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85 Joyce Meyer Quotes to Inspire Faith, Happiness, and Improved Relationships

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Joyce Meyer quotes are a beacon of light in a frustrating world. When it comes to inspiring faith and joy, there’s no one better than Joyce Meyer. Her words are full of insight and compassion, helping us to find courage, resilience, and hope even in the most difficult of times.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled 85 inspirational quotes by one of the most popular Christian authors out there – Joyce Meyer! Let these wise words fuel your faith and bring peace, joy, and happiness into your life today.

Why is Joyce Meyer Famous?

Joyce Meyer’s fame isn’t hard to understand – she is an excellent motivator and inspiring teacher. Her down-to-earth approach to everyday spiritual topics makes individuals from all walks of life feel inclined to take part in her teachings, and her widespread popularity stems from the palpable warmth she radiates.

While her accomplishments may be too long to list, perhaps most noteworthy is the charitable work she does both domestically and around the world, making the world a wiser, more transparent place through education.

In true diva fashion, Joyce seems to give more than she takes away – no wonder her fans won’t quit!

Her Ministry can be found here.

Here are some of her most popular books. Check them out if you want more inspiration:

Joyce Meyer Quotes for Overcoming Obstacles

Joyce Meyer is a charismatic Christian author, whose quotes about overcoming obstacles are well known.

Her words of wisdom encourage her readers to look toward the future and not be bogged down by past struggles. She believes that any obstacle or difficulty can be conquered with effort, time, and faith.

It is thanks to Joyce Meyer’s inspiring outlook that so many people around the world have found joy and success in times of hardship. It is no surprise why she has amassed such a dedicated following that listens to her sage advice.

  1. “One mistake does not have to rule a person’s entire life.”
  2. “When you are tempted to give up, your breakthrough is probably just around the corner.”
  3. “You can suffer the pain of change or suffer remaining the way you are.”
  4. “Courage is fear that has said its prayers and decided to go forward anyway.”
  5. “When you are in a storm, remember that the rough weather won’t last forever.”
  6. “It’s never too late for a new beginning in your life.”
  7. “Don’t give up…the finish line is closer than you think it is!”
  8. “We all face storms in life. Some are more difficult than others, but we all go through trials and tribulation. That’s why we have the gift of faith.”
  9. “Nobody can be set free from a problem until they’re willing to admit they have one.”
  10. “There are no drive-thru breakthroughs. Breakthroughs take time.”
Joyce Meyer Quotes - "There are no drive-thru breakthroughs. Breakthroughs take time." | joyce meyer quotes on happiness | joyce meyer quotes on love | joyce meyer quotes on peace

Joyce Meyer Bible, Faith and Prayer Quotes

Joyce Meyer has become famed for her insightful Bible, faith and prayer quotes. Drawing wisdom from interactions with Jesus Christ during personal reflections and Bible studies,

Meyer has been quoted as providing powerful words for believers everywhere – Check out some of the spiritual Joyce Meyer quotes below:

  1. “I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be.”
  2. “Choosing an attitude of faith will release peace out of your spirit and into your soul.”
  3. “God’s mercy is fresh and new every morning.”
Joyce Meyer Quotes - “God’s mercy is fresh and new every morning.” | joyce meyer quotes about faith | joyce meyer quotes on fear | joyce meyer quotes power thoughts
  1. “The Bible says to ‘fear not,’ but this doesn’t mean you should never feel scared. It means when you do feel fear, keep going forward and do what you are supposed to do. Or as I like to say, do it afraid.”
  2. “I may not be where I need to be but I thank God I am not where I used to be.”
  3. “God sometimes allows us to feel anger so we’ll recognize when we’re being mistreated. But even when we experience true injustices in our lives, we must not vent our anger in an improper way.”
  4. “Just because you go to church doesn’t mean you’re a Christian. I can go sit in the garage all day and it doesn’t make me a car.”
  5. “An affirmation to say everyday: The healing power of God is working in me right now. Every day I get better and better in every way.”
  6. “Instead of judging people, we need to pray.”
  7. “Spending time with God is the key to our strength and success in all areas of life. Be sure that you never try to work God into your schedule, but always work your schedule around Him.”
  8. “Many people feel so pressured by the expectations of others that it causes them to be frustrated, miserable and confused about what they should do. But there is a way to live a simple, joy-filled, peaceful life, and the key is learning how to be led by the Holy Spirit, not the traditions or expectations of man.”
  9. “Do yourself a favor and forgive anyone that has anything against you. Do it as an act of faith and trust God to change and heal your emotions. Pray for your enemies and never say another unkind thing about them. It is the only way you can move past the pain and begin to heal.”

Do yourself a favor and forgive anyone that has anything against you. Do it as an act of faith and trust God to change and heal your emotions. Pray for your enemies and never say another unkind thing about them. It is the only way you can move past the pain and begin to heal.”

  1. “Have God make a message out of your mess.”
  2. “Spiritual people don’t float around all day on clouds of glory; they live in the real world and deal with real issues in real ways.”
  3. “No matter what has happened to you in the past or what is going on in your life right now, it has no power to keep you from having an amazingly good future if you will walk by faith in God.”
  4. “Is all anger sin? No, but some of it is. Even God Himself has righteous anger against sin, injustice, rebellion and pettiness.”

Joyce Meyer Life Quotes

Joyce Meyer is an example that joy can be found in the darkest of places. Growing up as a victim of childhood abuse, she faced numerous hardships and struggles throughout her life, yet rose above it all to show the world that joy can still be found even in the midst of rough times.

The Joyce Meyer life quotes shared in this post continue to inspire thousands across the world — something that many who have gone through similar experiences would be proud of.

  1. “If we are not thinking, hoping or asking for anything, we are cheating ourselves. We need to think BIG thoughts, hope for BIG things, and ask for BIG things!”
  2. “The great thing about an attitude is that it’s yours and you can change it.”
  3. “Strive for excellence, not perfection, because we don’t live in a perfect world.”
  4. “Forgive the person who badly hurt you long ago and also the stranger who stepped on your toe in the grocery store.”
  5. “Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”
  6. “You cannot live your life just based on what everyone else thinks.”
  7. “Just because you can’t see it yet, doesn’t mean it’s not on its way.”
  8. “Many sophisticated, intelligent people lack wisdom and common sense.”
  9. “We need a backbone, not a wishbone”
Joyce Meyer Quotes - “We need a backbone, not a wishbone” | joyce meyer quotes on healing | joyce meyer quotes from battlefield of the mind | joyce meyer quotes on hope
  1. “We don’t want to survive. We want to be healed.”
  2. “When you forgive, you must cancel the debt. Do not spend your life paying and collecting debts.”
  3. “Love gives life purpose and meaning.”
  4. “The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what others think of them.”

Joyce Meyer Change Quotes

Joyce Meyer is well known for her quotable spiritual and motivational messages, but she also has some wise words to offer when it comes to change.

Her quotes about change can be both humorous and motivational, urging us to step out of our comfort zone and welcome new possibilities.

Whether it’s a positive move you’ve been waiting for, or an unexpected setback that must be addressed, her witty advice will give you strength and courage to move forward.

  1. “Anytime we step out boldly to make changes, we take a chance that we might fail. But the only way to get better is to try.”
  2. “If your inner life is not producing what you would like on the outside, don’t be discouraged, just be willing to change.”
  3. “Change is always tough. Even for those who see themselves as agents of change, the process of starting a new thing can cause times of disorientation, uncertainty, and insecurity.”
  4. “There are two kinds of pain: the pain of change and the pain of never changing and remaining the same.”
  5. “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”
Joyce Meyer Quotes - “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” | joyce meyer quotes on trusting god | joyce meyer quotes on love | joyce meyer quotes on healing
  1. “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge and confront head-on with faith in God and a determination to get the job done.”
  2. “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
  3. “The only way anything ever changes for better or worse, is when we choose to change it.”
  4. “Nothing in life has meaning except the meaning that you give it.”

Joyce Meyer Happiness Quotes

Joyce Meyer is right on the money when it comes to her positive quotes about happiness.

From her perspective as an author, speaker, and radio host with a commitment to positive psychology, Meyer has a knack for turning the phrase to help anyone on their journey to happiness.

It might be something as simple as changing your mindset or finding joy in the little things, but Meyer’s positive vibes are there to give you that much-needed boost.

Her quotes on happiness will surely get you looking at life through new eyes! Check them out:

  1. “It is impossible to be both selfish and happy.”
  2. “80% of people’s problems are about how they feel about themselves.”
  3. “Happiness is not a feeling, it is a choice. To be happy, one must choose to be happy, not respond to a circumstance that now controls your happiness.”

Happiness is not a feeling, it is a choice. To be happy, one must choose to be happy, not respond to a circumstance that now controls your happiness.”

  1. “Our joy does not have to be based on our circumstances.”
  2. “If you can’t learn to enjoy your life when you have problems, you may never enjoy it because we’ll always have problems.”
  3. “Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus but you don’t have to sit on it.”
  4. “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”
  5. “Stop being tormented by everyone else’s reaction to you.”
  6. “Focus on giving smiles away and you will always discover that your own smiles will always be in great supply!”
  7. “There’s no happier person than a truly thankful, content person.”
Joyce Meyer Quotes - “There’s no happier person than a truly thankful, content person.” | joyce meyer quotes on love | joyce meyer quotes on peace | joyce meyer quotes on healing
  1. “Wisdom is doing now what you are going to be happy with later on.”
  2. “It’s so important to realize that every time you get upset, it drains your emotional energy. Losing your cool makes you tired. Getting angry a lot messes with your health.”
  3. “Learn how to enjoy where you are on the way to where you’re going.”
  4. “Depression begins with disappointment. When disappointment festers in our soul, it leads to discouragement.”

Joyce Meyer Character Quotes

When you look at Joyce Meyer quotes, one phrase that continually comes up is attitude. According to her, attitude is essential when it comes to how we see ourselves and the people around us, so having a positive attitude will most definitely make a difference.

Apart from attitude, hope and mindset also plays an important role in how we form and grow our character, as it’s only with hope that we can strive for something better.

  1. “Character is doing what you don’t want to do but know you should do.”
Joyce Meyer Quotes - “Character is doing what you don't want to do but know you should do.” | joyce meyer quotes on fear | joyce meyer quotes power thoughts | joyce meyer quotes on happiness
  1. “Hope is a favorable and confident expectation; it’s an expectant attitude that something good is going to happen and things will work out, no matter what situation we’re facing.”
  2. “You can be pitiful, or you can be powerful, but you can’t be both.”
  3. “Watch out for the joy-stealers: gossip, criticism, complaining, fault finding, and a negative, judgmental attitude.”
  4. “Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once to get over the fear of doing it. Twice to learn how to do it. And a third time to figure out whether you like it or not.”
  5. “The eagle has no fear of adversity. We need to be like the eagle and have the fearless spirit of a conqueror!”
  6. “Humble people ask for help.”
  7. “Mercy is the stuff you give to people that don’t deserve it.”
  8. “Frustration is a sign I am acting independently. The more you try your own way, the tighter the doors will stay closed.”
  9. “A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.”
  10. “Humility is not something that comes naturally. But it is a cardinal virtue that should be pursued more than any other.”

Joyce Meyer Relationship Quotes

Joyce Meyer has some thought-provoking quotes on relationships that make us reflect on how we interact with others.

From admitting our faults and making a conscious effort to see the good in people, to being willing to step outside of our comfort zones, Joyce Meyer reminds us that investing in positive relationships takes hard work but is ultimately worth it.

Not to say Joyce suggests life should be all peace and harmony; her quotes also remind us that not everyone is going to get along with each other which can be an important lesson in understanding human nature.

Joyce Meyer’s wise words on relationships provide invaluable advice for navigating the complicated web of interpersonal interactions.

  1. “We can improve our relationships with others by leaps and bounds if we become encouragers instead of critics.”
  2. “Don’t try to change someone, Love them just the way they are. Acceptance is one of the greatest forms of love.”
  3. “Relationships are like a dance; if one partner doesn’t know how to lead, the dance will be chaotic and messy.”

Relationships are like a dance; if one partner doesn’t know how to lead, the dance will be chaotic and messy.”

  1. “Accept each other exactly as you are right now—and commit to being better together tomorrow.”
  2. “The secret of having a good relationship with anyone is accepting that they’re always changing, just like you are”
  3. “Trust and faith bring joy to life and help relationships grow to their maximum potential.” 
  4. “When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”
  5. “Is there any real purpose in being alive if all we are going to do is get up every day and live only for ourselves? Live your life to help others. Give and live selflessly.”
  6. “Compliment people. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses”
Joyce Meyer Quotes - “Compliment people. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses” | joyce meyer quotes on trusting god | joyce meyer quotes on love | | joyce meyer quotes on love
  1. “The best way to get along with people is to not expect them to be like you.”
  2. “Loving someone is not about making them perfect; it’s about understanding their imperfections and loving them anyway.”
  3. “Real love means giving someone else more power over your emotions than you have yourself.”

A Final Word on Joyce Meyer & Her Inspiring Quotes

Joyce Meyer has truly earned her mantle as one of the modern era’s most quoted spiritual advisors. Her realistic and practical approach to relationships, spirituality, leading a life based on the Bible, and overcoming obstacles is incredibly empowering, especially given that she has faced and overcome her own hardships.

Whether it is her quotes urging us to change our lives for the better or suggesting ways to find happiness amidst our struggles, Joyce Meyer remains a tremendous source of insight and inspiration for those searching for guidance.

Therefore, it is no surprise that she continues to gain recognition as one of the great spiritual teachers of our time.

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joyce meyer quotes | joyce meyer quotes from battlefield of the mind | joyce meyer quotes on faith

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