experiences, rather than conflicting ones.

You may want to spend time alone, feel more introverted, or feel a pull towards quieter activities such as being in nature.

Your Journey Forwards

If you’ve experienced signs you’re having a spiritual awakening, then you’re likely shedding old layers of who you thought you needed to be, as you come home to who you truly are.

During this intense time, make time to hold space for your emotions, and remind yourself that this time of transformation will open your eyes to a life that feels whole and purposeful.

About the Author
Gareth Michael Spiritual Coach is a spiritual advisor, teacher, channel of Michael, and author of the best-selling book Ever-changing Perspectives. He provides tangible, practical spiritual support stemming from his own life lessons and Michael’s profound wisdom and teachings. His personalized guidance helps people heal, find their spiritual direction, and understand their purpose. He also provides additional teachings through his spiritual podcast.

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